Work Internet Upgrade

Well, we got our new modem yesterday. This was an upgrade by Iowa Telecom. MidIowa Net just resells their DSL service. They scheduled the upgrade from between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. I dunno why they didn’t do it at night. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

I installed the new modem this morning around 9:30. Internet came back on around 10:30. Most people in the Nevada office are in Ankeny this morning for a bunch of meetings about some new diet lines. It’s good that most people are gone on the day that the intenet was out for a few hours. I’m just glad it didn’t take until 2:00 pm, I have to check for orders online at noon. I probably would have just downloaded the orders at home during lunch if we didn’t have internet by noon.

The speeds increase wasn’t very great. I get a little over 60kb/sec down. Mediacom, my cable ISP at home, is starting the 5Mbit down upgrades. There’s been reports of people in Dubuque, IA getting 5Mbit down. I’m gonna reset my modem when I go home for lunch to see if anything has changed for me.