Xbox 360 Runs Old Games

This is the news I’ve been waiting for. Apparently it’s been known for a while, not by me I guess. The Xbox 360 will play original Xbox games. However, as the Xbox 360 Blog points out, the system will cost $400 with the hard drive and backwards compatibility with older games. Only $300 with no hard drive and backwards compatibility. This is from Reuters:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp. said on Monday its new Xbox 360 will run video games developed for the earlier generation of its gaming machine, an enticement to get fans who have already spent hundreds of dollars on older Xbox games to purchase new hardware.

The world’s largest software maker also announced a deal to feature Japanese publisher Square Enix Co. Ltd.’s “Final Fantasy” games, which up to now have been a cornerstone of rival Sony Corp.’s PS2 franchise.

Microsoft, which unveiled the Xbox 360 last week, will have between 25 and 40 game titles for the machine by the end of this year, with more than 160 games under development.