Xbox 360 Elite Has Arrived

Xbox 360 EliteAfter months of speculation, Microsoft has finally announced the Xbox 360 Elite. Everything included with the Xbox 360 Elite is black instead of white, like the initial Xbox 360. One of the major additions to the Xbox 360 Elite is full HDMI support. There’s also a 120GB hard drive, much larger than the 20GB that came with my Xbox 360 Premium package.

I won’t be purchasing an Xbox 360 Elite. I would like to have a 120GB hard drive, but I can buy one for my premium system later on. I can’t justify paying $479.99 for a 120GB drive, I couldn’t even use the HDMI support. I do like the black though, very sleek looking.

The Xbox Domain has some more specs on the Xbox 360 Elite. They also have some prices for the new accessories.

  • 120GB hard drive (black)
  • HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) port
  • Wireless controller (black)
  • Xbox LIVE headset (black)
  • HDMI cable
  • Component/SD cable
  • One month subscription to Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has an interview with Albert on the new Xbox 360 Elite. He’s also got a Flickr photoset containing a bunch of pictures of the new Xbox 360 Elite and the new accessories. Pretty neat.

Xbox 360 Fanboy has a large post highlighting all the new features and accessories for the Xbox 360 Elite. Joystiq has pretty much the same info, but with more pictures.


Well, now what?

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16 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Elite Has Arrived

  1. I am not happy about this. I’m glad they didn’t throw in the HD-DVD drive – I may have been forced to buy the elite system to replace my Premium.

    The black is very nice and I sooo want the HDMI support.

  2. I’m somewhat upset also Andy, especially since I bought my Xbox 360 like 2 weeks before images of the Xbox 360 Elite started getting leaked.

    Now I wish I hadn’t purchased my Xbox 360 and just waited for the Xbox 360 Elite. Granted, I can’t make use of the HDMI support, I just want the black console.

  3. Does anyone know why they didn’t just make it a regular cable instead of adding a port? Aside from the money making aspect of it. Wouldn’t it be possible for them to just use a cable like the component cable, with an HDMI plug on the end of it? Or is that port just analog?

  4. Thankfully i purchased my Premium a few days ago…only problem is figuring out how to save the data on my HDD. I already spent $427 on the Premium, so why not spent another $85 and get the Elite. Way more money than i wanted to spend initially, but i get an extra 100 GB, an HDMI cable, and the very sexy black finish 😛

  5. The Elite is jus a money making scheme it not really worth buying if you already have the 360..its jus not worth it unless you NEED a black console.. idk why

  6. Some of us have decided to pursue a media campaign against MS until this 3 light issue is addressed. See this topic on the forum and read the latest posts if you are interested: FORUM TOPIC


  7. Get THe ELITE!

    my regular xbox 360 got the 3 Rings of Death and i’ve tried everything to fix it. THe towel trick, the plugs, but nothing really worked. THe towel trick only works for 20 minutes, then it over heats, freazes and the rings come back again. I called Microsoft Tech Support,
    (1-800-4my-xbox) and told them everything. THey asked if i’ve tried all the trouble shooting requirements and i said yes but nothing worked. They asked me my name, address, zip code and state, and asked me the serial number thats located on the inside of the controller plugs. They shipped me a box to put the xbox 360 in too, so i can send it to get a new one. When the Xbox came back it was the new Xbox Elite which ive had no problems with in the past couple of weeks. The elite has a better cooling system, it will never ever get the three rings of death again, and it looks awesome. GET THE ELITE if you dont want problems!

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