WordPress: Weekly Roundups

The WordPress development blog isn’t used enough. That was the concensus at a WordPress IRC meet-up anyway. So, to overcome the lack of use the development blog has to endure, they’re gonna start doing weekly roundups. The weekly roundups will include weekly activities and neat things in the Codex. There’s lots of really useful things in the Codex.

The first, and still only weekly roundup covers uprading WordPress and some activities to generate some publicity for WordPress.

Here’s a quote from the development blog. Maybe a little late as a new weekly roundup should be out tomorrow sometime. Oh well.

At the last WordPress IRC meetup there was a consensus that this development blog isn’t used enough for spreading general news and information about WP, and one of the ways we’ve decided to address that is with weekly roundup posts summarizing some activity and highlighting some of the amazing resources in the Codex. The posts will be written by the community itself using the Codex, and posted every Thursday.