Xbox 360: 3 Red Lights on Ring of Light

Since my initial post on the Xbox 360 freeze issues, I’ve managed to render my Xbox 360 unusable, again. Granted, it was crashing and freezing horribly right after I took it out of the box.

I thought I had managed to fix it, but it was only a temporary fix. I manged to get my xbox 360 to function properly by applying a dashboard update. I simply gave my 360 an internet connection and it downloaded and installed an update. Upon reboot all was fine for weeks. That is, until I tried playing Halo 2 for original Xbox.

I popped Halo 2 into my Xbox 360 and was asked to install an update for the game. I let it download and install the update, all seemed fine. When Halo 2 came back up, it froze immediately. So, I powered down my Xbox 360 for about 10 minutes then turned it back on. It sure didn’t get very far booting up at that point. After being on for roughly 3 seconds, I saw the dreaded 3 red lights appear on the ring of light. Not good.

Unfortunately, that’s all the further I’ve been able to get. My power supply isn’t overheating. The light on the power supply is green like it should be when the Xbox 360 is powered up. When the 360 is turned off, the light on the power supply is amber/orange. All normal there.

I have emailed Microsoft support, but haven’t received a reply yet. I will call them tomorrow if I don’t hear anything back by morning. I’ve tried everything they mention in their support and troubleshooting documents, to no avail. I fear they won’t be able to help me via phone/email. I’ll most likely end up having to send my Xbox 360 in to Microsoft for repair.

Microsoft has definitely taken notice of all the problems. They’ve increased the factory warranty on the Xbox 360 from 90 days to a full year. I received the notification email the day before Ashley and I left for vacation, a good note to leave for vacation on at least. Jason has a little snippet from the email for those who are interested. You can also check out the Xbox 360 FAQ, which covers the warranty pretty extensively.

If Microsoft is able to offer me any solutions other than sending my Xbox 360 in for repair, I will relay the solution here. I’m not holding my breath though.