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Dougal Campbell posted some very good news today. It seems IBM and Zend announced Zend Core for IBM. It’s an officially supported version of PHP for IBM systems. It sports tight integration with IBM’s DB2 and Cloudscape database servers.

This is killer news for the PHP community. It’s likely to be used much more widely now. This will also open many doors for people that haven’t even heard of PHP. I’m so happy IBM is around and supporting open source the way they do. It makes me very, very happy. More companies need to move in that direction, or at least look at the pros and cons of doing so.

There was no open source software in use at Purfoods when I started. I’ve slowly worked a few open source apps in such as MySQL, Linux, and PHP. MySQL, of course, is serving all the data to our order verification systems. PHP is used to generate reports from that data. It’s also used for importing orders into the order verification database server. And of course, that server runs Slackware. We also use Slackware on our backup server in the “kitchen” office. Every workstation automatically backs up to the db server nightly via rsync.

I wouldn’t even know the best way to go about backing up to a Windows box. I’m glad that Linux has definately become my primary operating system. I’m slowly forgetting stuff about Windows, which probably isn’t a good thing…for my future jobs sake.


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