RootDip lives here. RootDip used to be named HTML5Press, but I had to change it before it could be included in the WordPress Theme Directory. RootDip is a WordPress theme based on the HTML5 template by Jesper.

Current Stable Version: 2.5.5 (released 8/11/2013)
Download RootDip 2.5.5

Currently working on getting a demo setup. You can view the project at Github. You can download the latest development versions of RootDip at Github.

Obviously, this theme is meant to be viewed in a modern web browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox. The theme looks nice in Internet Explorer, but it doesn’t look as nice as it would in a modern browser. No rounded corners, transitions, or box shadows will show in Internet Explorer.

Some features in RootDip:

  • WordPress 3.6 compatible 🙂
  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • 40+ Font Choices from Google Web Fonts
  • Featured Post Images
  • WordPress Menu Support
  • WordPress Widget Support
  • Threaded Comments
  • “Back To Top” Button
  • Theme Options Page
  • Featured Posts Slider
  • 6 Built-In Color Schemes (pink, blue, green, red, orange, and bluish purple)
  • Link, quote, and status Post Formats
  • Update notifications
  • Custom logo support
  • Maintenance Mode
  • French and German Translations included
  • Fuzzy timestamps
  • Built-in Twitter Widget thanks to Matthias Siegel and his Simple Twitter Widget. Includes a “Follow Me” button option.
  • WordPress Custom Background support
  • Shortcode for including featured post slider on a post or page

Some Screenshots

Note: the following needs updated, as there are many more options now. Currently, the RootDip options page offers five options. The first option lets you enable or disable the “back to top” floating button. The second option lets you define the image size that’s linked to on featured images. The third allows you to select a color scheme to use. The fourth defines how many posts to include on the featured post slider. And the last option is the category you’d like the featured post slider to pull posts from.

You can leave any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have right here in the comments. If you are using RootDip and notice any issues or see something broken, please report it on the Github issues tracker for RootDip.


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