Unwakeable Theme

Current Stable Version: 1.5.6 (Released 2/11/2011)
Download Unwakeable 1.5.6

The Unwakeable WordPress theme and is a combination of K2 and Unsleepable. Basically, I used K2 as a starting point, and replaced the default K2 header with a modified header from Unsleepable. After getting a few requests from people wanting this theme, I’ve decided to release it to the public.

You can see Unwakeable in action at the demo site.

Please note, this is not a “style” for K2. This is a totally independent theme. However, it should still be able to make use of existing K2 styles that are compatible with K2. Unwakeable is widget ready and supports all the plugins already supported by K2, in addition to some others.

If you have any requests, comments, problems, or complaints, please let me know. I’ll be glad to make requested modifications if I find them to be useful. If you’re wondering about the name, I chose it because it can be nearly impossible to make me wake up at times. And it’s the opposite of “Unsleepable”, I guess…

For instructions on creating your own title image, see Ben Gray’s tutorial. Once you’ve created the image, save it as title.gif and upload title.gif to wp-content/themes/unwakeable/images/. A good resource for help with customizing Unwakeable is the K2 wiki, most information there applies to Unwakeable as well. Once your site is ready with your chosen theme and your looking for the best wordpress hosting service, it’s always best to do some research and read reviews available on the internet.

Supported Plugins:

  1. Code Markup
  2. Post Word Count
  3. LMB^Box Comment Quicktags
  4. WP-PostRatings
  5. WP-PostViews
  6. Brian’s Latest Comments
  7. Related Posts
  8. Subscribe To Comments

Download unwakeable 1.5.6

If you come across anything broken or have any issues, please report problems at Github.


2011-3-2: Unwakeable 1.5.6 is available. See changes on Github.

2011-2-11: Unwakeable 1.5.5 is available. 1.5.5 is based off the previous Unwakeable release. It’s 100% compatible with WordPress 3.1 and now has support for custom menus. Another major change is the removal of the title image. Instead of the image, the site title is used. So no more replacing title.gif with a custom image!!

2010-1-19: Unwakeable 1.5.3 is available. 1.5.3 should work well with WordPress 2.9+. Unwakeable 1.5.3 is built off K2 1.0.3.

2008-12-11: Unwakeable 1.5.2 rc1 is available. 1.5.2 should work well with WordPress 2.7. Version 1.5.2 rc1 is up-to-date with K2 revision 739.

2008-07-29: Unwakeable 1.5.1 released. 1.5.1 brings increased compatibility with WordPress 2.6. Version 1.5.1 is up-to-date with K2 revision 708.

2008-05-13: Unwakeable 1.5 released. This makes Unwakeable 100% compatible with WordPress 2.5+. Version 1.5 is built entirely from K2 r687.

2007-09-04: Unwakeable 1.2.1 Released. This version fixes the XSS vulnerability found in the search facility of Unwakeable 1.2. It’s recommended that all users upgrade to 1.2.1 or patch your 1.2 installations.

2007-01-07: Unwakeable 1.2 Released. Fixed header CSS so the black area is flush with the gray area to the right. Added another visual style for these changelogs. Added support for Gregarious and Landing Sites plugins. Gave this theme it’s own options in the wp_options table, this way you can have separate configurations if you have both K2 and Unwakeable installed. Also included is an upgrade script for converting your K2 options right over to the new Unwakeable fields. We’re now showing post ratings, post views, and Digg on pages. Previously these were only shown on actual posts.

2006-11-02: Unwakeable 1.1 released. Included some styles from the Sawchuk scheme for K2. I’ve included the following classes from Sawchuk: code, alert, other, construction, and download.

2006-10-17: Unwakeable 1.091 released. Included fresh CSS from Unsleepable 2.0. Made the new header from Unsleepable 2.0 shorter, like previous versions of Unwakeable.

2006-10-10: Version 0.9.1 released, the initial release. Using K2 0.9.1 and Unsleepable 1.7 code.


258 thoughts on “Unwakeable Theme

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  2. neat theme! but you could use a little variation in say like images ? you know people would easily get confused with the other “UN” themes available out there.

    and this theme looks nice on 800×600 as well! =) that’s awesome! keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Sindhu! I’m gonna try to find another pretty, free icon set to use. Anybody got any suggestions?

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  5. Egen: good question. I really don’t know a whole lot about how localization is taken care of. I know .po and .mo files, but I’m not really sure on implementing them.

    There’s some pretty detailed posts at the K2 localization forum regarding localization support in K2. You may want to look through there. It’s very likely something there will work for you since Unwakeable is based heavily off of K2.

    If you are successful at getting localization working, would you be kind enough to let me know?

  6. Hi,

    My wpvideo plugin breaks when i enable the theme.

    Is there somewhere I can decalre what tags will work? I works without issue on some other themes i’ve used.

    I’ll I do is enter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyB4gbsSdYQ

    and it automatically outputs the correct you-tub video.

    any help would be appreciated! Great work btw!

  7. Thanks for the report effour. I will work on building support for the wpvideo plugin with the next release, which should be out before February.

  8. hey.. i tried to install your theme but i need to change the widths to fit my photos (i’m a photographer). what’s the simplest way to do this? all my images are set to no more than 600px in width. the CSS is over my head.. i’m not that advanced!

  9. Hi D,

    Open up the “style.css” file in a text editor. You’ll be looking for line 48 and line 56. First, line 48 defines the width for the page class. As you can see, it should be currently set to 780px. You can change that to a larger value to make the page wider. If you wanted it to be 1000 pixels, you’d replace 780px with 1000px.

    Next, on line 56, we see the width of the primary display area (where your posts show). The width on line 56 should have a value of 500px currently. You can change that to make the primary display area wider.

    If I were you, I’d increment the values equally. So, if you increase the width on line 48 by 25%, you should also increase the width on line 56 by 25%.

    Let me know if this doesn’t help.

  10. What I like about this style is the visual simplicity and the menu.

    What I don’t understand is to how to add more entries to the menu 🙂

    A new installation has two – ‘about’ and ‘archives’. How do I get more? Do they have to be WP-generated, or can they point to static pages?

    It’d be nice to have various things spelt out, like what’s the size of the header graphic?

    One other thought: it’d also be good to have section widths as %ages rather than pixels.

  11. I can’t get the title graphic to change. I’ve 777 on the /images/headers directory. I use the “Unwakeable Custom Header” tab, Upload the file with “Active on upload” chacked. The file seems to be uploaded, but it’s not being displayed.

    Any suggestions?

  12. Rian: The menu entries are pages within WordPress. So, to get a menu entry called “Pictures”, you’d go to your WordPress dashboard, click on “Write” and then click the “Write Page” link. You’d set the “Page Title” to “Pictures”. Then enter content as you normally would for a post in the “Page Content” area.

    The header graphic size is 225×42. You can see what my header image looks like here. Ben Gray has a great tutorial on how to create a custom header image. Once you’ve got the image you want, you’ll want to place it in wp-content/themes/unwakeable-1.2/images/title.gif.

    DaveG: Now that you mention that, I’m not sure Unwakeable even supports the custom header image that’s supported in K2. To be honest with you, I haven’t even touched that code from K2. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work as Unwakeable header images are 225 pixels wide by 42 pixels high. K2 header images are supposed to be 780×200, considerably larger than the Unwakeable header/title image.

    I will work on a method to possibly generate custom header images to give that options page some real working functionality. If you still want to toy around with it in Unwakeable, you might want to look at the K2 Wiki page on adding a custom header.

    Let me know if either of you have any other questions or issues you’d like me to address.

  13. hey,
    i have activated ur theme,
    but u have sent files in modules folder..
    shall i move them to plugins folder or what…
    i mean how to get all those plugins to work

  14. srinivaas: Try going to the Unwakeable Options admin page (www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=functions.php) and uninstalling Unwakeable.

    Doing an uninstall will delete all the options that are stored in the database. It won’t touch any of your files in wp-content/themes/unwakeable-1.2/.

    After you’ve uninstalled Unwakeable, go to the Presentation admin page and select Unwakeable as your theme again. This will install the default options for Unwakeable, which should make the “Unwakeable Sidebar Modules” menu appear under Presentation.

    You shouldn’t need to copy anything to the wp-content/plugins/ folder, Unwakeable has Sidebar Modules built-in thanks to K2.

    Let me know if uninstalling Unwakeable once fixes the sidebar modules for you. If it doesn’t I’ll work something else out.

  15. hi,
    when u try to uninstall…
    i got this error

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/phpmod/public_html/wp-admin/admin-header.php:16) in /home/phpmod/public_html/wp-content/themes/unwakeable-1.2/options/app/tools.php on line 31


  16. srinivaas: That error is OK, it’s relatively harmless, everything actually gets uninstalled on the lines before 31.

    So, now that you’ve got Unwakeable uninstalled, did you go back and set it as your current theme? After you activate it, you’ll want to click the “Presentation” link again and you should see the Unwakeable Sidebar Modules link available. Click that link and you should be able to configure your sidebar modules.

    If that doesn’t work I may require access to your server to do much more troubleshooting. Or at least an administrators account in your WordPress install so I can edit files through there.

    Let me know srinivaas!

  17. hi man…

    thanks for ur support,
    after activating again..i got only these
    * Themes
    * Theme Editor
    * Unwakeable Options
    * Unwakeable Custom Header
    * Sidebar Widgets

    so..i need ur help,
    can u catch me on yahoo : india4indians_help
    or msn/gtalk: successlieswithme[nospamat]gmail.com

    i want to use ur theme for atleast 2 sites…i really liked ur theme a lot,
    i hope u will help me out.

  18. Hey. Great theme I love it.
    I just want to write a little “about” blurb in the
    sidebar. How would I go about doing that?

  19. Kyle: Go into your “Presentation” area in the wordpress Dashboard. Then click “Unwakeable Options”. On the Unwakeable Options page you should see a section called “About Text”. Just enter your about text there and it’ll appear on your sidebar.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  20. Thank you. It works when I have no modules selected, but when I do it doesn’t show. I make sure that the “about module” is active but it’s still missing.

  21. brilliant theme! i’m using 1.1 on my gaming blog.

    i’ve done some mods to the styles and a few of the sidebar modules to fit my liking and i have a question – what would be the easiest way to upgrade to UW1.2 without losing my changes?

  22. Thank you so much! Oh, I’ll be counting the days…

    Thank God we have people like you who make amazing themes like Unwakeable.

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  24. Can: In the meantime, open up theloop.php and see if the code you need is in there. I’ll go through adapting templates section to make sure I get everything in there. Would you be willing to do some testing for me? Perhaps even setting up a copy of your current blog on another domain if possible. I have no experience at all with photoblogging, and wouldn’t really know what to look for as an end result.

    Let me know if you’d be willing to let me test on a copy of your blog and I’ll get in touch with you personally (off this site). Thanks Can!!

  25. Tyler, I’m so glad you’re willing to do this! Unfortunately, I don’t have a working photoblog yet. Mainly because I don’t know where to start and how to do it right. That’s what mainly attracted me to your theme: you’ve got so many out-of-the-box plugins that I just couldn’t help but wonder if I could actually do this: put up a functioning photoblog using the Unwakeable theme.

    Maybe this site will better help you visualize what the YAPB plugin can do to your theme, as an option for photoblogging: Daily Snap.

    Take a look at his RECENT POST section near the bottom of his homepage. What I’d like to do with mine is to add this somewhere at the bottom or top of the single page OR get the PHP code, so that I can just add this to the sidebar widget of your theme.

    Now, look at his ARCHIVE PAGE. You will see photos here instead of titles.

    So, if a blogger chose to activate the YAPB plugin, he’d have something like Daily Snap. And if he chose to take a break from YAPB, then he could have the traditional RECENT POST back, with titles for links instead of photos.

    This site might also interest you: Photoblogging with WP. The author wrote a four-part tutorial on how to have a photoblog powered by WordPress. She even has a downloadable K2-based theme where you may do your testings.

    BTW, I did look at the loop.php file and found the two sets of codes in between which you may insert the YAPB code. Still wouldn’t work. But when I tested the Post Information plugin and put its code in the loop.php, it worked! Well, almost. That plugin requires one to add an option page first. And I have no clue how to do that. But that’s another story or plugin, in this case. Hehe.

  26. jadedjay: Unfortunately, the easiest would be to upgrade to a clean Unwakeable 1.2 and then make all the changes you made in 1.1 to 1.2. Not very easy I realize but it’s the best way to make sure everything is working properly in Unwakeable 1.2.

  27. trench: What isn’t working in WordPress 2.1? Only thing I know of is livesearch in IE. If you’ve got something else I’d appreciate knowing what the issue is.

  28. hello Tyler.I have installed this theme and the Gregarious .but when it was activated,the k2’s live search will not work very well.And when I put some text into the unwakeable about text area with some HTML code just like “” “”,and in the index page it will appear nothing about it.in other words int can’t appear the smb of about module.do you have Gmail?can i talk with you on the Gtalk?


  29. shadow: There’s some issues with Sidebar Modules and Unwakeable currently. I should have everything all fixed up and working 100% for Unwakeable 2.0. I’ve got Google Talk, I will add you later tonight so we can talk a bit.

  30. Tyler, do you know of a right-to-left version of your template? This template is on of the hardest templates to fit to Hebrew. I’m not a CSS genius but I’m usually doing OK and in this one it’s really hard.


  31. Sarit: WordPress 2.1 has pretty good support for languages written right to left. Take a look at Ryan Boren’s post about RTL language support in WordPress 2.1.

    I don’t know of anyone who’s modified Unwakeable for RTL, but it may not be too hard to do with WordPress 2.1. I’ll read up some more about this topic, I really can’t offer much advice right now.

  32. Hi Tyler

    Love the theme! Desperate to use it but i want to have the page title formatted to the left rather than the centre – how does a php/css newbie like me do this?
    Many thanks

  33. Hi there,

    I really think your theme is almost perfect for my needs. I like the ratingstars most of all. But I would like to have categories in a specific class up in the menu. Do you know how to easy implement that.


  34. Daniel: Make sure you download and activate the WP-PostRatings plugin to get the rating stars.

    Adding a new class for your categories should be very simple. All you’ll need to do is add the class to style.css and then make sure that class is called with the class= attribute in sidebar.php. So, if you named your class in style.css “mycatclass”, you would call it in sidebar.php within a div tag like class=”mycatclass”.

    Let me know if you’ve got any other questions.

  35. Love this theme! I have a question. On the header I made my image larger then the default image and now I can not find where to move the header menu over. I want to move the about over more towards the right. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

  36. Also when I am in the sidebar module and I try to add a module to the sidebar the whole sidebar disappears.

  37. Amanda: Open style.css and find the following code, should start at line 1067:

    #title a {
    	display: block;
    	width: 250px;
    	height: 50px;
    	line-height: 50px;
    	padding: 50px 20px 0px 0px;
    	background: transparent url('images/title.gif') no-repeat 20% 82% !important;

    Try replacing the width of 250px with the width of your new title image. That may fix it, not sure.

    Let me know if that helps. If not, we’ll need to change a width somewhere else also. Thanks Amanda!

  38. Thanks so much. I am having another problem. When I am in the sidebar module and I try to add a module to the sidebar the whole sidebar disappears.

  39. Excellent work! Great Theme! (absolutely love it.)

    I need help with the scroll bar on the Main page- the > does’nt seem to work.The Loading thingy keeps going round and round, I can’t navigate to page 2,3,either.
    The WP Post views does not work at all.
    With UTW the Tags show up twice when I read the post.
    When I load the page on IE it shows a Javascript error.
    Please help!

  40. Sanjay: The scroll bar that comes with rolling archives doesn’t work most of the time in Unwakeable 1.2. This will be fixed in Unwakeable 2.0. For now, try disabling rolling archives, that should make the javascript error in IE disappear.

    Also, the WP-PostViews plugin only works when sidebar modules aren’t being used. I hope to have a method for displaying post views with sidebar modules enabled in Unwakeable 2.0, not really sure yet though.

    Looks like you got the tag problem fixed, I’m only seeing the tags once when I look at one of your posts.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

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  43. I really like this theme!

    Im having a problem though, I cant work out how to change the “unwakeable” header on the page. I want it to say something else!

    How do I do that, I’m sure Im missing something very obvious here 🙁

  44. Just one quick question! I am currently using the flickr gallery plug in and it makes a page called photography automatically, but it’s not in my pages sectioon. How do I make it a part of my nav? Will I have to go through the header code and put it in? or is there an easier way?

  45. Cassie: As long as that plugin adds the page as a real WordPress page, it should show up automatically on the menu. Does the page have a parent page by chance?

  46. hey,

    how could i change the position of the sidebar from right to left?

    thx, daniel

  47. Daniel: Good question. Not sure how easy it’d be to do in Unwakeable 1.2. Unwakeable 2.0 has an option for a single sidebar or dual sidebars. I will look into the possibility of adding an option to set the sidebar to the left or to the right. Obviously, this would only apply when you’re not using dual sidebars.

    Unwakeable 2.0 is nearly finished up, so I’m not really adding any new features at this point. Although, if the addition of this option isn’t too difficult, I’ll add it for Unwakeable 2.0.

  48. Dear Tyler, just a short question from someone who is very curious person ;-). Can you say anything about when you’re planning to launch Unwakeable 2.0? I don’t want to rush you, but I just want to know how often or how frequent I have to visit this page 😉

    thanks in advance for your information and off course the hard work!

  49. where are these so called plugins “out of the box” I’d love to use them but they arent showing up in my plugins list…or did this just mean it is built for these to work easily if you choose?

  50. sidebar complete disappears in IE? I really like this theme but i am having the hardest time finding andy reliable support of the issues i keep encountering with it.

  51. Evan: I apologize for the lack of attention I’ve paid to the comments here lately. First off, the supported plugins aren’t packaged with Unwakeable. You must download and activate the plugins like you do every other WordPress plugin. There’s no theme editing required however as I’ve built support for the plugins directly into Unwakeable.

    Now, is your sidebar completely gone or just pushed down to the bottom of the page? Also, do you know if this happens in IE6, IE7, or both?

    Let me know, I’ll get ya all fixed up.

  52. Thanks Tyler!

    It seems to be happening in both 6 and 7 and ive heard some people say it drops and others, say nothing is there.

    thanks so much, it’s a great theme! let me know whatcha find!

    while i have your attention, i’d also love to have images come up along with the posts in the search results and haven’t found a solution to that either.

    thanks again and keep up great work!

  53. Ok…I found the culprit of the “drop effect” It was an image i was using in the sidebar that was too large causing it to sink.

    I would still like to know how to make images come up along with post preview when you click on a certain category. That would be great!

    thanks for the help!

  54. Hi,
    Simple, nice looking theme.
    but i do have some problems :-
    1) How can i change the background colour?
    2) The header bar where the ‘unwakeable’ graphic is overlap onto the right side bar, how can i change it so that it highlight correctly?
    3)There’s an error message when i install wp-postratings plugin.

  55. Don’t remind me Peter. 🙁 I’ve had some setbacks due to work and personal life. I have vacation for the last week and a half of July, so I’ll be working hard at getting Unwakeable 2.0 finished up for release then.

  56. Hi –

    I love this design – it’s really great. I’ve been trying to change some elements in the style sheet and am having a weird problem when I load the page – the font changes I make show up, but the colors don’t. I made sure the code wasn’t wonky and tried clearing the cache and cookies – any ideas?


  57. how can i display sub-sites of a static site in sidebar? Sites Widget show all sides. I want em to show just the sub sites under this one

  58. Hi there.. I’ve been trying and failing to remove the border around images, I’ve been through every css file and somehow still failed.. any advice?

  59. After I activated Unwakeable, I got an error when I try to comment the post: The post you are trying to comment on does not curently exist in the database.

    environment: WordPress 2.0.11 and Unwakeable 1.2

    Could you please give me some hints?

  60. Hi, first to say how much i love your theme.

    Now to the serious part
    i’ve checked my blog for vunerabilities with this plugin (http://blogsecurity.net/wordpress/tools/wp-scanner/) and it found the php search vunerability.

    i’ve changed it to the proposed code (in searchform.php) (from: to

    i hope that’s it, i couldn’t find the php_self string anywhere else

    night 🙂

  61. Rocko, I’ve managed to fix the problem and will be releasing Unwakeable 1.2.1 (a fixed version) very soon. I’ll also be making a post shortly on steps 1.2 users can take to fix their installations.

    Thanks for pointing this out Rocko!

  62. Hi Tyler!

    Nice to see that you fixed it already + a nice post on the matter.
    Btw, thanks again for this phenomenal theme, i really, really like it.

    Keep up the good work!


  63. still waiting to see if anyone knows how to get pictures to show up with the posts (not just the text) when you click on a category.

    any help would be much appreciated!

    thanks again!

  64. is there anyway i can have this in blogger instead of wordpress? i love this theme u have here

  65. hi,

    I’m still having trouble changing the header. I want to remove the word unwakable and put something of my own…

    very very confused now =(

    and i read tat most of you guys mentioned tat widget isnt much useful issit?

  66. Hi,

    Thanks for this theme. I really love it but I’ve got a prob with the slide bar (older/newer posts). It has never worked. It’s always loading. So I can’t go to the other pages of my blog.
    Do you have any solution?

  67. im wondering when v2.0 is going to be available ,im really anxious because ,ive read all the comments and i have the same problems .. for instance im having problems inserting plugins such as viper´s video quicktags also when you select a category ..all the posts appear without its respective photograph ,if videos only the code appears(this is a very important feature because of the blog type)..the cool scrolling thingie for newer and older posts doesnt work and is constantly loading . Also i have a question ,im modifying the theme and i want to insert a picture that comes out from the grey boarders ,is this possible?? also can i make the upper pages divison ,play de role of categories ?? really im sorry for bothering u ,but your theme is the best and i dont want to change beacause of some stupid errors..thanks alot

  68. Urbnr: Unwakeable 1.2.1 (and previous versions) are quite broken with WordPress 2.3. Unwakeable 2.0 has been put on hold until K2 version 1.0 is released.

    Almost a month ago, I made a post discussing the future of Unwakeable. Head over to that post for more details on what exactly is going on with Unwakeable 2.0.

    I am NOT abandoning Unwakeable, I just need to wait for a stable version of K2 to build Unwakeable 2.0 on top of.

  69. Hi D,
    I just wanted to say thank you for a cool theme.

    Many times when I download and install something
    like a WP plugin or WP Theme I get tech problems.

    I do not know CSS or how to code so, I usually
    just discard the new tool.

    Thanks for the theme again because it looks


  70. I get this error in Wp 2.3

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘wordpress.sol_categories’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name FROM sol_categories

  71. Thanks for that Thomas. Thought I updated that at one point in time, but I must not have saved my changes to this page. Thanks again for pointing that out!!

  72. Thanks for the great theme, Tyler! I’ve installed 1.1 on my site with WP 2.3.2. I know you mentioned some incompatibilities with WP 2.3, but it works OK for me besides one big issue: no sidebar is being displayed on any page except my home page.

    Any ideas?

    Also, it would be great in v2 if there were an easy way to customize link colors (besides wading through the CSS). It would also be nice to use text for the main image instead of an image. And specify a tagline for my blog.

    Thanks in advance.

  73. Thanks for the suggestions Gabe. It doesn’t look like you’re still using Unwakeable. If you want, I’d be willing to help you get it working correctly. Unwakeable 2.0 should be under way before too long, it will bring many fixes and new features to Unwakeable.

    I will add the ability to customize link colors from the Unwakeable Options page in the Dashboard. I’ll also give the option of using an image or text in the header. As well as an option to specify weather or not to display the tagline that’s set on the WordPress General Options page.

  74. I’m using 2.5.1 and the unwakeable them and Im having problems with the Gravatar not displaying in the comments any idea on how to fix this ?

  75. did you remove suport for the Wp-postratings because I noticed that its not working anymore on my site? also the prepared in XXX is not working aswell

  76. Hi Chad,

    wp-postratings is still supported but they’re not shown on the main page anymore, only on individual posts and pages. I had to do that because of a display problem on the main page.

    What exactly is broken with the prepared in line? Is it just not showing any longer?

    Thanks Chad!

  77. Thanks for info on post rating.

    that is correct all that shows on the footer is
    Powered by WordPress2.5.1 and Unwakeable 1.51.5
    Entries Feed and Comments Feed

    I checked and the code is there but its not displayins

  78. Hi Chad,

    I will enable the prepared in line by default in the next release. There’s an easy way to manually enable it for now though.

    First, open footer.php and look at line 37, should say class=”footerstats” in it. Just replace class=”footerstats” with class=”footerpoweredby” and that should take care of it. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

    It doesn’t show by default because in the css/core.css.php file, the footerstats attribute is set to display nothing.

  79. Hi psg,

    First, open up the core.css.php file located in the css folder. Go to line 1618 and replace #0d78b6 with the hex color code of your choice. Changing that will change the colors of the menu when your mouse is over them.

    To change the link colors, find line 821 in the same file and replace #27d with the hex color code of your choice.

    That should take care of it. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  80. Hi psg,

    Ahh, I didn’t realize you were still using Unwakeable 1.2. I suggest you upgrade. The file you’re looking for in Unwakeable 1.2 is names style.css, and it’s not in the css folder, it’s in the main Unwakeable folder.

    Open style.css up and search for the color values I mentioned before and replace them with your desired color values.

    Let me know if that gets you going or not. Thanks psg!

  81. Hi PSG,

    Did you end up using K2 Sidebar Modules or WordPress widgets? Or did you just manually configure your sidebar by editing the sidebar.php file? It’s not important how you did it, I’m just curious. 🙂


  82. Thanks Chad, it’s all because K2 is so good. Unwakeable 1.5 really isn’t much more than K2 with some additional css.

    New features were left out of 1.5 so I could get a version of Unwakeable out that was 100% compatible with WordPress 2.5. Now that 1.5 is out, I’ll work on adding new features, such as the ability to define colors for various elements, and who knows what else.

  83. Thanks so much for an amazing theme, and for the help you’ve provided in the comments (which has helped me to solve the few small issues I’ve encountered during customization). Keep up the great work!

  84. Hi edu-talk, you must have gotten the error fixed, because I don’t see it on that page anymore. Are you still having issues?

  85. Hi Tyler, I’m using the theme on my http://www.caneiblog.com and I’m using the dynamic page-navi. It’s cool. However, I noticed that the scolling gets bad, if the page navi scolls down with the whole site.

    I would like to deacitvate this sticky scoller, maybe prefer to get it to the bottom of the pafe as well. Is this possible?

    Secondly, I totally like live-search, unfortunately both features are connected in the option. If you could seperate them, that also would be great.
    How could I sperate them?

  86. I am using this theme on my webpage and it works great. What i am asking might not be related to this theme, but is there a way to add “more” tag to a page (not post). I have some content which is too long and I would like to cut short them with more tags. Its would be great if any of you could walk me through this.

  87. Myrko: The two are difficult to separate, if not impossible. I had tried this with very early versions of Unwakeable and had little success. I imagine the fine K2 developers will be making some tweaks to the dynamic page navigation in future updates. Those changes will be reflected in Unwakeable once they’re made in K2.

    abid: Not sure how the More tag works on pages. Check out this page:
    or this page:

  88. Hey Small potato

    I am also using this great theme.Just a small question.I want to add new page elements in this theme,like i want to add page elements above posts and below posts.You have provided us two sidebars.they are great but what if i need two more page elements under and above posts.Which files i need to modify ?


  89. Hi, is there a way to put the “Older entries/Next entries” buttons on the bottom of the posts instead of on the top? because when people scroll to the bottom they would expect to see these buttons. Thanks so much.

  90. Yep I agree with Ray. Is there a way to put the navigation at the bottom of the posts. If feels more natural I think.

    This theme is great by the way Tyler, easy to tweak and looks great, well done and thank you.

  91. Matty/Ray: I’ll add the plain old-style links to the bottom for the next release. I’ll post some code here later tonight or tomorrow morning so you guys can add it manually if you like. Should only require one or two lines of code.

  92. Chad: K2 sidebar manager is still there. There should be a file called k2-disable-widgets.php in your unwakeable folder under app/includes. Copy k2-disable-widgets.php to wp-content/plugins/ and then enable that plugin.

    Once that’s done, you should be able to use K2 sidebar manager.

    I apologize to everyone for not being more on top of the support requests I’ve gotten here lately. I’ve been having some health issues that had me a bit worried, and simply haven’t been doing much lately. Now that all that is cleared up, I should be able to spend much more time on working on Unwakeable and supporting it.

    I’m still waiting on some changes to be made to the K2 trunk before I release a new version of Unwakeable. Hard to say when that will be exactly, although it’ll likely be prior to the release of WordPress 2.7.

  93. What isn’t working in WordPress 2.1? Only thing I know of is livesearch in IE. If you’ve got something else I’d appreciate knowing what the issue is.

  94. thanks ,this is the best simple and user friendly Theme i’ve never seen,a donane will be sent for this great job.
    thank You

  95. What isn’t working in WordPress 2.1? Only thing I know of is livesearch in IE. If you’ve got something else I’d appreciate knowing what the issue is.

  96. Hi,
    Can you please put the banner PSD online?

    Or send it to my email?

    Thanks in advance!

    Greetz, superbe theme!

  97. I having a werid problem, been having it for a while but have not had time to fix it because I’m deployed but,
    Post Word Count

    are not working they dont showup at all ??

  98. I am having a small problem myself, I keep reading that there is an option to enable the “asides” in the sidebar but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. I am using WordPress 2.6.5 if that makes a difference.

    1. I’m not really sure if asides in the sidebar still work with K2. I’ll look at this functionality and see if it’s broken or just no longer supported by K2.

      1. Yeah the k2 asides still work in WordPress 2.7 but you don’t want to install the new sidebar manager since it just plain doesn’t work well.

        I learned that I needed to go ahead and install the SMB-loader in the plugins directory.

  99. On another note, I want to display category parents in Unwakeable but the problem is that it is disabled in the PHP code, I went ahead and enabled it there but ran into an issue with the CSS, well mostly because I don’t know CSS and partly because it’s not clearly labeled…. at least to me it isn’t.

    1. And to fix this one you need to edit the categories.php file found in ../K2/app/modules/categories.php in the line #11

      to say


      I am done now. Thank you.

  100. I cannot find Ben Gray’s tutorial, is there any other tutorial can tell me how do creat a title image?

      1. file: k2/app/includes/info.php

        // Separates classes with a single space, collates classes for BODY
        $c = join( ‘ ‘, attribute_escape( apply_filters(‘body_class’, $c) ) );

        replace with:

        // Separates classes with a single space, collates classes for BODY
        $c = join( ‘ ‘, apply_filters(‘body_class’, $c) );


          1. And what about editing the header.php:

            <body class=””>

            replace with

            <body class=”wordpress k2 blog columns-three lang-en “>


            <body class=”wordpress k2 blog columns-two lang-en “>

            hope that works!

  101. First of all, congratulations for this great theme! I’ll try to use it in my blog.

    I need to ask you a question. I want to change a few things in the place where the coments are shown for each post, where it shows the name of the commenter, date and avatar, but I can’t find in which file is located this code. Can you help me?

    Thank you very much!

  102. Hey there,

    Firstly I’d like to say i LOVE your theme, it’s great, does exactly what i need it to do.

    The only problem i have, and i wouldn’t say it’s an overall ‘problem’, is that when I ran the site through the ‘Validated’ plugin, and varies websites online, to check the varies things to make sure it conforms to standards, it brings up several errors on the pages. I just wondered if it’s something you new about or if there was anything you could do to help.


      1. Jessica, I will look into this for you. I haven’t checked a default Unwakeable install for XHTML validity for a while, so I will do that this evening at some point.

        If a default install comes back with errors, I will fix them and issue a new release.

        Please keep in mind that certain plugins or code snippets can break valid markup, so the problem could be related to something else on your site as well.

        I will make sure Unwakeable is XHTML 1.0 strict valid though. And if it’s not I’ll make it valid and make a new release.

        Will let you know what I find here in a day or so.

  103. Nice theme – I love it. But I dont understand how the details of the index.php are created? For example where the page bar is (in the code)? Has it something to do with this K2 stuff?

  104. Hey man your theme didnt work well with SEO title tag. It still overwrite and use the default title tag by the theme. Any workaround to fix this?

    1. The site title is dynamic.

      Meaning it’s not hard-coded in or anything. It pulls the name of your site and uses the the wp_title function, which displays or returns the title of the current page.

      Can you show me an example of what you’re talking about?

  105. is unwakeable fully work with wp 3.0? i didnt have a time to test it yet. New custom menu features by wp 3.0 looks good. but im sure it will need some template editing right?

    any feedback guys? 🙂

    1. It works fine with WordPress 3.0, just no menu support yet. I will add menu support in a day or two with a new release, and will post how to update your theme if you’d like to make the change yourself.

  106. Hello,
    I still have problems downloading Unwakeable 1.5.3 – when clicked the download link, a html page opens instead of box for downloading (maybe mime-type issue ?). Anyway, if I download it using some download manager, still the archive seems corrupt and cannot be unzipped. Could you please check it ?

    Thanks a lot

  107. The link is not working for me. It shows a weird page rather than allowing me to download it. 🙁


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