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Freelance web developer, designer and general full-stack developer

What I Do

Below are some examples on what you could expect to pay, depending on the type of project you need done. They’re just rough estimates, every project will have an individual quote.

Full Sites

  1. Tiny Websites, a few static pages: ~$500
  2. Medium Websites, a full CMS, blog, newsletter, more: ~$2000
  3. Big Websites, a full CMS, blog, newsletter, e-commerce: ~$5000
  4. Huge Websites, totally custom apps, mission critical apps, main money makers, important internal tools: ~$10,000

Products & Maintenance

  1. Small website changes or improvements: ~$200
  2. Critical website fixes: ~$400
  3. Custom WordPress Plugins or Themes: ~$1000
  4. Other custom tools, various widgets and features for non-WordPress sites: ~$1500
  5. Totally custom webapps, ERP, CRM, POS, all types of business systems: Price Varies, let’s talk

Managed WordPress Hosting: $70/month

  1. 1 WordPress site (fully managed)
  2. Full, nightly backups
  3. Unlimited visits/month
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. Unlimited storage

If you need more, get in touch and we can work something out. I can accommodate nearly any need. From simply adding more sites, to a full blog network using WordPress Multisite.

About Me

I love open source, and try to employ it whenever it makes sense, which it often does. Many take and take from the open source community, but I actively give back by open sourcing WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and even jQuery plugins. I also contribute to many different projects on GitHub.

Anyway, I’m available for freelance work and would love to chat with you about your project. I always provide a small example of previous code to so you know that I can accomplish what you need, and that I’m serious about meeting your needs.

I’m a one man shop, delivering the desired result on schedule (often before), and I charge a reasonable rate. Also, I’m open to flat-rate projects, if the circumstances are right.

I’ve been using PHP and MySQL for almost 15 years, starting when I was a sophomore in high school. From there, it was just kind of natural to learn CSS and HTML, and then eventually move on to CSS3 and HTML5. It’s sort of just been a normal progression I guess, sticking with PHP as my core backend language. I’d very much like to learn Python when I find the time. jQuery is my JavaScript library of choice, for now.

Over the years, I’ve built all sorts of websites, including static and dynamic business websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, custom business tools, and API’s for providing mobile apps access to website data.

Have something in mind?

What I Do & How Well I Do It

PHP MySQL jQuery WordPress HTML5 CSS3 SVN Git JavaScript


I like WordPress. I’m a published author, with one book on WordPress under my belt. It’s titled WordPress Multisite Administration.

I’ve been actively developing themes and plugins for WordPress for at least the last 8 years, almost definitely longer. Most themes are custom and done for private parties, but one custom theme I’ve released is Rootdip, better known as HTML5Press.

WordPress Functionality Plugin Creation

Heard about functionality plugins, but don’t want to tackle creating one by yourself? I can take care of it for you! It’ll be light on your pocketbook, too, as I’ve done this a few times. To learn more, read my post, Creating A WordPress Functionality Plugin.

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