I got in a little accident the other day in Ashleys car. Ashley and her sister Amber were with me, I was driving. We were stopped at a stoplight. One car was infront of us, one car was behind us.

As we were coming to a stop, Ashley says “God, I hope Steph doesn’t back right into us”. Steph is the girl that hit us. Ashley and Amber know her somehow. Anyway, Steph didn’t stop backing up. Apparently she was fighting with her boyfriend over a radio station and didn’t even look behind her before backing out of her parking space.

Before we knew it, we could see the freakin tail pipe of Steph’s car directly in our window. I don’t know how her car managed to get as high as it did, but it was up there. She pulled forward after hearing Ashley scream and her car basically fell to the ground. She pretty much backed right into Ashley. I’m surprised the window by Ashley didn’t break. The mirror outside was being forced into the window. The windows flexed and twisted some, but never broke. I thought it was definately gonna break.

Since it was Steph’s fault, we don’t gotta pay a thing. Ashley got an estimate of $900 some dollars today. $500+ of that being just for the service, no parts or anything. I doubt we’ll actually get the car fixed at the place we got the estimate from. You can see a picture of the damage below.
Banged Car 1

I need a fatwa.