Posted In Internet Domain Mapping, the free blog hosting site based off WordPress, is getting ready to allow users to use their own domain names in conjunction with the service. What’s that mean? You will be able to setup a domain to point to your blog.

For example, I blog at If I bought the domain, I could point it to So, would essentially be running on top of It’s a lot like gmail for your domain.

Right now, is only testing this feature out, offering it to the first 8 people to comment on the blog post discussing the new feature. I’ve been wishing for this feature since I started using, glad it’s finally on the horizon.

On a related note, “92.63% of the traffic to is for blogs outside of the top 25.” I figured it’d be lower than that, but that’s pretty impressive for those outside the top 25.

Well, now what?

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  • I am not very sure what the domain mapping is in real although I read the article and a friend of mine explained me the basics of domain mapping too.Maybe I need some time to get the things.

  • Awesome! I ‘ve been looking forward to this feature.