Xbox 360: Towel Trick Fixes 3 Red Lights

The “Towel Trick” is an interesting solution to the 3 red lights on the ring of light (ROL). Supposedly, a user experiencing the 3 red lights on the ROL completely wrapped his Xbox 360 in a towel, with the red lights on, and let the Xbox 360 sit for about 10 minutes. He then turned his system off, then on again, and his Xbox 360 booted without issue. He was able to play for about 3 hours before the 3 red lights came back.

Sounds like an unlikely fix, but who knows? Well, I know, because I tested lastnight. The “Towel Trick” is bunk, total crap. You’re more likely to set your Xbox 360 on fire by doing this rather than fixing it. The best advice still is to contact Microsoft support. You can call them toll-free at 1-800-4MY-XBOX. They have an excellent support department lined up there for the Xbox/Xbox 360.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the Towel Trick on YouTube.

UPDATE 7/14/2011: Rob left some good points in his comment below. A number of people in the comments on this post have suggested putting your Xbox 360 in a microwave to fix the 3 red lights issue. I would advise against this for a number of reasons.

Rob presented a number of things users should consider prior to microwaving any electronic device:

  1. 95% of all hardware failures are caused by very slight board
    warpage right under the G.P.U. where heat build up
    occurs . this will literally cause the Chips connections to pull
    away form the board.
  2. A standered refolw @ 255c will almost always get your console
  3. Specific Microwaves frequency acts on water molecules causing
    them to resonate ( absorb the energy) and then release it as heat
  4. you have a better chance of repairing using a heat gun or
    removing the xclamp and replacing it with screws and then
    force the G.P.U. only to over heat ( standered x clamp mod )
  5. Microwaves will cause metal objects to build up charges
    normally at or on sharp edges until it discharges causing sparks
    kina cool looking , try a Christmas ornaments.
  6. If you decide to stick you game console in your mw oven the ods are not in your
    favor and after the attempt fails your chances of a correct repair
    procedure are lost.
  7. Just use some common sense and realize if this had a high successes rate
    every one would be doing it . in fact people would be modified
    micro wave oven for that purpose only and they would be fixing consoles
    In volumes.

Well, now what?

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574 thoughts on “Xbox 360: Towel Trick Fixes 3 Red Lights

  1. lol, i know… thats total BS.

    I don’t even know HOW people can come up with such dumb “solutions” to fix a 360…. The next thing they will suggest someone to do will be to build an igloo around the 360 to keep it fresh…

    Just send the damn thing to the support thing!

    Im getting sick of this man, im going to start rolling out video tutorials pretty soon i think… Now that my site is looking ok…. (i think)

  2. Heh, I’m desperate and will try anything once. 🙂

    Guess I’ll just give Microsoft a call again this evening. I’m gonna see if I can send my system in for repair this time, cuz this is getting ridiculous.

  3. btw, did your system really got HOT after the stupid towel thing?

    hehe, you know…. just making fun out of it!

  4. Yah yah Jason, keep poking fun. 🙂 Really though, my Xbox 360 stayed fairly cool even when it was wrapped in the towel. But, it was just sitting there idle so I wouldn’t really expect it to get too warm. I definitely wouldn’t want to leave my Xbox 360 wrapped in a towel while playing a game. 🙂

  5. Interestingly, the towel thing might really do something to the chipset….. the heat could make something expand in the inside… at least thats what happened to me with my first custom PC…..

    Anyways, i really hope that you fix it fast!

    PS. Halo 3 is coming……

  6. Jason, that’s really what I was hoping would happen. Something inside would get just warm enough to break it’s cycle of not working…or something!

    Can’t wait for Halo 3. The screens/videos at Xbox 360 Fanboy are exciting. I’ve signed up for the beta, haven’t heard anything more on that from Bungie though. Getting my Xbox 360 fixed before Halo 3 comes out is a MUST!

  7. The towel trick works fellas i left my 3 red ring xbox on wraped in a towel for 20 mins and it has worked for a week so frar with not a problem. So yes it does work.

  8. Jared, I’ve actually tested this out a few more times and have had moderate success. I have managed to get the 3 red lights to go away, only for a short period of time though.

  9. The 360 is a seriously high tech machine (multiple processors and such) and it cost enough. Mine is laid up right now and it sucks but theres no way I am wrapping a towel around my 400 dollar machine. I’ll just wait for the box so I can send it back. I’ve spent enough on games and stuff they cam make sure it works.

  10. so yeah, i tried the towel thing cause i was desperate, left it on for 15 minutes, turned it off and back on. it works now. who knows for how long though. thank you!

  11. The towel trick worked for me too, for a while at least. Eventually the red lights came back and I had to send it in.

  12. yeah im pretty desparate to try anything…i did the towel trick for only like 5 minutes and already started to work better….but not great…

  13. hi all i brought a xbox 360 off some kid that was taking it to a games shop to sell it, i took it home plugged it in swithced it on and i have 3 red lights around the power button i have no idea about xboxes i have no box books or paperwork for my 360 WHAT DO I DO PEOPLE should i try the towel trick?, im not sure how i stand in getting it fixed can it go to MS even though i have no reciept or box? not sure? please someone help me! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO HELP!!!!!

  14. Wow.I was i need of some crazy ppl like you guys to find out some crazy tricks. But it works. This is my second Xbox 360 that i got from microsoft after my origanl purchase was craped out. Thanks tons.

  15. I have the same issue and the error code is 0020 which is ‘unknown’. Could it be possible that MS is causing these issues via the updates just to make a little cash on the back end? I hate to sound like a conspiracy freak but I cannot get them to take my machine since my warranty went out just over ONE MONTH ago!? How convenient.

  16. it should work becuase the 3 red lights mean that there are cracks in the solder traces on the mother board meaning if you wraped it up in a towel restricting the airflow it wil gett realy hot and hopefully melt the solder traces on the board back to the normal state but about a day after it will do it again so yeah call microshit and get yourself a replacement ! theres no way yet found to fix this

  17. How difficult would it be to solder the traces back to their uniform state oneself? Is it next to impossible for a non-skilled solderer?

  18. Dave: Great explanation of why this towel trick may work.

    Colin J.: If you want to solder the traces back by yourself, go for it. However, you’ll definitely void the warranty on your Xbox 360 by doing so. Simply opening the case will void the warranty, so take that into consideration before you decide to do anything. The safest bet would be to call Microsoft support and try to get your Xbox 360 repaired.

    Also, I don’t think MS is intentionally breaking Xbox 360’s with updates. All the problems with updates are probably related to the specific game developer, not Microsoft. But who knows, I could be way off here. I don’t think MS makes any money from these repairs anyway, as long as the Xbox 360 is still under warranty.

  19. hi all me again i didnt want to try the towel trick so i wrapped my xbox 360 up in my winter coat and waited for it to cook up (before this i removed the alloy cooling plates from ontop of the cpu/gpu and the grey thermal grease had run out from in between them so i put it back on the chips and put the cooling plates back on) after cookin it up for about 20 mins i removed the coat let it cool down for 1 min then switched it on hay presto i had tv output xbox screen half loaded/crashed, i switched it off for 3mins and switched it on again it loaded nfs carbon i played it for 2-3 mins and it crashed from over heating but the red lights have not come back so i guess i need some arctic silver 5 thermal grease as advised by a friend on the swapz site he was very helpfull and i thank him if hes reading this! thanks to all on this site advising the towel trick nice one people if only we all worked in the production center of microsoft they would be a reliable/stable games producer sorry MS but u know we are right on this one! lol

  20. Ok well I tried the towel trick for 15 minutes and it worked fine for about 2 weeks before I had to do it again.

    The three light error is caused by faulty soldering on the motherboard. The best way I have found to fix this is to go the local hardware store and get a heat gun; then take apart your system. Take just the motherboard, pull the head sink off of the GPU only and place tin foil over the plastic pieces (on board). Then take the heat gun and place it on low heat and for 2 minutes trace the board in circular motions (front and back of board) focusing mainly on the GPU and RAM chips (4 chips around the GPU in rows of 2). Then place the heat gun to high heat and do the same thing for 2 more minutes. Then let the unit cool for at least 30 minutes. The unit will boot right back up. I have had successes with about 10 consoles so far. !!! THIS CAN BE DANGOURSE BECAUSE OF THINGS GETTING HOT SO BE CAREUL IT IS BEST TO USE OVENMITS OR WINTER GLOVES… JUST IN CASE!!! THIS WILL ALSO FOR SURE VOID ANY WARRANTY!

  22. Its true ive tried everything to fans on heat sink every thing .Then i block all the ports for about 5 minutes heats up realy good then comes on .When i cool it it seems to go back to 3 red lights or freeze.i dont know ?going to change the thermal pad on heat sinks mine came out at launch
    2005 10 18 pretty sure i got that dam pad on the gpu .

  23. i would recomend gettin some arctic silver 5 thermal grease for your gpu/cpu’s and clean out the old sillicone or pad and a thin layer should sort it out and did u cook it up enought i wraped mine up in a winter all waether coat for 25 mins and let it cool for 1 min then tried it and no red light and then let it cool for 3 mins and turned it on no red light after letting it cool comletely it worked (before cookin it up i removed the heat sinks on both cpu and gpu and put them back again)but over heats so i need artic silver 5 thermal grease i have a tube on order so i let u know how it goes.

  24. Worked fine for me – I didn’t even let it go high in temperature, so I doubt it remelded the soldering. It’s a low-cost and relatively safe alternative to shelling out $140 and waiting 2 weeks for a repaired box.

    For the record – my box died right after and update as well. I wonder if that’s coincidence or if the fault is somehow associated with, say, the eFuses of the box.

  25. This is my gamertag on xbl if anybody cares. Just thought is say that after i got the xbl updates for oblivion my 360 got the 3 red lights of doom.

  26. Ok i don’t about you guys here but i can tell you one thing it worked for me.

    My xbox 360 has been dead for about 2 months i was to lazy to return it but i planned on doing it this monday.

    But then i stumble on this towel trick and i thought what the hell its the second time i get 3 red light of death, first it was on the very early xbox i got then i returned it got to microsoft got a new and then it happends again.

    So anyways i try the towel trick with two towels covering the whole xbox 360 up, i left it for about 50minutes, turned it off and took the towels off. I let it cool for about 15mins and then i knew it was not working i had no doubt that this would not work, nothing like this ever works for me :P. But im dead serious about this, it actualy is working, atm its still running and its been about 10minutes and i can only say that im fucking happy :P.

  27. Atm its still working for me.
    Although sometimes when i press the on/off button it goes red so i have to press it again, but the it works again.
    Maybe it would help abit more if you let it stay with the towel for abit more than 3-4 hours

  28. havnting even had my xbox 360 year yet and it has broke… and the towel trick don’ t work…. ill advise you not to buy a 360

  29. Guys, really disappointing.
    I bought mine pal version from UK and unfortunately it has died on me.. and the worst thing is i am in pakistan and sending it back is out of question.

    I was first excited to hear about the towel trick, but it din’t work for me 🙁 i m pissed on MS.

    After 5 years of bashing ps2, i guess the next gen gamers will be bashing xbox 360 for its poor quality.

  30. My 360 froze on me during Jade Empire. I got the 3 red flashing lights and tried the towel wrap. After 50 minutes of being wrapped while on and then a 30 minute cool down turned off my 360 has been revived. I’ve been playing Gears and Need for Speed Most wanted for the past 4 hours straight and you’d never know anything went wrong. This fix WORKS!!

  31. yeah mine died like a month ago, i tried the air gun and worked for about 2 weeks, i changed the coolers to 12v when it happend to me the first time and this kept it very cool, but it happened again, i am trying the towel trick, i got nothing to loose because here in argentina 360 support doesn´t exist and all repair shops are doing the heat gun or the eraser trick on the rams, fuck it i will sell it for parts (power supply dvd drive cables and shit, and hope to get some money) and i will wait to ps3 to be cheaper in a year.Its in amazing machine, when it works, very sad thing, microsoft wont see no mo money from me. fuck them

  32. Well I’ve had, Had My 360 for about 5 months and it broke down on me with this red light. If your xbox360 has that red light simpily turn off your xbox then unplug everything and from the wall and wait for about 5 mins then plug everything back. And it should work , if not just call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. Well good luck.

  33. Just a quick head up it does work and it works because when the xbox has the three red lights its alot of the time because of the crappy soldering m$ uses! Soo when you heat up your xbox 360 it remelts the solder. Therefore it can fix some 3 red light errors. Just because it happens to you and it doesnt work just means that the specific error isnt solder related!

  34. i’m gonna try this Towel Head Iraqui looking trick on my XBOX 399 and see if it works and if now i am going to flush it down the toilette and buy the ELITE with a whole bunch of BESTBUY warranties,,, not walmart anymore,,,, i called walmart and some Indian guy answered the phone and i asked to speak to the representative, he said “you work 4 o clock, ok .” and hanged up the fucking phone on me.

  35. My xbox died last week and after scouring the web for possible fixes while waiting for Microshaft to send me a coffin, I came across the towel trick.

    So last night I did it and after 15 mins my xbox automatically shut down from over heating. I let it cool for 45 mins and hey presto, was able to play on it for over 3 hours last night with no problems.

  36. Hi Guys.
    i woke up this morning turned on my 360.
    and my heart broke as i see 3 red flashing lights on my xbox.
    i thought omg. it happened the nightmare has come true.
    well i looked on the net acctually i found the towel trick on youtube.
    i rapped my little baby up well. then left on for maybe 20 mins maybe just a little bit more.
    but the god damn thing works just fine now.
    dont know for how long. dont even know why.
    and iam not going to guess why.
    all i know is it works again.
    for the guys whio are saying why dont you just calll microsoft and get another.
    no1 they charge you alot of doller. this is a fault of theres why the.f should we pay for there sloppy mistakes.
    also when you are out of warrenty. and you always are when the red ring of death comes knocking on your door.
    you are a little buggerd getting it fixed free.
    i know people who have got a new machine from microsoft. and within 2 to 3 months they have had the red ring of death on the machines from microsoft.
    so if you dont beleive this is a good idea.
    then your a little silly
    I also use an intercooler so really if it is a over heating problem. i should not have had a problem. yes.
    i also clean my xbox free of dust regular. and keep the fans clean of dust too.
    time microsoft admit there is a problem. stop charging us all for the faulty machine they have sold us.
    and fix them free. we already paid you microsoft. grrrr.
    £300 i paid on launch. the thing should last me and anyone else at least 6 years . and the rest.
    it is not good. not good at all.
    but hey. the towle trick is mint.
    mine now works like a dream. no problems. yet.!!!!
    dam you phill gates. how deep are your pockets m8.

  37. P.S..

    Been 3 days today since i toweled my xbox.
    still going strong.
    think i toweled mine for just over 20 mins.
    i hope others have just as much luck as i have had.
    maybe there is alot more to it..
    and getting the xbox hot. well. its not such a bad thing if it fixs the devil rings.Lol

  38. Hello all I bought a dead xbox 360 on ebay made in 12-05 so yes I will be getting it fixed for free thanks to Microsoft. I can 100% guarantee the towel trick does work. I got the dead console today in a ups box, I wrapped it up completely and left it on for 10 minutes. Then i shut it off and back on and Presto ! Worked like a charm. This method does work !!! Dead 360’s on ebay rule !!! got a dead one for 92 dollars. still sending it in though. anyone who doesn’t believe i promise you this does work !!!

  39. The Towel Trick DOES WORK but it is gonna eventually burn out again after a couple of hours even if your not playing, YOU CANT ESCAPE THE THREE RINGS OF DEATH. Oh and PS3 STILL SUCKS!

  40. not sure how much playstation sucks anymore.
    sounds quite nice to me now.ps3.
    i think i will throw my xbox360 in the trash.
    because to be honest.
    i think it is trash.
    trash trash trash trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i had a ps2 when they first came out god knows how many years ago that was.
    andf i have the same one today.
    till works fine as new.
    that is what you pay for.
    up yours microsoft.
    screw the 360,
    anyway an extra terraflop sounds very nice. =P

  41. I have returned to playing games on my PC as well as making an effort
    to not purchase software put out by MicroSHIT.

  42. lol

    i like it microshit.
    lol sounds good.
    they should have recalled the 360’s and fixed them.
    but no.
    they have been too busy making the upgraded 360’s.
    microsoft do not think about the customer.
    they only think about there wallet.
    and iam sure this was true at sometime with the old xbox.
    i remember something about how microsoft are all for making money.
    but i liked the old one.
    it worked.
    people can say what they like.
    but when they have paid out £300
    for a machine then had the red ring of death. after there warrenty.
    then you dont really understand how annoying it is.
    microshit. rings true to me. Lol…=p

  43. dont worry too much
    try the towel trick
    but be pissed off.
    we all should be
    just think about how much your xbox cost you.
    and how much it means to you.
    i hope you can get it working with towel trick… good luck m8

  44. Believe it or not the towel trick is not bullshit. It obviously is not the fix for all bad 360’s. Read in other forums about which 360’s it might work on. I happened to be one of those with 3 reds lights and error code 0102, which is who this fix often works for. This code means it is an unknown error but many believe it comes from bad connections, specifically the GPU. I just tried this out and it worked. I’m not sure it will work very long but for now my 360 is OK.

  45. Hey, Fuckin Eh the towel trick works mericales. I was playing a demo and it froze turned it off then turned it on and got the red fuckin lights, thought all i could do was thro it out my window but i stumbled upon this towel trick and thought it was bull shit but fuckin shit it works perfectly just like it says try it out and it will work! BOOO YAHHH

  46. Cant believe it got the 3 red lights of bastard death yesterday!! £85 quid to get it fixed!!! mine was one of the first ones made and i got it on launch date, the wierd thing is i was playing pro evo 6 on line, got an update from microshit and the 360 doesnt work now!! coincidence or what? think this is one for mullder and scully! one thing i do know is im defecting and getting the ps3, my ps1 and 2 are still working all these years on!! ive only had the 360 for 18months and its fucked!! what does that say about microsoft!!! fuck you Bill Gates!!!

  47. just a quick update, the towel trick works a treat! wrapped 2 towels around the xbox and left it running for 40mins with the 3 red lights of destruction (rol) on, turned it of and let it cool for 20 mins and its working!!! i think its only a short term measure but hey at least i can play lost planet now!!! still sending it off to microcash to be fixed properly then im going to buy the ps3 and use the 360 as a footstool or maybe an ashtray!!!!

  48. The towel trick works, and as far as the person who claims XBox has excellent support, thats the real BS. I should of never bought an xbox 360 first week, shame on them for selling them knowing they’d break down coincidently when the warranty expired.

  49. Screw microsoft. Screw the 3 damed red rings. AND screw the towel trick! Im taking a baseball bat to my xbox tonight!!! I cant wait!!!!
    i already bought my PS3 and it rocks!!!!
    IT ROCKS!!!
    you now what?? ive always been a playstation person i knew i shouldnt have gone xbox…my bad

  50. Guys this sounds like poor manufacturing, to say the least all of the fixes IE the towel trick; heat guns; etc are the result of cold solder joints on smt parts. The situation probably arises from the system overheating to some extent and creating these CSJ and then eventually breaking the circuit. They can only be fixed properly with high dollar equipment. I would say call Microsoft and complain about this. It is a simple design issue that should have been better addressed during design and testing. As far as calling microsoft I did, I wasn’t happy with the fact that my system even with the extended warrenty that I purchased was out of warrenty by 2 weeks, but there is nothing I can do about this. I wish someone that had access to good solder reflow oven would take advantage of microsofts screw up and fix these systems that are out of warrenty. It could be done for as little as $30-$45 per unit, if this is in fact the only damage that has been done to the system.

  51. cant we sue microsoft….?
    i been thinking about it, going to talk to my solicitor.
    they should have recalled our machines,
    and i think we all know it,
    it is just poor service on there part,
    they want to deny there is a problem.
    and are spinning the bull shit, that every machine is look at on a base to base service or what ever it is they say.
    it is just bollocks,
    these machines should be recalled.
    and it is really as simple as that.
    these machine should last us years.
    at least 3 to 4 years. maybe more.
    but most machines are lasting just over a year.
    now that to me is a very serious fuck up on there part.
    and we need to do sometrhing about it.
    i just sat down again, to play gears of war on my already toweled xbox and got the bloody lights yet again.
    so as i speak i am toweling my xbox again. for the 7th time.
    any body agree that there is a chance we can sue microsoft and get another machine. because we have all paid our £300,
    for 3 red lights thats what. its damn shittty =p

  52. A class action suit is definitely possible, I’d be surprised if one isn’t in the works already.

    Honestly though, I’d just sue Microsoft individually, by myself. If you hire a class action lawyer, his firm will end up with 70% of the settlement while the rest of us get screwed.

    A class action lawsuit is probably the way to go though since so many people are affected, I just don’t wanna help some lawyer retire early.

  53. Id love to see it in the press, Microsoft sued by millions of xbox users!!! it would make my day!!! i have actualy put some serious consideration into sueing microshit and i think it would be worth it if enough people decide to act! i look at it this way, if a trades man did a job at your home…lets say an extension and after 6-12 months it fell down…what would you do? you wouldnt wrap a fuckin towel round it and put up with the damage!! you would sue for compensation AND get the repairs done free!! microshit thinks that because it has a choke hold on the computer world it can take us all for mugs! my xbox has just this minute been picked up for repairs, i had problems the night i brought it home on launch night, with it scratching my game cds!! which brings me swiftly onto the subject of game prices! why are the games £50? whats special about them to justify £50? even when you trade them in after a week of owning a new release the price you get is shit!! i love gaming and always will and unfortunatly ill pay the prices, but when millons of us are getting ripped off with shoddy made consoles and over priced games just because its a passion of ours, then i think its time to take it to the top and let our voices be heard!!! rant over!! (LOL)

  54. Benny,

    A lawsuit is the way to go but I do not believe you could afford the attorneys that Bill Gates can unless you go the way of class action. Lawyers are motivated by money and let’s face it none of us here have pockets as deep as MicroSHIT.

    With that in mind let’s consider what this website has to offer:

    I would be interested in pursuing this however only if there are enough of us to make it worth our while. Being thirty and having a business background means I understand how people start something but let the troubles of life bog them down. We need to commit to this course and take MS to the bank. I think the best bet would be for some of us (all of us on this forum) to start a print campaign.

  55. hi

    im aving the same problem my xbox360 is only 8 months old
    and 3 red lights were flashing when i turned it on i was propper pissed off my dad nos people who can fix xbox360s and chip them and he sad they all call the lights the def lights he said he fixed one befor but he had to get a new mother bord put in it he said xbox360 are shit only becouse 3 ov his have blow up if i get a new one and it does the same i will just sell it and us the money to put to for a ps3.

  56. Pursuing a print media campaign again MS would be easy enough if we could get written testimonies from thousands of 360 owners stating the problem. I have a friend who owns one that just started doing the 3 lights of death last week and let me just say he is pissed.

    Print campaigns are easy. I really believe a t.v. show like Dateline NBC would take something like this on making the world aware of the scam MS has in producing a product with a guaranteed repair bonus cash flow built into the back end. And I believe this could be proven by the right attorney

    The problem with pursuing a class action lawsuit in this realm is that most of the owners of these systems probably wouldn’t respond the mailer informing them of the class action lawsuit and therefore make the lawsuit less valid.

  57. no i just read about the towel trick and tryed it AND IT WORKED!!! i no haw to get rid of the def lights do the towel trick then leve it for ten mins on then tern it off for ten mins reset to factory setings and it shold work evry tme u turn it on sorry a bout the spelling but im just exsited because i but the xbox brocken 8 moths a go for £10.oop what a bargen.

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. i still have not had time to see my solicitor.
    and i have already had thoughts about how good there solicitors could be.
    also i had my firmware flashed on my drive so that could def. go bad for me.
    but petition sould be a good way to go.
    and trust us nahar it will happen again. and again and again.
    have toweled mine 8 times now.
    cj what do you think is the best action for us to take.
    and we really need all of you and more to help us with this.
    even friends you have the whole point of this is.
    the machines are faulty very very much so.
    and they cant get away with this.
    we deserve a recall.
    and microshit soft shit ass mudder lickers. grrrrr.
    are shaking in there boots. of the thought of a recall.
    they are money grabbers. they are not interested in our interest.
    only theres.

  59. i have emailed Dateline NBC
    maybe we could all email them
    is a good start i guess.
    i also sent them the link to this forum.
    fingers crossed.
    we need to be heard guys.
    microsoft are taking the piss out of us all.

  60. Trotskii has the right idea. We should all start by going to Dateline NBC’s website and letting them know what the deal is through countless emails. The more emails they receive the more seriously they will take us. On that note, go and recruit anyone you know in our same predicament.

    Some strategy on this whole campaign.

    1. Emails should approach the subject in a mature and professional manner; “Just the facts ‘mam.”

    2. NO questionable language. Do not refer to MS as Mirco-SHIT when emailing a outside source like Dateline NBC. Words like ass, bitch, bastard, etc… are uncalled for in any type of professional correspondence.

    3. The hook? We are innocent hard working, tax paying, family supporting Americans who have spent a lot of our hard earned money on a product that has an obvious defect from the factory and we deserve to be heard. This situation is UN-American. If Microsoft refuses to acknowledge us then they obviously value the quick nickel over the long dime.

    4. This is a classic case of the invincible corporate mogul using the poor working American as their whipping boy.

    Anyway, you guys get the idea. Use your own words since typical tract letters aren’t really that powerful. Hand written is a little corny but typed with a ‘handwritten’ signature at the bottom is ideal.

  61. Here is the email I just sent, so that those of you shrugging have a general idea what to write. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Simple is better than complicated. It should be easy to digest in less than a couple of minutes. This way they actually read them.


    I will keep this brief. I am a thirty year old, hard working, tax paying, American with a wife and three kids. I like to unwind by playing my $500.00 Microsoft manufactured XBOX 360. Problem is, shortly after the warranty expired my XBOX downloaded an updated from XBOX online and then refused to work any longer. Xbox wants $150.00 to swap mine with a refurbished model. After countless hours of net research and finding that I am just one of thousands of others, including a friend of mine down the street, experiencing this same issue, I believe this is a recall issue that MS is capitalizing on to make more money.

    Who stands up for hard working Americans when corporate America spits on us?

    Dateline NBC, that’s who.


    Colin J Jeffcoat IV

    Owner/Builder Network of Charleston
    Be Your Own Builder
    $ Save Thousands $
    We Make It Simple
    Office: 843 414 4893
    Fax: 843 414 4888
    Cell: 843 200 8174

  62. Okay, I am starting over-write my welcome on this forum but here is the response I just received from Dateline:

    Thank you for your E-Mail to Dateline NBC. We are very pleased with the enormous response we are getting. Although we cannot write a personal note to each of you, we do print out our messages, look at them and discuss your comments and reaction, and we do sometimes quote your E-Mail on the air in our ‘feedback’ segment. If your correspondence is in reference to a specific segment, that letter will be forwarded to the segment producer for review.

    If you have a specific story suggestion please send it to:

    Dateline NBC
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112

  63. Okay gents and ladies (I am guessing some of us might be ladies 😉 ) I am going to sit down this weekend and actually type up a short letter explaining my hubris and send it to the address above for STORY SUGGESTIONS with Dateline. Tomorrow morning I have to rip my BMW’s engine apart in order to change the valve cover gasket and spark plugs out and since I need my car tomorrow afternoon, I think the letter is going to have to wait at least until the evening.

    If it is not too much to ask I would like to have at least half of those posting here do the same. Who knows, perhaps they will give some of us a phone call wanting a, live and in person, interview. Perhaps some of us will actually be on the tele one of these days.

    When I get it in the mail I will give you all a shout out.

  64. No disrespect to you cj..
    its not just americans m8,
    iam english. and i know of 6 people in my town who have all had the red rings of death. i live in bridlington. its only a small village just a sea side town.
    this is not just an american issue. but a world wide issue.

    i am glad you have my back on this, much respect to you m8.
    i really hope others will follow us on this.
    i email dateline too. with resonable words, no swearing of any kind.
    i received the same response as you have.
    so i will write a letter too.
    please, anyone who is reading this, we really need all your support.
    are you going to just sit back and think or well’ i will send them the money for my machine fixing.
    which will have the same problems after 1 year and a bit.
    or are you going to use your voice.
    its time to rise guys.
    it brakes my heart my xbox 360 has broken.
    i wanted it to last forever. or at least 10 years.
    round abouts.
    i at least expect my moneys worth.
    and non of us have got what we deserved.
    a great console. without big faults. that we have to pay out for.
    what microsoft have done here is discusting.
    its just more money to them.
    and it is going to be massive money to them.
    because imagine how much money they are going to make each year as everyones xbox needs fixing again.
    its not right. it is very bad customer service indeed.
    they cant deny this issue, they are trying to though.
    it is up to us to try and do something about it.
    god damn them. money grabbers. they are a very rich company.
    but not a very plesant one.
    what was bill gates words at e3.
    i forget now. something about being a big family,
    you know all that stuff.
    he talked like we were the ones that matter to microsoft.
    that our interests was his.
    well if thats true. give us all a console that works. thats reliable. thats a good start mr gates. and pls. dont charge us extra for it.
    we already paid you. =P

  65. My xbox was finally dead when I turned it on last night. The last time I played it I had been playing guitar hero II and noticed that it was even hotter than usual (as in alarmingly hot). After reading this I’m thinking that when it cooled down the solder joints hardened in a bad way. Going to try the towel trick tonight and I’ll post the results.

    I wish someone would start a lawsuit concerning this. Microsoft has taken away their previous offer to fix launch date consoles for free after already admitting that there were “manufacturing problems” with them. Now, because my xbox didn’t break until recently because I don’t play it that much, I gotta shell out $150 bucks?

  66. Guys. The tower trick does work and I had fun playing my xbox 360 last night. However, when i was playing the new game that i bought, Spiderman 3, I was quite scared that the 360 would screw up half way and leave my poor disk inside. Some people can’t even open their disk tray after the red rings of death show up. So can anyone give me a direct answer how long with the towel solution last? Anyone?

  67. graffitz.
    my machine always opened ok when i had red rings of death
    so hope yours does too.
    i was talking to some techno geek yesturday.who beleives it all has some thing to do with the coolng system inside our 360s.
    which makes alot of sence.
    he rekoned by heating it up.
    you got rid of anyair bubbles that could be in the gas cooling system. i thought it was water cooled but thios guy tells me it is a type of gas.
    and when it heats up it flows around and cools your system.
    dont know how long will last for you m8.
    can only say ….???????

  68. How many times can i do the overheating trick? Coz my replacement is in 2 weeks. Its under warrantee. Is it possible to do it more than once?

  69. pls graffitz
    if you read our comments you will see .
    that me myself have done my xbox 8 times.
    but now 9.
    bloody thing. is really pissinmg me off.
    especially now forza 2 is out

  70. ive posted on here before and im only gonna say we have all be ripped off by microshit, the 360 is awesome in principle but shit in practice. im a good old british gezzer and im going to email DATELINE NBC and i urge everyone wherever you live in the world to email these guys. we are all hard working people and microcash has taken us all for our hard cash and ripped us off, lets embarrass them through media coverage!!!!

  71. the one thing ive noticed in a lot of the cases for the 3 red rings of death is the online download, a lot of people including myself got a microcash download and the next thing is….well you know the rest…my 360 had been fine since i bought it on launch night and then i went online with pro evo 6, i hadnt played online for around 6 months and then the 3 red lights came on a day or so later, is microcash doing this on purpose?? enquirinq minds want to know!! £85 to fix mine and the americans have to pay $150 this is big easy revenue for microsoft!!!! i thought it was illegal to have a monopoly!!!!!

  72. My 360 screwed up for the 3rd time. This is so disappointing. I have done the towel trick like 4 times already and in 1 day it stops working. Are there any other solutions?

  73. yes

    sue microsft.


    hammer your xbox. sledge hammer would do a better job.
    or piss on it. or piss on bill g.

    another option buy a playstation 3.

    keep toweling. but do at 10 mins at a time try and if not working give it 20 mins. in time problem gets worse.
    after trying to towel and having no joy.
    give it a rest and try again later.
    ask an electronics shop if they know anything about gas cooling systems.
    or if they can check your machine see if they can attain the problem.
    microsoft are not going to tell us what this problem is.
    they want the money for fixing it.
    when they should be fixing it for free anyway,,
    after all the damn things are faulty.
    sue. sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue. xbox360 is very faulty.
    why should we have to pay for it.
    already paid lots of cash already.

  74. just want to say microsoft sux, I have tried everything, thetowell trick, the heat gun, new cooling fans, i even sent it in but they sent it back because i voided the warranty by opening the damn box to use the heat gun. I got almost 1000.00 wrapped up in this damn thing and now its a pile of shit. thanx microsoft for being so shitty

  75. d_bratcher: It’s Microsoft’s fault that you opened your Xbox 360 case? Did you call Microsoft about your problems before you opened the case?

    I guess the 3 red lights never should have happened in the first place, so ultimately, it is Microsoft’s fault.

  76. i have jus found the fuckin 3 rings!!!!

    i fukin want to get a hammer and smash it up!!!!

    i have alsotried the towel trick and it didnt work!!!!

    gunna go and get a noew 360 me thinks tomorrow coz i still av a guarentee WOOP!!!!

    ermm other than tht FUKIN microstoft can suck my dick faulty shit i hope bill you become broke and you lose all your money!!!

  77. got my 360 back from microcash repairs yesterday, it was the motherboard that had caused the 3 red lights, thats been replaced but it seems that more than that has been changed, for starters the case is the original one, but all the ports,disc holder and the fans seem a little bit too clean! i have been given a new warranty and 1 months free xbox live with credits, although this cost me £85 its still cheaper than buying a new one but im not exactly happy at shelling out money on somthing that should last longer than 18months. im still getting the ps3 at some point but after going in my local game shop today there are some very tasty games coming out next month for the xbox, so i think ill keep the 360 but also have the ps3, best of both worlds!! to all the people doing the towel trick, it works but trust me it WILL drive you mad keep wrapping towels round your xbox! i know this all too well!! cut your losses and get it fixed, its not what you want but at least you can game without interuption!!!

  78. uhm why hasn’t anyone thought of the free fix =]

    got to Wallmart buy a new one swap out hte insides repack the one you bought in the box reseal return to store get money back cost you nothing! the ultimate 0$ fix hahaha

  79. Lol….

    Nice One Sneaky bastard. Lol
    Thought about it. Lol
    just dont have money for.
    and the trick is keeping the warrenty sticker nice and neat.
    maybe hair dryer. if you warm up the warrenty sticker will it come off ok do you think.
    must be an easier way.
    nothing like waliking back in the store and them finding out your warrenty sticker is void. ooops shit. well ermmmm runnnnnnnn.
    i just have to keep wraping my xbox up like a little baby in towels.
    try to talk nice to it.
    didnt talk so nice to it tonight. but i think will be ok. lol
    i sit and wait now again.
    for god damn lights to go away.
    just put my baby to sleep for 20 mins.
    then i will wake it up again.
    bloody microsoft.
    bet the new machine they made wont have these problems.
    in years to come we may just laugh about all this.


  81. I have tried the towel trick a month back b/c of the ROL having 3 red lights and it hasn’t given me problems yet.

  82. heres an idea for ya buy a new one take it out of tha box and put the old piece of shit broken one in the new box. then u go back to the store w/ your new reciept and return that shit…stick it to the man…he can afford it…preferably Wal Mart

  83. ok boys and girls! heres the deal! i posted a message to say get your xbox fixed, dont fuckin bother!!! ive paid £85 for the repair of the 3 red rings of death and guess what, 3 plays later and……..the 3 red rings are back!!! microsoft are…i repeat…fuckin shit!!! its the last straw, everyone..get your xboxes and just send them to microcash with a note saying microsoft are whores and that you are buying a ps3, cos thats what im doing. xbox360…bullshit machine and bullshit makers!!! FUCK EM ALL!!

  84. ive been doing the towel trick for some time now.
    just got forza 2 today and i got the lights again.
    omg. welll.
    my mate. he has fixed a 360 before.
    just resoldering the bad joints,
    because thats whats going on here if you dont know already.
    microcash used shitty solder when they mass produced our xbox360s
    and now the solder is failing.
    my mate has fixed one already.
    he is doing mine as i talk to you now.
    just resoldering the joints.
    he took it to his home so i sit here and wait for him to come back.
    the one he did a while back has worked fine for a month now
    no problems.
    i will let you know how mine goes.
    i am not going to give microsoft anymore of my money.
    i cant beleive they are getting away with all this.
    just remember how much we must mean to them.
    hmmmmmmm…. not much i think.
    thats really bad management on there part.
    if you dont look after your customer.
    then why would the customer stay with ya.
    we are in a bit of a fix.
    because of the games. thats only reason.
    but. i will be damned if i am giving out any more money to that money machine.
    they have all the cash.
    they have become a very gready company. if they was not already.
    they are really hoping this issue will be swept nice and quitly under the rug.
    it really is down to the media if they suceed or not.
    they could have dealt with this in a much more reasonable manner.
    one that does not cost us extra.
    85 quid may not be alot to them. but it is a weeks giro to me.
    it is more than a weeks giro.
    and even if you have a job. the point is still why the hell should we pay for there mistakes.
    god damn it. where is my farrari microcheep.

  85. have my machine back from my friend.
    he has fixed it.
    he is like the 360 god… LOL
    wish i could tell you how he has done it.
    i may ask him if he will write a blog on here.
    and best of all. my friend did not charge me one penny.
    all i know is he has done some soldering, and put something somewhere to keep the tension so the pins keep in contact think he must mean on my processor. but i really can not tell you i dont know.
    but it works great.
    my drives lazer has been potted too.
    as i have firmware.
    for my backups.
    there those who dont know, when you pot your lazer in your drive. it alters the ohms. makes your lazer read discs better.
    just you must be very carefull how much you alter it.
    think he changed it from 3.5 ohms to 3.1 ohms round abouts.
    reads discs just great now. even cheep ones.
    wish i could help you guys more.
    but getting the soldering done is a must.
    toweling is great but. is going to kill your machines chips in time.
    good luck guys.
    think i am gunna be ok now. touch wood. and p.s up your microsoft. £85 is staying in my pocket thanx. =p

  86. Okay. Microsoft has a cousin and their name is Hewlett Packard. I have been battling with them now for about two weeks on getting my zd8000 computer fixed. Right this very minute I am on hold and have been for about 20 minutes. I have been on the phone since approximately 1000 EST and it is now 1120 EST. What gives?

    I am going to blog all this later today, so if anyone is interested go check out my blog. Oh, and check out this complaint I found on

  87. yo just to let you guys know, it prolly did work for him because sometimes itll start working totally random. itll do the red lights all day and not le t you play but the next day youll turn it on and you can play for a bit (for me about 2 minutes) and it goes out again. so don’t give this guy crap. Also you can try this little trick and itll tel you whats wrong, its about halfway through the link :

    my code was unfortunately one of the unknown codes so my warranty will just have to cover it. good luck guys.

  88. my xbox360 is so random. Lol
    still having problenms here.
    seems soldering has not fixed it.
    i got an error code up.
    is a overheating problem or not overheating problem.
    seems if i let my xbox overheat it will start working again.
    but if i play a game from cold for only a few minutes then turn off my xbox.
    i will get the red rings of death.
    but f i play a game for a long time, maybe over one hour or longer. i can turn off my console and back on without problems.
    very odd.
    my xbox is back in bits again.
    trying to work it out.
    hope for a fix soon.
    try looking up error codes.
    my code they are not sure about at microsoft yet. says maybe an overheating problem.
    god damn machine. just got forza 2 also. god damn it.

  89. Well, after wrapping it up in two towels, one on top of the other, for 8 minutes exactly, it works again.I’ll post a follow up if and when it stops again.

  90. im sure this has happened to many other people, but i will explain my story.
    i bought my xbox 360 shortly after release in december. i was happy to open up the box for christmas. My console worked PERFECTLY. i mean, i had probably 3 freezes the whole time i had it. then, in january, ( very conveniently i month after the warranty ran out), i played the console until about midnight. i think i may have been downloading something????? . the next morning i attempted to turn my console on only to get the three red lights. i called customer service 4 times, each time getting some indian fuck who couldnt understand english. customer service’s method worked for about 30 minutes each time. since my warranty had worn out, i went online to find out how to fix it myself. i ended up breaking the seal and fixing it. i used the hot air gun/ blow dryer method. i used a blow dryer. it worked . played for maybe …3 hours. turned it off. next day, turned it on and it worked but froze almost immediatly. i tried the towel method to no avail. i thought about buying one of the new xbox 360 elites, but then got to thinking, “what is the fucking point in buying a new machine , thatll break as soon as my warranty runs out?” im lost in what to do. it looks like ill have to buy a new console if i want to still play my well over 1000.00 dollars worth of controllers, games and other gear. but i dont feel confortable in spending almost 500 bucks on something to break again. also, does anyone have any idea how to pull off the , oh i dont know how to describe it, the grate thing covering up the cpu??? i cant pull it off. and i dont want to force it in case of there is indeed a light at the end of this very dark DARK tunnel….
    anything would help.


    I know a lot of us are having problems with our Xbox’s and it seems as though it is either a never ending cycle or Microsoft seems unwilling to truly assist us in addressing these issues.

    I feel that if we all unite as a single force, we can open someone’s eyes! We need to get all the people together in one place! My suggestion is, let us grab all the gamers, friends, posters, bloggers, IMers, whoevers and get them all onto the Myspace page that I have created just for this reason. Send everyone you can! WE HAVE POWER IN NUMBERS!!!

    Remember to post your story. Be professional, courteous and mature in your postings please. Let’s take the high road and be civil.

  92. wat a pile of crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks to u me xbox 360 is broke do not do the towl trick it shit

  93. The towel trick got it to start a game but it only worked for 3 minutes and froze during a save and erased all of my game data for the game. I don’t get the 3 red lights anymore but it just freezes. My box is in the mail now for me to send it in for repairs. I would rather pay money for it to be fixed by professionals and another year of warranty that comes with that then using a hot air gun trying to fix it or the towel trick.

  94. well said nick! my thoughts exactly!! heres a good one for y’all, the DHL guy picked up my 360 for the 2nd time in a month to be taken for repairs, he told me he had been to a house 4 times in the past 3 months picking up a 360 for repair!!! what does that say about the quality of repairs??? back to the towel trick,it does work and its good in the short term but pay and get it fixed,its better in the long run! ive just had my repair fee refunded due to it being sent back again,so now i have extended warranty and all the guts of the console changed for uprated parts,its worked out cheaper than buying a new console, lets hope it lasts longer than a week though this time!!!!oh and they gave me a load of credits for xbox live! bonus!!! ill let you know what happens when i get it back!!

  95. Benny,

    I am not sure I understand. Are you paying for this or did you pay the initial $130.00 to get the ball rolling here?

    I have owned my 360 since they first came out before the XMAS of 2005 (I believe) and have not made any headway with MS regardless of how nice or nasty I am on the phone.


  96. Hi I had this problem also and I tried the towel trick but it only worked for two weeks. I finally found a permanent solution that works great!

    Here is the page for the 3 red lights solution

    Good luck


  97. colin

    id had my 360 from launch date so the warranty had run out, paid £85/ $130, with that they gave me another 12month warranty on the console plus xbox live credits and repaired the console.
    the console packed up after 3 plays, so i rang them back explained what a joke the situation was and they are currently repairing right now. i have been given a reference number and have been told to ring back when i receive the console after repair and a refund of £85 will be given. job done!! hope this helps colin.

  98. Lory’s solution worked for me. My 360 is playing a movie as I type this, but let me say that this is not for the fainthearted. Taking the 360 apart is a challenge all on its own and several times this task had me wanting to throw the bad boy at the wall. Of course then I am not very techy either, which is great news for those of you who are a little techy.

    I will update everyone if it bursts into flames or calls down beings from another planet to beam me away… errr… maybe not if that last thing happens 😉


  100. I purchased my EX-box nov ’05. Yesterday 3 red lights. Got on the phone (800myxbox) & spoke with a rep for about 45 min. There is a magic word I found. SONY! After I said I would invest my $140 towards a PS3 before I put it into a product that was built with sub-par standards, I was put on hold. Ten minutes later a 25% disc.
    Now this went on till I got her down to 50%. I ran out of time before I could reach the price I would pay for a manufactures defect = $0.00.
    I am far from a cheap person. It is not the price thats the issue. I want I company that stands behind there product and supports there customers.
    Steve Jobs make a console. Please. At least if it was crap you could beat someone at a Mac store with it.

  101. Trotski everything youve said is bullocks. The real way to fix the 3 ring of death it to open it up cover the meltable components in tin foil. Get a heat gun and in circular motions heat it up. Remelting the solder PROPELY and not by some shitty towel trick.

    What were you talking about gas cooling you noob.

    Xbox 360s rule… when they work

  102. This is to everyone who is calling this a “dumb trick” and they “don’t even know how some people come up with these.”

    The reason this works is because the solder used on the circuit board is cheap. Microsoft opted to save money on the solder so it flakes out after a while. Wrapping a towel around the XBOX and letting it run for a certain period of time (varies for each XBOX … maybe why it didn’t work for you) makes the solder remelt for a few more hours. But it’s only a temporary fix.

    And the reason people don’t want to go to Microsoft is because most of our warranties are up and Microsoft wants to charge us $150 to fix a problem that (A) is their fault in the first place and (B) can easily be fixed for about $5 when you send it to them. So they’re pocketing another $145 or so off of us just because they’re fixing a problem that they knew was going to come to fruition soon enough anyway.

    So, really Microsoft is the one you should be kicking!

    That is all.

  103. 2 weeks ago I got the three red lights of death.took 2 weeks off for the forza launch and it happened on my first day.tried the towel trick,2weeks past and its still working.well wotrh trying

  104. HI GUYS!
    My XBOX 360 had these 3 rings for 8 months and I was about to sell it on Ebay. I wrapped it in a towel for 30 mins and the red lights went off but only for a minute. I then put it in my microwave for about 45 seconds to 1 minute and NOW IT WORKS! Thanks guys you are the ones who inspired me to try this. It is because the microwave works by fixing the solder tracks.

    How grand!

  105. Well you could probably try an oven if its bigger but I have a 70 litre microwave industrial. Microwaves radiations actually slightly melt the solder though and they flow in the path to fix dodgy connections.

  106. I cannot believe that you put your 360 in a microwave! Did you stand really close to it when you turned it on? Folks, don’t try this at home. Seriously (I have been building computers and doing electrical soldering for many years), as long as you are willing to risk seriously damaging your 360 (it can happen even to the most careful) you should open the case and examine the CPU and GPU mounts, heat sinks and connections. If it is a problem with the solder as many have stated, you should be able to tell with close examination. You may need to carefully remove the clamps first, so be careful. If I were to do this myself, I would probably replace the heat sink(s) and carefully solder every surface that was originally soldered by Microsoft after I cleaned all of the surfaces carefully. The trick is to make sure that the contact surfaces are really tight before applying the solder. (some Q-tips and alcohol might come in handy, along with the right soldering alloy and a soldering iron) I would also be tempted to either replace the fans or add an additional fan(s) that would blow air out over the GPU and CPU. I would not place any eraser material with two-sided tape into a console that gets very hot. Of course, once any of us do this, MS will refuse to service our 360s. I’m going to give Microsoft one chance to see how they do and I will then repair my console myself if necessary. Whatever you guys do, think it through and be careful. At least until a core drops below 200, then, what the hell! 🙂

    Check this link for soldering basics:

    Even though the above link was not written to address motherboards, it covers the basics of soldering very clearly for the uninitiated.

  107. Yes I see what you are saying but for the novice they run the risk of introducing static and further damaging the mainboard!
    By placing it in the microwave you are not voiding the warranty (unless you put it in for like 10 minutes and melt the plastic or make some obvious visual cues!!!).
    Just dont overdo it and if it doesnt work (I have also fixed my friends xbox same method!) then go through with the warranty as it can take time & money if its run out..

    And no I stood back from the microwave when I turned it on to be safe! You can hear the solder melting into the tracks hehe

  108. Hello yes Im Having trouble with my 360 its so unplayable it freezes every two minutes.Ive tried the trick when you lift the power cord of the floor.But still no result.

  109. omfg!!! I tried the towel trick and it worked for a few minutes then broke again.. then I read Harrys post and thought ehh what the heck I have no warranty left.. I put it in my microwave for 50 seconds (I was too scared for a full minute lol)

    I turned it on, knowing it wouldnt work and… its fixed! I have been playing it for 3 days so far and havn’t had one issue yet! I have no idea how or why this works but it does!!!

  110. hey tyler, ive heard that you said u tried the towel trick and the console didnt get hot, the whole purpose of that trick is to get the console so hot that it remelts the sauder to help it mold back together and if it didnt get hot then the sauder just stayed the same let the console run 20-30 min in the towell, even use 2 or 3 towels, hopefully u didnt pay the 140$ hope this help. 🙂

  111. Hey guys thanks for the help myu x-box has had the fucking rings of death for going on 6 months now i saw the towel trick and i triend it for about 5 min and presto it came on but only for a couple seconds it’s been sitting in a towel now for about 15 min i will soon see how well this works if not i’ll be left with no choice but to throw it in the microwave which honestly scares the shit out of me but i’d rather do that then pay microshit $150 to fix it thanx again 4 the help

    P.S. this is my gamertag if i ever get my system working again

  112. I just bought my first 360 off ebay knowing about the ring of death problem it had. I received the 360 today and turned it on and the red lights popped up. I read about this towel trick and tried it out…well 30 minutes under the towels then a few minutes to cool off and now it’s working wonderfully! This really does work! 🙂

  113. XBOX 360 3 red lights error – repair service provided in Los Angeles, CA area but also entire US.

    email me at : fix360guy at

    towel trick it’s working for the moment, sometimes, I do a better service.


  114. What exact service do you do? Can you provide details of cost etc if you are credible?

  115. had my xbox wrapped up in atowel yhay long ive now dicide it looks really nice wrapped in sumthin! PREFERABLY A FUCKIN BIN BAG!!!! SORT IT OUT BILL! OR BOB OR FUCKIN MICKY MOUSE COS UR RUNNIN SUM DISNEY SHIT!!!!

  116. leeh is mentally retarded. He can’t spell anything right and sounds like a dumb ass. By the way, the towel trick works.

  117. omg..
    I was so sick of my Xbox, started playin up last week and I left it off for a while and turned it back on.. Worked for a little while but then just gave up 2 days ago full stop. red lights of death. Have no warranty because I bought it from Ebay less than a month ago!!!
    Anyway found this towel trick and I was a bit sceptical – and it didnt work… Then I found this stuff about the microwave, I honestly thought it was bullsh!t but I really have nothing to lose.. So I chucked it in for 1 minute and stood back… Pulled it out and plugged it in.. waited.. waited and it actually works!!! I told my friends and they don’t believe me lmao!! Thanks Harry you are the best!

  118. Hey guys its me again! Thanks for all your help. I did that microwave thing and got my MIROSHIT BOX working haha. See you’s in the game

    Look up my gamertag BigDwuzhere88 so I can own you

  119. hey, i dont know what you guys are talking about, the towel trick works, ive done it 4 times and i dont know what you were talking about when u said 10 minutes and it works for 3 hours, your supposed 2 let it overheat until you get 4 red lights, should take 30 minutes to an hour, than u let it cool off, take the towel off and your good to go, mines worked for 2 whole months before i had to do the towel trick again. i was gonna send it in but id take 30 minutes off once a month than pay 140, so i dont know wtf u guys are talkin about, it works

  120. hey, i dont know what you guys are talking about, the towel trick works, ive done it 4 times and i dont know what you were talking about when u said 10 minutes and it works for 3 hours, your supposed 2 let it overheat until you get 4 red lights, should take 30 minutes to an hour, than u let it cool off, take the towel off and your good to go, mines worked for 2 whole months before i had to do the towel trick again. i was gonna send it in but id take 30 minutes off once a month than pay 140, so i dont know wtf u guys are talkin about, it works

  121. XBOX 360 3 red lights error – repair service provided in Los Angeles, CA area but also entire US.

    I can fix it for you

    $60 at my place
    $80 at your place

    guaranteed work or 30 days free repair

    fix360guy at

    located in Long Beach, CA


  122. ok guys….

    i ahve a mate who fixes them perminatntly.
    and he did mine for free. because he is a freind,
    but microsoft told us they was are freinds and look what they are doing guys,
    my god. we can not let them get away with this,
    they cant they will not.
    i think after another year of ok 360s braking somebody will say hey. thats not right, thenm damn michines are epensive,
    microsoft are trying there best to cover all this up,
    lets stop them.
    until then
    all i know is my mate will fix them for £30 england area.
    i hope in time we will have something better
    we dont deserve this.

  123. Matt – Towel trick CAN work but not for everyone – and if it does work its usually only temporary (although it sometimes works more than once). This microwave trick actually works permanently and it only takes 1 minute or less – permanent fix for the problem.. Lol who wants to wrap their microshit in a towel every few days… THANKS BILL!! FOR NOTHING

    As for Shadowro – go away you scammer – 30 day warranty?? pfft even the towel trick works for longer than that

  124. BigDWuzHere, i tried the microwave trick….and my 360 is even more screwed then before. The only way I can turn it on is by opening the disc tray, the power button doesnt work anymore, and it cant connect to any wireless controllers, so im pretty much screwed now….i dont recommend that microwave trick…

  125. Matt, how long did you put it in for? You only need to put it in for a minute or less. its the towel trick that needs about 15 mins… If u put xbox in microwave for 15 mins it WILL get screwed.

    kyle: Anything less than a minute seems to do the trick, it wont catch fire in less than a minute lol

  126. na man i had it in there for less than a minute, i took it out when i smelled it and looked and there was a little smoke like when u melt plastic, it was at about 37 seconds out of a minute when it started smelling and smoking and it was screwed, i just traded it in to eb games for 100 bucks, they knew it was broken so they only gave me 100 and i bought a new core just now, hope i dont have any problems with this shit.

  127. thought you would like to know that a little article in the daily mail newspaper ( UK ) about the 360 problems. it seems microcash have indeed realised they have a major problem, with a headline saying ” faulty xboxes cost microsoft £500m ” it goes on to say they have set aside £500m for repairs.
    microsoft have also stated that they have ” made UNACCEPTABLE number of repairs” and Peter Moore, corporate vice-president of xbox division said ” things do break, and i feel bad about that. we havent done a good job.” i could of told him that the dickhead!!!
    the company went on to say that they didnt know if it was specific xbox360s or a design fault. well i have a good idea what it is…xbox360s are good in principle bad design, the article also stated the problems we are experiencing, ie,over heating, poor manufacture and short life span.
    microsoft may have begrudgingly admitted the faults exist to the media but unfortunatly they have seemed to have sold us, the consumer, down the river!
    like i said on another post i had to send my 360 back after a so called repair….that was 5 weeks ago!!! microsoft are a shit outfit that have had a monopoly on computers for far too long and with the 360 problems and i believe the rot has now set in! would sony treat us like this????

  128. ok the towl trick does work but is only a temp fix
    I was hesitant to try this but i did it anyways
    sure enough the unit overheated and i then had 2 flashing ligts , turned it off waited 30min and i was back playing BF2 again. 15 min into the game it froze, Reset again and ligts came back. Then got 2 square 12cm Server fans. placed one at the back of the unit where the intake fans are(blowing air in) and the other on the side where the outlet holes are (sucking air out) . I also cut down the top off a milk crate (bout 1″) and placed my unit on top. Powered unit on again and it booted ok , Have played for 3 days now without a problem

    If you choose the towl trick make sure you have a nice sized fan at the back of your inlet fans and get the unit off the ground. Goodluck!!!!

  129. Well after reading all these posts I was a bit hesitant at first to try the microwave thing. I’ve been using the towels with no worries for about a month now but it was really starting to sh!t me. I ended up doing the microwave thing (I have a 1000 watt microwave by the way) so I put it in for 45 seconds… Cross your fingers – its been working no problem since then for 3 days.

    Out of curiousity how powerful is ur microwave Matt?

  130. I just did the towel trick and worked. Hoping it stays that way for a couple of days =D. I called Microsoft too.. just in case it hapens again the “magic box” will be wating to be sent and come back with a fully funtional 360 ^^!

  131. Pretty bad -blam! 11 min. 48sec. had just passed since I turned the console on playing Forza 2 happily and then.. “”freeze”” no response at all. I won’t be surprised if I turned my 360 back on and find the red lights again.

    It is completely true that the towel trick does work fine for some people, very bad mine wasn’t one of them.

    The good thing is the “microsoft magic box” is there wating to be packaged once and for all!

  132. what do you do in order to get the shipping box sent to you???? so that you can send in into MS

  133. You just need to call microsoft support. The phone number is (1-800-4-MY-XBOX).

    Be patient! everytime I call they hold me in the line for about 10-20min. to finally speak with a human being ^^. (That’s the service here for latin america.

    When they answer they’ll take you to some easy steps, like giving some information about your console and your location. After it’s completed the operator will give you a reference number if you have any doubts in the future about your status with xbox and a tracking number for UPS.

    The box should arrive in a week MAXIMUM. If not, demand to call a supervisor and tell it what happend and maybe he’ll give you something cool as apolygies for the bad service (Y).


  134. there is another solution that worked for me about 5mins ago, i too had the 3 flashing red lights and this is what i did :
    the solution is that make sure the there is no disk in the drive, turn it on, when the red flashing lights appear put a disk in the drive and shut the drive, wait for it to read after about 6 seconds then turn off. When you turn it back on with the disk in the drive, it should then boot up

    worked for me 😀

  135. Wow =o! pretty simple solution. Because my xbox is still in repairs, i don’t have anything to prove it on. Anyways, good for you man! (Y)

    Is it still running ok?

  136. umm I tried that disk drive trick and it blew my hard drive and power supply, I dont recommend anyone do this. Only reason I did it was because I thought i’d give it a go before the microwave trick. 2 of my friends have done it and it worked but I was too scared so I tried this and now my drive is stuffed.

    Stick to the tried + proven microwave trick if u ask me.
    Dont need to open xbox as well so u still keep warranty

  137. Its been almost two week since my 360 got fried, and since it my second one, I’ve been very adamant about getting it properly fixed. Though, at this point in time, I’m terribly desperate, and just about as pissed off as I could ever get.(I mean, the first one was five hundred dollars,U.S, the second one, the premium bundle, cost close to seven hundred).

    So, I’m gonna try this “Towel Fix”, if it doesn’t work, I’m gonna take take it to a friend of mine, to redo all the solder, and replace most of what has been indicated as the cause of error for the Xbox. All though now they should call it the F-Box, since its nothing but a massive failure.

    Honestly, the only reason I got the damned console was for Halo 3. (Yes, I’m an Halo addict, though now, I wish they brought it out on the playstation 3. Or i could probably sell the damned thing on the internet, and wait for the PC version of Halo 3.)

  138. Sekide before you go opening the XBOX and voiding the warranty (Even if you dont have a warranty they can refuse to fix ur xbox even if u pay if you tampered with it), it might be worth considering the microwave trick.
    I have used it with success on a few different occasions, I believe you can find further details if u look at the last 20 or so posts on this thread.
    If you require any more assistance please let me know, I have tried all three methods and have got all 3 to work, albeit towel trick with limited success


  139. Ok guys, there seems to be much debate over different methods of fixing an Xbox360, and whether or not they actually work. I’ve been doing my homework on each of the methods, and I intend to clear up the myth and rumor surrounding the subject.
    Firstly – the towel method.
    This is designed to not just OVERHEAT the unit, but to do it to the point where the dodgy connections melt back together. The fact, plain and simple, is that this usually works. THE PROBLEM WITH THIS METHOD, is that it doesn’t just overheat those particular connections, it overheats the whole unit and can damage parts which were previously working. Also, repeatedly using this method can melt the connections away completely so that they’re not connecting at all. I don’t recommend it.
    Secondly – installing extra fans
    This is an excellent idea, and if done correctly should work well. The problem is that most gamers can play the games, but wouldn’t know where to start with alterations and additions to their console.
    Thirdly – the scary microwave of death…
    Many people seem very skeptical of this method, and rightly so, BUT IT WORKS! It actually works better than the towel method, and this is why:
    Lets start with the basics. Microwaves are just like the light that we see but they’re much finer than visible light. You know how you feel the heat when you’re sitting in the sunlight? That heat comes from the molecules in your body absorbing the electro-magnetic waves which make up sunlight. Different molecules absorb different waves at different rates – basically some materials absorb almost all microwaves, others let almost all microwaves pass through without being absorbed.
    Ok, now that I’ve covered the basics, this is how it relates to YOUR XBOX360. Almost all plastics don’t absorb microwaves very well. The waves pass through having almost no effect. Metals are very good at absorbing microwaves, some are better than others. Because the solder tracks (which cause the rings of death problem) are the softest, most dense metal in the machine, they absorb the microwaves better than any other part of the machine, so they heat up the fastest. When these get to their melting point, no other part of the machine has absorbed enough energy to melt, so no other part of the machine has a chance to get damaged this way.
    I have even gotten my hands on some offending machines to test how long they need in different microwaves. For 1000Watt microwaves, 40-45 seconds. For 900Watt microwaves, 45-50 seconds. For 750-800Watt microwaves, 50-55 seconds. For 650-700Watt microwaves, 55-60 seconds.
    BEFORE TRYING THIS, read these 2 safety tips:
    If your first attempt hasn’t worked, wait AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR BEFORE TRYING AGAIN! The solder is also very good at getting rid of heat, so after a few minutes the solder will need the full amount of energy again to melt it. But the other parts give off heat much slower, and still contain most of their energy from the first attempt. So make sure the whole machine has been given enough time to cool.
    Next, make sure your Xbox360 is at least 1″ (25mm) from the sides and the top of your microwave. If you need to, use some plastic microwave safe dishes to hold you Xbox360 away from the sides. It’s a good idea to use a microwave without a turntable, or just take it out so that it doesn’t spin.

  140. Just my opinion but I think the towel trick is a stupid waste of time, sure it works however briefly. Just take the thing apart and reseat the heatsinks with proper thermal paste. Or you could get a Wii and never have these problems.

    Free 3 red light fix at :

  141. Yeah its good idea Gadget Guru but bit risky..
    Anyway for what its worth my microwaved xbox is still going good – been over 2 weeks now

  142. Well first off i dont feel like baking my freakin XBOX by wrapping in towels…so instead i suggest calling in the the Hotline at 1-800-4MY-XBOX its fast easy and they rock so yeah should have it repaied in no time at all.

  143. THEY DO NOT ROCK THEY SUCK. I spent an hour on hold with them just to get a box sent to my house which took 5 days, now those idiots are saying that they haven’t received my xbox yet and are going to cancel it unless I call them back. So now I have to spend another hour on hold trying to get through to them. What a bunch of scum bags. VIVA LA PLAYSTATION 3!!!! MUERDE XBOX 360!!!

  144. My friend has a xbox 360 modded and it worked fine for him for nearly a year. He rented madden 08 and it installed a update. Later, two days later, his system stopped working. Rings of death, error 0020. Is it possible for them to put a code in updates making a xbox that is modded to overwork itself until it can’t work anymore? It seems possible to me. The whole towel and microwave thing makes me think people are just putting this on here to mess with people and get them to mess it up even more so your forced to buy a new one and rethink modding your box. I tried to help him fix it but nothing works, and I don’t want to try a towel or microwave tricks, one of the first things your ever told is to never put metal in a microwave, I have personally seen a microwave break from something like this. So your out a microwave and a 360, and you can’t send it in because its modded. Are there any real solutions?

  145. 3 FUCKING RED LIGHTS AGAIN!!!!Its been repaired 3 times by microshi!! and each repair lasts around 6 plays!! ive been on the phone and fucked microcash up and down!!! ive reported them to a consumer tv programe and have asked for a full refund of xbox purchase and warranty money!! fuck em! take my advice buy a playstation!!!! thats what im doing tomorrow!!! the wankers!!

  146. Hey Jason, I think he should take his chances by sending it to microsoft. My niece also had a 360 and happened something similar to what to said about the update thing making the RoD appear… So he tried the heat pistol, the towel trick and it just worked for several “HOURS”. So I told him the only chance he had to keep playing 360 without buying another console was to send it in to microsoft and take it chances. He call in, the process went normal all the way. Later he recieved a new xbox, not the one modded, (a BenQ which cannot be modded either), he is happy now and decided not to play with piracy for a while heheh.

    So my recomendation would be to take your chances if you consider your xbox is completly screwed. You got nothing to loose don’t you?

  147. Ok,
    Mannel I decided you’re right – I had nothin to lose, didn’t wanna risk microsoft sending a lawsuit up me though so I gritted my teeth and in the microwave it went, after some worrying moments and 40 seconds later I pulled it out.
    It did smell funny and I must say I was a bit worried. Let it cool down for 45 minutes and turned it on.. waited.. and its working now!
    Dunno what the hell Microsoft are thinking with microwave requiring Xbox? fuck em anyway. Its so far so good!
    Thanks whoever thought of this! (I dont wanna know how u thought of it in the first place lol)


  148. Wow! That’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard of =D. Pretty funny that a microwave can fix this kind of equipment. An act of desperation I guess who ever found this possible xD! The xbox should now include a free microwave (Y) xD (Y).

    Glad it worked (Y)

  149. The Jason that posted the “I did the microwave trick” thing but it was not me. It wasn’t even my Xbox to begin with. He did try the towel trick and it worked for all of 2 minutes. Not even going to consider the microwave. Thats nuts. I don’t know if it was some other ya hoo posting on here trying to get people to believe in the microwave or if it was another poster from before.

  150. I don’t know who posted about the micro-wave but it wasn’t me. The towel trick did work though, for all of five minutes. No way he is going to try the micro-wave, I asked though. whoever posted in my name was not me

  151. Oops sorry ignore last two posts! Was meant for another website! But as I said before microwave trick is going strong so far!!!


  152. Glad to hear its worked for you Jason! Can’t believe so many people have had such luck with the microwave trick. Im going to ask my dad if he can try it tonight (he doesnt have any problems with his xbox but better safe than sorry!) If he doesnt let me ill just do it without telling him hehe.

    For those unsure of the principles behind why the microwave trick works, ill repost Zantaxthenerds info!

    k guys, there seems to be much debate over different methods of fixing an Xbox360, and whether or not they actually work. I’ve been doing my homework on each of the methods, and I intend to clear up the myth and rumor surrounding the subject.
    Firstly – the towel method.
    This is designed to not just OVERHEAT the unit, but to do it to the point where the dodgy connections melt back together. The fact, plain and simple, is that this usually works. THE PROBLEM WITH THIS METHOD, is that it doesn’t just overheat those particular connections, it overheats the whole unit and can damage parts which were previously working. Also, repeatedly using this method can melt the connections away completely so that they’re not connecting at all. I don’t recommend it.
    Secondly – installing extra fans
    This is an excellent idea, and if done correctly should work well. The problem is that most gamers can play the games, but wouldn’t know where to start with alterations and additions to their console.
    Thirdly – the scary microwave of death…
    Many people seem very skeptical of this method, and rightly so, BUT IT WORKS! It actually works better than the towel method, and this is why:
    Lets start with the basics. Microwaves are just like the light that we see but they’re much finer than visible light. You know how you feel the heat when you’re sitting in the sunlight? That heat comes from the molecules in your body absorbing the electro-magnetic waves which make up sunlight. Different molecules absorb different waves at different rates – basically some materials absorb almost all microwaves, others let almost all microwaves pass through without being absorbed.
    Ok, now that I’ve covered the basics, this is how it relates to YOUR XBOX360. Almost all plastics don’t absorb microwaves very well. The waves pass through having almost no effect. Metals are very good at absorbing microwaves, some are better than others. Because the solder tracks (which cause the rings of death problem) are the softest, most dense metal in the machine, they absorb the microwaves better than any other part of the machine, so they heat up the fastest. When these get to their melting point, no other part of the machine has absorbed enough energy to melt, so no other part of the machine has a chance to get damaged this way.
    I have even gotten my hands on some offending machines to test how long they need in different microwaves. For 1000Watt microwaves, 40-45 seconds. For 900Watt microwaves, 45-50 seconds. For 750-800Watt microwaves, 50-55 seconds. For 650-700Watt microwaves, 55-60 seconds.
    BEFORE TRYING THIS, read these 2 safety tips:
    If your first attempt hasn’t worked, wait AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR BEFORE TRYING AGAIN! The solder is also very good at getting rid of heat, so after a few minutes the solder will need the full amount of energy again to melt it. But the other parts give off heat much slower, and still contain most of their energy from the first attempt. So make sure the whole machine has been given enough time to cool.
    Next, make sure your Xbox360 is at least 1″ (25mm) from the sides and the top of your microwave. If you need to, use some plastic microwave safe dishes to hold you Xbox360 away from the sides. It’s a good idea to use a microwave without a turntable, or just take it out so that it doesn’t spin.

  153. hey you ficking bicthes if you want os to send our xbox 360 to get fix then you pay for it because that cost alat ok sow if youre not gono pay for it then shut you maouth of ok piss the fuck out.

  154. What the hell you talking about you idiot? Some people like me dont like wasting money for postage when all microsoft do is put it in their microwaves probably lol.. Well thats all I did and mines working

    your momo bitch go keep sleeping with ur dad

  155. XBOX 360 repair service (@ your home) – – provided in Los Angeles, CA area and Orange county area

    If you are having problems like the “Red Ring of Death” error, or other
    problems with overheating consoles, graphic errors, and freeze ups,
    I can fix it for you in less than 2 hours

    $60 at my place/$80 at your place

    guaranteed work or 30 days free repair

    fix360guy at

    located in Long Beach, CA


    keywords : los angeles, orange county, repair, xbox 360, 3 red lights, no video, no audio, repairs, open, opened, console, no warranty, Los Angeles, Repair, Repairs, Orange County

  156. ***BEWARE SCAMMERS***

    Ignore the last two posts, they are the same person. They are asking for credit card info on the websites and once you enter in your info it comes up with an error. These websites have already been reported to the authorities.

    Stick with tried and proven microwave method. DONT lose your money to filthy scammers

  157. Ok i just tried this towel trick it works and my 360 is working i think the 3 rings are because of a loose something i shook my 360 while it had the rings i heard something loose move after the towel trick i heard nothing still sending it in to be fixed hopefully box gets here soon im going to die if i dont get it by halo 3

  158. I was just reading through all this to find a solution to my red rings. (I am currently waiting for it to cool down and if it doesn’t work it’s going in the microwave.)

    I just wanted to ask Jenny why she would put her dad’s Xbox in the microwave if there is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

    Are you some kind of retard?


    Holy shit!!

    The towel thing actually worked!!

    I only wrapped it up for ten minutes!!

    As this room is quite dark and I’m quite stoopid I accidentally did it UPSIDE DOWN!

    Maybe that actually helps?

  159. hi i purchased my xbox 360 in june of 2007,havent had no problems with it,was sitting in front of my smallish tv,and when i first got it,it blew alot of hot air out of the back end..but just a couple days ago..i started to play madden 08 purchased it a couple weeks ago..but didnt open it till 2 days ago cuz was getting rosters done for ncaa football 08 so i can imoprt draft classes..rather have names then numbers,but anywayz i tried putting madden in and all of sudden it went to white page and said this.

    To Play this Disc,Pit it in an Xbox 360 Console..

    game is brand spanking new,no scratches my basketball games worked great,my ncaa was working fine till now..also seems the air isnt really blowing out of the back no more..any suggestions on what happened??like did it blow somethin inside maybe??i threw away my receipt stupidly cleaning my apartment..if i can get it repaired or not?

  160. got 3 red lights today,got stressed wrapped in a towel left for 15 mins works fine,however i still have warranty,dosanyone know if shops will exchange if it is in working order?i called the game shop whilst it was in the towel and thy said bring it in and we will swap it but now itworks again will they still do it??

  161. haha. i found this, some guy tried this crazy method:

    “i actually pre-heated my oven for about 3 minutes @ 350…put my whole motherboard in there..for about 7 to 8 minutes…took it out…let it cool down for a good 15 20 minutes…put everything back together and its worked fine for hours on end day after day since then….^_- lol but actually.. that can be a temp fix but in the long run ull end up frying ur gpu and or cpu…best bet is to reball the gpu cuz the solder they used was cheap enuff to have been made in mexico…no offense..”

    haha. using the oven, now thats defiently voiding your warrenty.

  162. Good news,left my 360 on for ages played cod4 on it then turned it off then on again the “ring of death” was alive again so took back to game store and am now in possession of an ELITE console hoooray!!!
    now just need that data transfer cable………..

  163. Yeah I figured the oven would work if a microwave does but oven is much easier to cause damage to the various components by overheating them. Microwave is much safer because of the way it works it actually targets the solder tracks causing them to melt first, then u remove it before anything else is heated. Also in microwave u can put ur whole xbox in without taking out the mainboard – as soon as u open the cover u void ur warranty, in microwave there is no way they can tell u’ve put it in.

  164. Not happy, got my 360 back from the repairers two weeks ago, got a new samsung Tv to celebrate after the first ring of death, got Fifa 2008 as well.

    Guess what, it’s not working again, fucking ring of fire.

    Not fucking happy, have called X-box support and have said that I will get a PS3 tomorrow, unless something is done TONIGHT.

  165. yea this is my second xbox 360 now the 1st 1 chewed up my disc and destructed itself that was 2 weeks afta having it and now surprise suprise its cum up with 3 flashing lights its a p*ss take microsoft are no help atall there just t*ats luckely i still have the warranty so im taking it back and exchanging it 4 a 360 ellite or w.e it is and haveing a new 3 year warrenty to all those who’s warranty has expierd just take it back to where you got it from and play holy fuk with them

    First off take the xbox 360 apart then locate the the front led’s
    Then disconnect all of the front led’s off the main board ,then turn on the system …….
    well its not a fix but it but it gets rid of the fucking ring lol 😛

  167. If anyone’s gonna try this microwave trick be sure to have your best game DVD inside as well when you fry the console. lol.

  168. Crappy 360, i was going to sell it to gamestation on sunday and as if ms knew, i got the lights of death! i thought, aw crap what am i gonna do now, i cant afford without selling this sh*t!!(i am going to buy a ps3 u c). i thought that until i came across this trick, it works well now, i just hope it lasts until they take it in, but just in case i will do it again like an hour before taking it. funny thing is i have only had it for about a year, heavy play when i got it, after like 5 months very light if no play until about 3-4 days ago moderate play to make sure it is working. and it just went out of warranty like a few days ago. its as if ms has programmed them to display 3 red lights after a year…Stupid ms, i would choke them with my very hands if i could…

  169. fuck me just read up a bit and you will see microsoft extending the waranty by two years fs ……

  170. Funnily enough i was like you one day i went down stairs and booted the faithfall up and balah there was chequeded stars and flashes on the screen i turned it off turned it on 😛
    Nothing happened in a flash of brain dead crap i had a flash back to this website and microwave fix! and the 3 rings of death fuck this i thought you no what !im gonna fight back so i reserved a xbox 360 from argos and bought the new one a core box cleaned my old one up and took it back. i knew they did not have any in stock this microsoft co. they should provide a service they took our money and they wanted us to pay no way !>…………we dont want to pay three time in the next one year ps this thread is wank ….
    yer admin we are towns people
    Please dont put your xbox 360 in a microwave it wont melt the solder it will just fry your motors and cpu’s trust me its like a concentrated electric cut out inside the microwave would you put your ;laptops in it ?i rst my case ,..
    your stupid if you think it will work trust me.

  171. “Please dont put your xbox 360 in a microwave it wont melt the solder it will just fry your motors and cpu’s trust me its like a concentrated electric cut out inside the microwave would you put your ;laptops in it ?i rst my case ,..
    your stupid if you think it will work trust me.”

    You ignorant ignorant little boy…
    You obviously have no idea on how microwave radiation works do you? Please do not insult yourself any further and do a search on google for how it works BEFORE you post this rubbish. Understandably many people are scared to try this because its quite unorthodox but it DOES work. I will not explain what others already have, if you read up you can see the scientific reasoning for why the SOLDER is TARGETED. What the hell is a “concentrated electric cut” – do you even speak English let alone know what a microwave is??

    I work at Games Wizards, have completed my PhD in radiation and electronics (am currently completing a third PhD hence my job lol) and am earning quite a bit of money from the microwave solution. You see many people are returning their xboxs for very low prices because they believe they are damaged with the 3 rings of death – I have microwaved them and a very high percentage (about 70% at least) function perfectly after performing this. I then re-sell at a much higher price.

    For any other ‘non believers’ I challenge you to come in and visit me at Games Wizards and see me work the microwave magic! I think we are the only Games Wizards store that keeps a microwave as a tool in the back lol!


  172. First off as a reply to the above post im not a silly little boy i am a 32 year old man and i certainly ain’t ignorant shawno
    yse i put my xbox 360 in the microwave only for 6 seconds guess what everything fried well all the motors did ie no tray opened and the wireless infra red diode clouded so i could not play it at all propperlly this was after just 6 seconds so as a person who has done the microwave trick i can report back it dont work big time it justs fuck’s up the xbox 360 more lucky for my argos took mine back and the result was i got a brand new one so unless you can prove yourself with a video i suggest you leave people to sort their xbox 360 out via the help line or if they have the balls to do it the argos way buying a xbox 360 then taking it back with the faulty one the next day ,
    shame on you for commeing out with this ballshit and i would like to comparison it with putting your laptop or your home pc into a microwave just to resolder parts…… what a load of bollocks please people don’t do it you have been warned !!!!!!!!!

  173. ps this is how a microwave oven works !!!!!!!
    read it you might learn something SHAWNO
    microwave ovens use various combinations of electrical circuits and mechanical devices to produce and control an output of microwave energy for heating and cooking. Generally speaking the systems of a microwave oven can be divided into two fundamental sections, the control section and the high-voltage section .

    The control section consists of a timer (electronic or electromechanical), a system to control or govern the power output, and various interlock and protection devices. The components in the high-voltage section serve to step up the house voltage to high voltage. The high voltage is then converted microwave energy.

    Basically, here is how it works: As shown in Figure 1, electricity from the wall outlet travels through the power cord and enters the microwave oven through a series of fuse and safety protection circuits. These circuits include various fuses and thermal protectors that are designed to deactivate the oven in the event of an electrical short or if an overheating condition occurs

    If all systems are normal, the electricity passes through to the interlock and timer circuits. When then oven door is closed, an electrical path is also established through a series of safety interlock switches . Setting the oven timer and starting a cook operation extends this voltage path to the control circuits .

    Generally, the control system includes either an electromechanical relay or an electronic switch called a triac as shown in Figure 2 . Sensing that all systems are “go,” the control circuit generates a signal that causes the relay or triac to activate, thereby producing a voltage path to the high-voltage transformer . By adjusting the on-off ratio of this activation signal, the control system can govern the application of voltage to the high-voltage transformer, thereby controlling the on-off ratio of the magnetron tube and therefore the output power of the microwave oven. Some models use a fast-acting power-control relay in the high-voltage circuit to control the output power.

    In the high-voltage section ( Figure 3 ), the high-voltage transformer along with a special diode and capacitor arrangement serve to increase the typical household voltage, of about 115 volts, to the shockingly high amount of approximately 3000 volts! While this powerful voltage would be quite unhealthy — even deadly — for humans, it is just what the magnetron tube needs to do its job — that is, to dynamically convert the high voltage in to undulating waves of electromagnetic cooking energy.

    The microwave energy is transmitted into a metal channel called a waveguide , which feeds the energy into the cooking area where it encounters the slowly revolving metal blades of the stirrer blade . Some models use a type of rotating antenna while others rotate the food through the waves of energy on a revolving carousel. In any case, the effect is to evenly disperse the microwave energy throughout all areas of the cooking compartment. Some waves go directly toward the food, others bounce off the metal walls and flooring; and, thanks to special metal screen, microwaves also reflect off the door. So, the microwave energy reaches all surfaces of the food from every direction.

    All microwave energy remains inside the cooking cavity. When the door is opened, or the timer reaches zero, the microwave energy stops–just as turning off a light switch stops the glow of the lamp

    ps sorry for the caps shift i had a microwave on lol

  175. My friend’s Xbox360 recently had the “ring of death” so he looked up on the internet tricks to fix it, he tried the towel trick, and it worked for 10 minutes. So he was nearly going to give up till he heard of the microwave trick. He tried it and now his 360 is working perfectly. So pretty much it has been proven that the microwave trick does work.

  176. Well towle did not work heat gun did not work and earaser trick did not work. Not stupid enough to try the microwave as I know for sure that would fry the entire system. Guess I am off to buy a new one and return this broke one in that I hate X-box wish I would have just stuck with the PS3 it is twice the system anyway.

  177. This method does work because i have just done it and it as work yipee i left a towel on my xbox for 10 mins and hay presto it worked


  179. Hello all i have read some interesting theories that you have all posted, i want to get a 360 but what you all have said makes me think twice. tbh i can’t be bothered with the hassle of an xbox braking down and me figuring out ways to get it working again. I just want a 360 the works with no problems. Is there such a 360 ??? (lol). Maybe i’ll get one see what its like and if it brakes i’ll just get rid of it and try to avoid microsoft consoles and stick with sony

  180. never any problems with the ps3! ha to bill gates and his loyal xbox 360 buying bitches!

  181. i have had enuff
    my xbox broke :@
    wich was bad enuff
    then i sent it into mircrosoft
    waited six weeks
    got it bak
    3 weeks later its broke again
    pissing me off now

  182. Well i still think xbox 360 has awsome games and graphics just a problem with keeping them alive, i may just stick with sony, i have a ps2 (slim line) thats had so many beatens, knocks and my son standing on it and it still has life and works just fine. X-BOX (microsoft) SORT OUT YOUR SYSTEMS

  183. Ahhh… Greens, Greens, Greens. It sounds like your brain has been fried! Are you sure you didn’t accidently put your head in the microwave instead of the XBOX?

    FIRSTLY, the article you posted appears to have been plaguerised as you have not posted a link as to where you got the story from, nice work, illegally copied. But i’ll ignore this fact for now..

    You said;

    The microwave energy is transmitted into a metal channel called a waveguide , which feeds the energy into the cooking area where it encounters the slowly revolving metal blades of the stirrer blade . Some models use a type of rotating antenna while others rotate the food through the waves of energy on a revolving carousel. In any case, the effect is to evenly disperse the microwave energy throughout all areas of the cooking compartment. Some waves go directly toward the food, others bounce off the metal walls and flooring; and, thanks to special metal screen, microwaves also reflect off the door

    This, strictly speaking is correct, if not a very simplified explanation of how a microwave works. The actual energy source is derived from an ultra powerful electromagnetic device, electromagnetic radiation is attracted to metal objects – think of the radiation as millions of tiny ‘hot’ magnets – If there are no metal devices in the microwave they will flow through in the normal direction they are sent with the waveguide. *IF* however you introduce a metal object (such as solder) the vast majority of these magnets will be attracted to that object. Now if you place an xbox in the microwave guess what will be the easiest target – you guessed it – the solder tracks. The reason being is they are a ‘soft’ metal, softer than the metal used in other parts of the microwave (such as component leads). I won’t delve into this for now for readability sake, but it’s due to this fact that the solder is the first thing inside an xbox to heat up. Now don’t forget that there will still be about 10% of stray radiation that will pass through other objects (such as the plastic casing etc) however as the box will only be in the microwave for around 30 seconds, this will not be long enough for the plastic and other components to get hot enough to be damaged or destroyed. It’s also due to this fact that if the microwave doesn’t fix the xbox first go – you must wait at least 30 minutes for all heat to dissipate from other objects.

  184. As for


    Of course if you put a plastic object in the microwave it will melt and be damaged but read the explanation above to address this – IF you put something metal in the microwave as well, radiation will target that metal object leaving the CD/fork completely intact (try with a small peice of foil and a CD if you want – but be careful NOT to touch the foil afterwards).

    As for your comment about microsoft spending millions – this is laughable, are you saying because they spent lots of money there wont be problems? Guess what! The three rings of death isnt just a myth!
    The methods used to solder the BGA chips has been identified as a real issue, and the fact microsoft subcontracted out to dodgy companies in Asia for the pricing advantage they offered.

    By the way, motors don’t use oil to lubricate their cores you silly boy. There is no physical contact at all, they are insulated by air you fool.
    Please by all means have your friend try to explain himself – OF COURSE MICROSOFT WON’T ADMIT IT’S SUCH AN OBVIOUS SOLUTION – THEY ARE PAID TO FIX THESE CONSOLES – bit of a conflict of interest don’t you think?

    Wake up to yourself, and don’t bother posting crap which is obviously false about your ‘experiences’. Please try it before you post this rubbish again.


  186. yes it needs to be on as the heat build up is what temporaily fixes them. You have a diffrent problem all together. Sonds like you need a new unit.

  187. hey you know what i fixed it without the towels trick take off the hard drive take out all the wires (memory cards, controllers) and blow into each hole on the 360 do it twice just to make sure or just put some where cold for a few hours/days it worked with mine and my cusions xbox 360’s !!!!! if it works say so on the comment please thx !!!!

  188. Guys please stick with the topic.
    I would like to thank Shawn Taylor for his very informative addition to the forum. I too have used the microwave trick with great success so far

  189. Thanks guys! Microwave trick worked a treat! (so far *knocks on wood*) well its only been a few hours but my xbox hasn’t been working for about 2 weeks so yah..
    Will keep you posted, PS if anyone interested in fiting ingame my name is XboxSURFER27

  190. Cheers Shawno! Was too freaked to try that trick out until I read that. Put my mind at ease and it works. You should post a youtube video maybe to show people it works?
    Would get rid of all the sceptics like that idiot Greens, or should I say ‘brain fried’ lol

  191. well shawn how the fuck do you do it then ??
    dont post shit on here if u cant back it up tell us how to fix it or piss of.

  192. ffh, please refrain from using derogotary language on this forum. If you would kindly take the time to READ the posts above mine you will find the method is quite simple – it really varies on the power of your microwave but if you put your xbox in for about 30-45 seconds that will in 90% of cases be sufficient to re-melt the solder into its tracks. If you power on your xbox after this and it still does not light up WAIT AT LEAST 20 MINUTES BEFORE TRYING AGAIN. If you do not do this you can damage certain components that do not rid themselves of heat quick enough. Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask, but please try reading!


  194. anonamus thanks for your tip – this may well help if the 3 red light error you were particularly getting was related to dust clogging the fans etc (Not sure about Xbox but if a PC fan does not run it will not load up). For the majority however the microwave trick is probably the safest solution (don’t need to open the xbox and risk introducing static to components etc)
    Also when you open the xbox you void the warranty which can be avoided with the microwave trick


  196. My problem is that I bought an xbox 360 off ebay (2nd hand and prob not my wisest choice in life 2nd to only meeting my now ex girlfriend lol) annnnyway I played on it for 40 min after it arrived and the 3 red lights appeared. I phoned microsoft and the last owner didn’t register it so they have to track the original owner before they can register me as the owner (hope you’re keeping up ha) They reconed they would phone me back by today which they haven’t so gunna chase the corporate monkeys up tomorrow .. annnyway I did the towel trick for 20 min and I’ve honestly been playing on my console non stop from 3pm to 1 pm so thats a pretty good hammering, whether it works tomorrow is a different matter .. Anyway my point is, has anyone bought a 2nd or 3rd hand 360 and still managed to send it back to microsoft for free ….. Cheers..

  197. Hi dummerman

    I bought mine second hand and yes they did accept it – in the end but only after alot of hassle – you can’t just ring them once and think thats it. I had made about 6 phone calls before they finall took it… When I got my replacement was all sweet until 6 months later and same f*cking problem.. Just tried the microwave trick about 1 month ago and its actually been fine since then ( I was too scared to at first and kept doing towel trick but that only works for afew days for me)
    heh in my opinion you’re prolly better off just doing the microwave trick man

  198. Cheers Dany,

    Will poss try that as a last resort, or if, as you say they fix it but it goes again.. Will be on the blower again to them again today then.





  201. NAAA SERIUSLY THIS SUCKS SO BAD !!!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY DETAILS ABOUT THE MICROSOFT FREE XBOX REPAIR PLEASE CONTACT ME ON or if you have a warbears acount PM me my name is CARNAGE SMITH and my user name is trooper !! thx

  202. anonamus – I’d try about 30 sec first just to be safe. Plug it in and if you’re still getting red lights DO NOT do the microwave trick again until at least 30 minutes later to allow all other components time to lose their heat.. Then you can up it to 35, try again and repeat, dont increment by more than 5 seconds at a time its just not worth it.

  203. People… DO NOT DO THE MICROWAVE TRICK!!! I placed mine in there out of desperation! (I had tried towel trick which allowed mine to live for another month, but then it wouldn’t work again. Plus I never had the warrantee)

    It had been in there 9 seconds before it started sparking and making buzzing noises. So I immediately stopped the microwave! My heart is still beating a million miles a second and I can still smell the burnt metal/plastic smell from the xbox. I plug it back in and turn on the power and… what’s this? IT DOESN’T EVEN TURN ON ANYMORE! You brought up good points Shawn and that’s what got me to try this… Where did I go wrong and how do you explain my plight?

  204. Sorry for the double post, but I sent a formal letter to NBC Dateline like the top of the comments said only I added a link to this page telling them to look throught the comments at the wild things people are doing to fix their xboxes and microsofts lack of real support to its customers.

    I am just going to go to sleep now and get an elite in a couple of weeks… I’ve been stressing over a way to fix this for 5 hours now after getting off of a graveyard shift and it is 10:27am now.

  205. I3ladeDragon:
    You can only use a microwave because the radiation targets the solder due to it being a ‘soft’ metal. No offense man but putting an xbox in an oven is just plain stupid…

    The only way you could possibly have an issue is if you have a pre-1980s microwave where the radiation works in a very different fashion to current models..

    Other than that I think you should stay away from knives, hard objects, and anything in life in general- YOU ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY AND YOURSELF lol man just kidding.

  206. ahhh f*k you’re right… Im a damn idiot… I did put it in an oven i fkn read it wrong… omfg
    im freaking out now
    will microsoft take it back its a bit melted?
    I put it for 9 seconds only though but it was on the element and it was plugged in still. must be why it started sparking
    im a fool…

  207. hehe poor bladey, that’s why it’s important to REEAAD when you’re trying to do stuff. For everyones info I ready Shawnos statements and found it quite easy to follow. Got my cousins Xbox 360 working like a charm. I actually needed to put it in the microwave twice.. First time I did 20 seconds but I chickened out, then I waited 45 mins plugged it in and still red lights.. Microwave again but this time I did for 25 seconds and it worked.

    I personally thought it was f*kn obvious not to use a normal oven thats just plain stupid, OF COURSE THE THING WILL MELT YOU IDIOT…

  208. Yeah man my xbox was f*kd for 2 months until I microwaved it and now it cool. I told my dad and he said I was stupid for trying it but I did it anyway when he went out and now its good.

  209. Wow cool it worked for all u guys. I am thinking of trying it but there is nothing wrong with my xbox but just to make sure it doesnt get the 3 red lights do u think I should do it?

  210. Hey, it seriously works, 10 minutes completely wrapped in a towel, switch it off for 10 mins and bam! it makes some mental noises, when I does start to get really loud and ya can hear the whining change pitch switch it off. On mine it took about 11 mins. Let it cool for another 10 and yeah perfecto so far. I think (possibly) that its due to the solder between the motherboard and the processors. Apparently the solder is of lesser quality and it tends to crack under the heat, but I guess what you’re doing is heating it till it melts ever so slightly to patch up the cracks. Dont know if this is true but its the most logical solution in my mind. At least it’ll last until they send the box out for me to send back.

  211. oh and I agree DONT MICROWAVE YOUR XBOX!!! if anyone has done the cd in the microwave trick you’ll be aware that metal SPARKS in a microwave. This is bad!!! In every chip in your xbox there is tiny metal pieces, not only in the solder that goes from the chip to the board. You’ll fry every chip in your xbox. After microsoft have extended their warrentee to 3 years all over the globe it’s defo not worth voiding it by sticking it in a microwave. I’d like to give mythbusters a call to confirm this but i doubt they’d ever do it!

  212. Col no offense but you are an absolute idiot. Do you know how to read? OF COURSE if you put something metallic in the microwave by itself it will spark etc.. Thats because it’s heating up.. Please little boy, do some READING and read above before you post such ignorant, retarded posts. Pay in particular attention to the posts by Shawn Taylor who explains how a microwave works and why the SOLDER is targeted due to it’s properties.

    What you have just said is like saying ‘If I fall from a 50m building, I will break my legs etc, so if I drop a feather from a 50m building it will also get broken’ – Sure if you ignore the facts and obvious differences in properties (like you have) it may seem true (to an absolute novice such as yourself), but if you read up you will realise that a feather is different material DUH!..

    Well i’m not gonna bother explaining the rest of this to you because you’re too stupid to read, but next time go post in the childs pen or something, that will be more suited to your obvious intellectual abilities (or should I say DISABILITIES)


  213. Ok so i’m thinking about giving it a go.. It actually makes sense now sorry for annoying u but u dont need to call me retarded. Just want to know will it actually spark or anything? What is risk of damaging components?

    I might check with my dad as well before doing it as he is an electrician. Only reason im considering this is a) doesn’t void warranty and b) towel trick stopped working

  214. I think I’m the shit, just look at me ya’ll. If it wasn’t for me none of you Punjabs would be trying the microwave. My friend Governor Lachlan Macquarie was a great advocate of this theory and now we can all thank him and myself for this wonderful solution. Peace out to my dawg Shawn, love ya bro.

  215. ok the towel trick is only a temporary fix that should only be applied only after you have called in for repair.
    it will give you addicts about enough time to play while you’re waiting for the box.

    yet when you send it back in then it’s about a harsh 1-4 week wait

  216. Well said Mario. The towel is a temporary fix and I will knock it for what it is. A quick, simple solution for people who are too scared to use radioactive technology for fear that their lungs will rot from the dreaded power of the boogeyman in the microwave!

  217. However that being said, it does ‘usually’ provide a temporary fix for the surfer dudes who can whip out their beach towels with polycarbonate coating. But the problem is if you do not combine this with genuine Venice Beach brand carnauba wax the solder will not hold in place. Oh yes you can all see I have done my research. I even managed to fix an Xbox one day using a motor from an old 1986 Ronson electric shaver and placing that in a 1976 GE microwave that needed a replacement motor. This was one of the first steps to greatness I took to making the microwave fix available to you all.

  218. Partial credit Big NOS. Like I told you back in the day, we should have sourced a Braun electric, circa Feb to July 1986, as it had the superior lasting power under stress, as well as a superior spindle. But the Ronson did the job with the old faithful ’76 GE. I think grandpa Cossey would have wept tears of joy if he’d seen us work the magic with his microwave. May we say god save Grandpa Cossey, because nothing will save the Rock-climbing Grandson!

  219. Ok I dont know what you guys are talking about but my dad agreed to try the microwave trick ‘at my expense’. FYI: I have a Sanyo 1000watt microwave model SNY1000-D3. We put it in for 5 seconds and it was a bit noisy so I took it out. I tried it out and it still had the 3 red lights, so I left it off for 30 minutes as advised then put it in microwave for 15sec, I was pretty worried but let it go because I can’t be stuffed waiting for stupid warranty box to arrive (was supposed to arrive 3 days ago) + this doesn’t void it because you don’t need to open the xbox.. Anyway I thought ‘this aint gonna work its stupid’ but I turned it on and.. Lights stayed green!!! I dunno wtf fixed it I guess it really is the solder must not be solid connection but just that little bit of time in microwave is enough to re-flow it. Im so happy now! Thank you guys especially Shawno!

    Will keep you posted on my replacement anyway


  220. A lot of people are saying this is bullshit, but I saw that video on youtube today and tried it. My xbox 360 had been dead for about a month. It worked.

  221. That’s right Jordan,
    I can understand why alot of people don’t think it would work, but it’s frustrating for me trying to explain to some over and over again the scientific reasoning behind the microwave trick! Anyway if you’re interested scroll up a bit and read my last few posts. These should take the wonder out of the microwave!