WTF did he just say?

Politicians have this way of speaking. It’s getting worse and worse too. I don’t use proper english on this website all the time, but I try to when I’m speaking with people.

I saw a link to this story on Fark. The article discusses how Tony Blair and President Bush are infected with a “deadly virus of management speak”. When I got to thinking about it, the author is somewhat correct. The non-usage of verbs, nouns being turned into verbs, etc.

I really noticed this during the debates. This crap was spewing from both candidates mouths. Speaking like this takes away from the debate, and must make it hard to REALLY debate anything. They just give the same bogus, manufactured answers.

When I think back to the debates, I get pictures in my head of Bush and Kerry just standing there, mouths wide open with shit, literal shit, just streaming outta their mouths all over the audience. It almost makes me queasy.

Anyway, here’s the original article, please read it, as it’s very interesting:…life_english_language_dc