Zarqawi is Dead

…maybe. Nobody seems to be sure. Lots of coverage on this as it’s pretty big/good news. It seems al-Zarqawi is dead. Or perhaps he’s severely wounded. Or maybe he’s out playing raquetball wit his homies right now. Whatever the case, something’s up.

His cronies are supposedly fighting over who’s gonna take over command. Some of them claim he’s not been wounded at all and is still leading without problems. I think the guys over at Scared Monkeys have the best summary so far.

Rusty, from The Jawa Report also has good coverage of the story.

I’m not going to bother posting what they already have. In my opinion, he’s dead. Why else would they keep insisting he’s still leading and is just fine? They just dun wanna let on yet that he’s gone. Some sort of propoganda I suppose, dunno how it’s supposed to effect the good guys.

Go read it at Scared Monkeys or read at The Jawa Report. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a nice rounded feel for the situation.