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Saw this on SincereTheory:

Xtra-Google Screenie
Here is a Google mashup website combining all of the popular Google searches into one page. What’s better? There is a checkbox to open the results in a new tab!

It’d be awesome if the open in new tab feature worked. It just opens a new window for me in FireFox 1.0.3. Either way it’s a handy site for easily and quickly searching google using their special search tools.

Heres a link.

Well, now what?

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  • Fox

    nice find! how long has this been around.

    It’s sorta like the mac site that google had for like one day. then apple started comlaining about taking their design and they took it down.

  • Heh, I dunno much about it really. I haven’t seen anything about it really before March of this year. There’s GoogleX too:

    But it doesn’t have as many specific search options as Xtra-Google.

  • Fox

    thats exactly the way the menu was for the mac google site.

  • There are extensions you can get to make new windows not happen. Quite possibly an easier solution would be to use this handy GreaseMonkey script that kills all links diverted to windows.

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  • Fox

    uhh..thats supposed to be a trackback… hmm

  • it is a trackback. They just show up as comments in this theme I think. Not really sure though, I’m gonna look into it.

  • Yah, it really was a trackback. WordPress throws all comments/trackbacks together by default which is kinda annoying. There’s code to seperate the two, but none of it works with WP !.5.x. I may have to write a plugin to do this…