Unwakeable Theme

Current Stable Version: 1.5.6 (Released 2/11/2011)
Download Unwakeable 1.5.6

The Unwakeable WordPress theme and is a combination of K2 and Unsleepable. Basically, I used K2 as a starting point, and replaced the default K2 header with a modified header from Unsleepable. After getting a few requests from people wanting this theme, I’ve decided to release it to the public.

You can see Unwakeable in action at the demo site.

Please note, this is not a “style” for K2. This is a totally independent theme. However, it should still be able to make use of existing K2 styles that are compatible with K2. Unwakeable is widget ready and supports all the plugins already supported by K2, in addition to some others.

If you have any requests, comments, problems, or complaints, please let me know. I’ll be glad to make requested modifications if I find them to be useful. If you’re wondering about the name, I chose it because it can be nearly impossible to make me wake up at times. And it’s the opposite of “Unsleepable”, I guess…

For instructions on creating your own title image, see Ben Gray’s tutorial. Once you’ve created the image, save it as title.gif and upload title.gif to wp-content/themes/unwakeable/images/. A good resource for help with customizing Unwakeable is the K2 wiki, most information there applies to Unwakeable as well. Once your site is ready with your chosen theme and your looking for the best wordpress hosting service, it’s always best to do some research and read reviews available on the internet.

Supported Plugins:

  1. Code Markup
  2. Post Word Count
  3. LMB^Box Comment Quicktags
  4. WP-PostRatings
  5. WP-PostViews
  6. Brian’s Latest Comments
  7. Related Posts
  8. Subscribe To Comments

Download unwakeable 1.5.6

If you come across anything broken or have any issues, please report problems at Github.


2011-3-2: Unwakeable 1.5.6 is available. See changes on Github.

2011-2-11: Unwakeable 1.5.5 is available. 1.5.5 is based off the previous Unwakeable release. It’s 100% compatible with WordPress 3.1 and now has support for custom menus. Another major change is the removal of the title image. Instead of the image, the site title is used. So no more replacing title.gif with a custom image!!

2010-1-19: Unwakeable 1.5.3 is available. 1.5.3 should work well with WordPress 2.9+. Unwakeable 1.5.3 is built off K2 1.0.3.

2008-12-11: Unwakeable 1.5.2 rc1 is available. 1.5.2 should work well with WordPress 2.7. Version 1.5.2 rc1 is up-to-date with K2 revision 739.

2008-07-29: Unwakeable 1.5.1 released. 1.5.1 brings increased compatibility with WordPress 2.6. Version 1.5.1 is up-to-date with K2 revision 708.

2008-05-13: Unwakeable 1.5 released. This makes Unwakeable 100% compatible with WordPress 2.5+. Version 1.5 is built entirely from K2 r687.

2007-09-04: Unwakeable 1.2.1 Released. This version fixes the XSS vulnerability found in the search facility of Unwakeable 1.2. It’s recommended that all users upgrade to 1.2.1 or patch your 1.2 installations.

2007-01-07: Unwakeable 1.2 Released. Fixed header CSS so the black area is flush with the gray area to the right. Added another visual style for these changelogs. Added support for Gregarious and Landing Sites plugins. Gave this theme it’s own options in the wp_options table, this way you can have separate configurations if you have both K2 and Unwakeable installed. Also included is an upgrade script for converting your K2 options right over to the new Unwakeable fields. We’re now showing post ratings, post views, and Digg on pages. Previously these were only shown on actual posts.

2006-11-02: Unwakeable 1.1 released. Included some styles from the Sawchuk scheme for K2. I’ve included the following classes from Sawchuk: code, alert, other, construction, and download.

2006-10-17: Unwakeable 1.091 released. Included fresh CSS from Unsleepable 2.0. Made the new header from Unsleepable 2.0 shorter, like previous versions of Unwakeable.

2006-10-10: Version 0.9.1 released, the initial release. Using K2 0.9.1 and Unsleepable 1.7 code.