WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.5.1

Unwakeable 1.5.1 is available for download. Version 1.5.1 works much better with WordPress 2.6.

The K2 Sidebar manager has been fixed to work with WordPress 2.6 via a plugin. The plugin is a single file named k2-disable-widgets.php and is located in the app/includes folder in Unwakeable 1.5.1. Simply copy that file to the wp-content/plugins folder and activate it as you would any other plugin.

Unwakeable 1.5.1 is up-to-date with K2 revision 708. If you want to stay current with Unwakeable development, see the changes list. Head over to the Unwakeable page to download Unwakeable 1.5.1.

UPDATE: If you’re using WordPress 2.6, you get a chance to preview a theme prior to making it active. The theme preview for Unwakeable 1.5.1 is blank due to the periods in the folder name. Even though the preview appears blank, Unwakeable will still work on your site just fine. If you want to see the preview, just rename the unwakeable-1.5.1 folder to unwakeable151 or simply unwakeable.


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2 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.5.1

  1. Hey man, I’m a big fan of the theme, been using it for a while. Are older versions available for download? I need to do a merge and compare to update my modified version, and wanted to grab an unmodified copy of 1.2.1, but I can’t seem to find one.


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