Xbox 360: More On 3 Red Lights

This is sort of a follow-up to my last post regarding the 3 red lights on the ring of light. I called Microsoft’s Xbox support line and was on the phone with a guy named Colin for about an hour. I kept telling him that I would just like to send my console in for repair, but as expected, we had to go through the whole troubleshooting exercise.

First off, a week previous to calling support, I had gotten the 3 red lights every time I turned my Xbox 360 on. Then, once I was speaking with Colin, I turned it on and the red lights were gone. However, the Xbox 360 froze almost immediately. Colin then directed me to remove the hard drive. I removed the drive, powered on and the 360 came up, but only for a few minutes. It soon froze again. That got Colin thinking the root of all my problems was the hard drive. Not quite…

Anyway, Colin had me put the hard drive back on and to my amazement, my Xbox 360 powered up without issue. I proceeded to play Gears of War for a little bit until it froze again. Colin told me to pull the power cord and to let the Xbox 360 sit for about 1 minute. I did so, turned the Xbox 360 back on, and my problems appeared to be gone. At that point, I was playing Gears of War while speaking with Colin, and had been playing with no issues for about 10 minutes. So, instead of sitting on the phone forever Colin and I determined the problem was fixed.

I continued playing Gears of War for around 3 hours after I got off the phone with Colin, until it froze. After 3 hours of play or so, the thing just froze. Since then, I have been getting the 3 red lights on the ring of light non-stop. So, I’m basically back in the same boat I was before I called support.

Luckily, Colin gave me a reference number in case anything went wrong. So, I will be calling support back tomorrow to see if they have any other suggestions. If they don’t, hopefully they’ll suggest that I send my console in for repair.

I just don’t understand why the thing was working while I was on the phone with support but refused to boot pretty much any other time. I know it’s not a power supply issue because my power supply light is green whenever the Xbox 360 is turned on, even if the 3 red lights are flashing. And when the Xbox 360 is turned off, the power supply light is amber, as it should be.

So, I’m kinda at a loss as to what’s going on exactly. It seems that the smallest updates have the ability to bring an Xbox 360 to its knees. Like I said before, my Xbox 360 was working great until an update for Halo 2 was downloaded and applied. It was a small update, took about 2 seconds to download the entire update.

I will post more information as I get it.