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I recieved my wordpress.com invitation on Saturday morning. WordPress.com is a hosted wordpress blog setup. I signed up to be invited right when I heard about it a few months ago. Since I don’t really need or want another blog, I’m gonna give the invite away…if anybody is interested. Comment or send an email if you want it.

If I did need a blog, I’d probaby choose to host it with wordpress.com just because it uses WordPress and it’s free. Might wanna see what Basil’s got goin on for breakfast this morning.

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7 thoughts on “WordPress.com Invite

  1. WordPress is great, pretty easy to get started on and much more flexible than blogger or some of the other freebies. Blogsome uses wordpress and doesn’t require an invite. You’re probably better off with the original, but if you’re #2 requesting the invite you should try out Blogsome.

  2. I love the wordpress.com Dashboard. I’m hoping that’s what 1.6 will look like. As soon as wp-includes/version.php in the WordPress devel branch reads something other than
    $wp_version = ‘1.6-ALPHA-2-still-dont-use’, I’ll start using it here. I’ll trust that version number and not use it.

    Although, I was totally unaware that Blogsome ran any sort of WordPress. Good to see some more Iowa bloggers using WordPress. Most of the others are some sort of *.blogspot.com, which I’m pretty sure don’t run WP.

  3. But they don’t give stuff like FTP or disk space. That’s ok if you just want a blog, but if you want to do a bit more, that becomes a problem.

  4. thanks for the invite tyler…

    yea I was hoping for some more choice of themes and some plugins that could be installed.

    O well, I will have to live with it because I can’t afford hosting right now.

  5. I know they’re planning support for more themes and more plugins. I don’t think we’ll see the thing open for signups for another year or so. There’s still a lot of growing left to do.

  6. Tyler – I think you can already download a plugin a give your own hosted wordpress installation that look and feel. I’ve see it somewhere, even installed it 4 months or so ago. Can’t remember why I removed it, but you can get that look and feel for custom installs. Ask around!

    I got my invite the other evening from a friend of mine. I’m going to take it, because wordpress.com is a good community to get yourself listed with.


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