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  1. Would just like to point out your statement about Internet Explorer is outdated: While it is true that older versions of IE don’t support the CSS3 effects in your site, IE9 (released over a month ago) supports them and is on par with Chrome and Firefox where HTML5 support is concerned. I’m looking at the theme in IE9 right now and it’s no different from Chrome or Firefox.

    1. If just Microsoft would let IE9 in windows XP, trust me they will on par against Google and Mozilla, but their decision to make. Just like Tyler said “there’s still a LOT of users who are on Windows XP that can’t install IE9”.

  2. Just a small correction to your text:

    Obviously, this theme is meant to be viewed in a modern web browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox 4, Opera or IE9. The theme looks nice in older browser versions, but it doesn’t look as nice as it would in a modern browser. No rounded corners, transitions, or box shadows will show in older versions of common browsers, most notably Internet Explorer 8 and older.

    1. Remember, there’s still a LOT of users who are on Windows XP that can’t install IE9. That comment was obviously directed to those individuals.

    1. No Jesper designed the template. I made it into a WordPress theme. Also, I’ve given Jesper credit all over the place, even in the first sentence in this post.

      He’s also credited on the HTML5Press.com demo site and on the github repo.

      I think everyone knows this design is Jespers.

      Oh, and there’s even a link to Jesper’s site in the footer of this theme. Not sure how I can make it any clearer that this design was by Jesper and I made it into a WordPress theme.

      Now, either you’re totally blind and your text-to-speech program isn’t working correctly, or you’re just lazy.

    1. Thanks Wolforg! I will download and add it to the next version of HTML5Press, which will be released in the next few days.

      Thanks again!

  3. You forgot IE9 in your list of “modern browser”, which is where your theme runs the fastest.

    Chrome is a sorry excuse for a browser. Perhaps it was a typo on your part. Surely, you called it a modern browser by accident.

    1. How the hell is this devolving into a browser flame war?

      I didn’t mention IE9 because IE9 is only available to a certain small percentage of individuals.

      Chrome is available to anyone, no matter what operating system they run.

      If you want to troll, please do so at 4chan. Your comment is in no way relevant to the topic of this post.

        1. I actually started with Jesper’s changes last night. I thought it would take him another week or two to finish up, but he did it in a few days, the dude is fast.

          There should be an updated version of HTML5Press by the end of the weekend.

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  5. Hey, Nice theme.
    How can I make it more wider?
    Like add another sidebar(make it 3 columns)

    I dont get what portions I will need to edit in CSS…


    1. Hi Maverick,

      Adding another sidebar is more involved than just editing CSS. It would require making the content area smaller, which would make it too small in my opinion.

      I thought about adding an option to the options page to enable a 3 column layout, but have decided against it.

      If Jesper decides to add a third column in a future release of his HTML5 template, I will obviously add it to HTML5Press as well.

      But right now I’m trying to stay as true to his design as possible, and adding a third column is straying too far away from that.

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    1. Nick, thanks for reporting that!

      That was a major deal breaker on the 404 page, doesn’t do a lot of good linking the “home page” text back to the 404.

      It’s been fixed with this commit.

  7. There is a spare space at the end of the HTML-Title when disabling the “Show Tagline In Header” option.

    Line 14 in header.php is responsible.

    1. Well, I confused wp_title() with bloginfo(‘description’). So it doesn’t have to do anything with the “Show Tagline In Header” option. But the space is needless anyway.

  8. What is “display: block” actually for in “.entry-title a”? The link shouldn’t take the whole width, should it?

    1. It’s supposed to make the link take up the entire width.

      So even if your cursor isn’t over the title, it can still be on the same horizontal plane as the title and you’ll still be able to click.

      1. So it is on purpose, alright.

        I personally prefer the link to be only on the actual title. But if I delete “display: block” the whole content below the title slides down a bit. I don’t understand this behaviour because a block produces a paragraph and if a block gets deleted the content above should slide up instead.

        1. You’re correct Nick. It’s hard to say right off the top of my head why removing display:block produces that result.

          It’s likely related to some other bit of CSS.

          I’ll send this series of comments to Jesper (the man responsible for the design of HTML5Press) and see if he can give his input.

          He could probably answer right away, where it would involve some research for me to get you a definitive answer.

          1. Thank you very much, Tyler.

            Unfortunately, Jesper didn’t really go into it.

            By the way, your post has been written “about 15 minutes ago” according to the declaration, although it is much longer ago. Jesper’s comment behaves the same (“about 2 minutes ago”).

        1. What was the question when? Is it the slide down thing? I don’t know why that happens but you can change the bottom margin on .entry-title to change it back.

  9. just check my blog, i used your theme but modified to match my parent side, removed errors, to validate, just comment please… i used to your 2 rc1 version

      1. Dear Taylor,

        I got too much of css error, like yours. Do you need to solve them? how important solving this css errors. Why this css errors are created by your theme?

        Thanks for visiting my site. Just working on it. not yet finished. once done i will update you.

          1. Daya, those CSS errors aren’t exactly errors. A vast majority of those are showing as errors because it’s CSS3.

            Some of the HTML errors can be fixed up, which I will get done before HTML5Press 2.1 is released. Others are the fault of various plugins that I can’t fix.

    1. Hi Gregory, just remove line 92 to 105 from style.css to get a white background color. Removing those lines will remove the CSS3 gradients. Also, delete line 87 just to be safe.

      That will leave you with a background color of #eee. You should see background-color: #eee; /* Change this to change both stribe colors */ left in the body css declaration.

      No support for custom WP backgrounds, although I will see about adding support for that for a future release.

      Thank you!

    2. Gregory, I added custom background support to HTML5Press:

      It will be included in HTML5Press 2.1. If you’d like to test it out now, you can download 2.1-rc2 from Github here:

      Just download the .zip to get the latest copy. Should make switching background image or background color very easy.

  10. Hi,
    how can I update html5press? When I upload the new version (2.1) it says the folder html5press is already present. Should I just create a new folder for new verison of html5press?

    1. Hi Rison,

      Just upload the html5press folder from 2.1 and overwrite all the files in the existing html5press folder on your server. That should take care of it.

      Let me know if you can’t get it.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me.

        So I should FTP it? Because wordpress gives me an error when I try to add a theme.

        1. Hi,

          I have deleted 2.0 and uploaded 2.1 and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the amazing theme.

          1. Glad you were able to get it working Rison! That’s pretty much the standard way to upgrade themes in WordPress. Themes that aren’t in the WordPress theme directory anyway.

  11. I have solved the css validation, you can check in my blog. it was because of compatible issue with the css3, so when i downgrade to css2 i did loose some good effects, but now, i had found a workaround to get the validtion, currently wp member plugin gives one error, other than it is fine. I would seriously suggest, you to ensure the theme passes validation, with my past experience, i feel site has good html and css validation, rank higher in search engine.

    1. Moving from CSS3 to CSS 2.1 isn’t an option for this particular theme.

      The W3C CSS Validation Service defaults to CSS 2.1. You can set it to validate CSS3, but it’s not aware of vendor specific extensions, such as -webkit or -moz, which HTML5Press must use for consistency across browsers.

      There is an option to enable vendor specific extensions to be flagged as warnings instead of errors, but it’s not enabled by default.

      Bottom line is, these vendor specific extensions aren’t recognized as being an official W3C Recommendation.

      We could debate weather vendor specific extensions should even be used all day long, but HTML5Press is an HTML5 and CSS3 theme and must use some of these vendor specific extensions so newer CSS features can be used.

    1. You can view it on a mobile device just fine, but it won’t adhere to mobile screen sizes. So, no, when viewing a HTML5Press site on a mobile device, it will NOT be formatted for the device.

    1. Hi Pencil, you can do this a few ways. I would suggest removing the tagline display and adding your social icons there. Do you have a mockup of how you’d like it to look?

      If so, I could probably add something to HTML5Press to make this super easy for folks in the future.

    1. I don’t know of any plugins that are written to work specifically with HTML5Press. However, HTML5Press is written to be compatible with WordPress, which, in turn, means it’s compatible with basically all WordPress plugins.

      Does that help?

  12. Hi, Thx for ur fantastic theme, i love it!!! IS perfect and easy to customize, but i dont understand HOW CAN EDIT THE FONT STYLE (dimension,color etc.) FOR “THE POST” SECTION!
    Can u help me?

    P.S. check my site, for u which font is better for the post text?! i love *impact* but i cant use it 🙂

    Thx very much again for ur awesome work! A DONATION IS REQUIRED ^__^

    1. Just took a look at your site, looks like you figured out how to change the post text styles. I like the “y u no” guy in your header graphic too. 🙂

      Let me know if you still have questions about changing font styles for the post body.

      1. Ahaha..
        Solved, i’ve added ‘font: xxxxxxxxxx’ in #content class.. easy, i think is not “correct-mode” but is the same 😉
        For the previews of the post solved with wp plugin 🙂

        P.S. on the iPhone, this theme dont display sidebar O_o .. but no problem for me!

        Thx bro!

  13. oh, and for dont view alll post.text but only the preview in the home page? i dont like the entire post’s text on my blog 🙂 thx again

    1. So, you want an option to only show previews of post content on the home page? That may not be a bad feature to add, I’ll add it for the next version.

  14. Awesome work Tyler 🙂
    I had seen Jesper’s version of this theme when he had first created it and wished that a WP version would be coded up – and I guess you did just that ! You definitely have taken Jesper’s version to a whole new level .
    My only question is : which version of WordPress is this theme currently running on?

    Other than that – Kudos on a Design that ROX !

  15. I am using WP-Syntax to add code snippets into my blog, but with the default it puts in in a black box that makes some of the code hard to read. If there a way to change the background color of that box?


    Great theme, love it!

  16. Thanks for the great WP Theme!! I only had a small question. Is it possible to make a page that is sidewide (without the sidebar right). If yess, how can I do that?

    Thanks a lot for your answer!

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  18. Hi guys, and congratulation for this great theme. I only have one question: if you have a look at my site londrastansted.it you will notice a space between the header and the menu that is not in your actual theme. Do you know how to fix that? Thanks!

  19. Hello I;m using this theme is my site. But the visitors who use IE 8 or lower versions will face a ieexplorer crash issue when visiting any page of my site. Compatibility should be concerned.


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