Here’s a list of my WordPress related projects.

1. Rootdip Theme

Rootdip (formerly HTML5Press) is a WordPress theme based on the HTML5 template by Jesper.

2. WordPress Child Theme Example

If you’re not using Independent Publisher for your theme, you’ll want to fork this repo and modify it to fit your theme. If you are using Independent Publisher theme, just download this repo, upload it to WordPress, activate it in the dashboard, and you’ll have schema.org markup. Created as a compliment to this post.

3. Thumbnail Viewer Plugin

Thumbnail Viewer plugin for WordPress is simply used to overlay images on a page, similar to Lightbox JS. The javascript is from the Image Thumbnail Viewer code from DynamicDrive. The javascript included in Thumbnail Viewer from DynamicDrive is much faster than Lightbox JS, although not as feature packed, which is the entire point.

4. Unwakeable Theme

Unwakeable is a theme based off K2 and Unsleepable. Unwakeable has built-in support for numerous plugins.