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Unwakeable 1.2 is out! You can download it or you can visit the Unwakeable page for some more details. You may also be interested in the ChangeLog, although I’ll go over a number of the changes in this post.

Probably the most notable change is the separate options for Unwakeable in the wp_options table. Let me explain a little bit. Basically, I’ve renamed the options to be unwakeable specific. Previously, Unwakeable would pick up options already set in K2 or it would just set the default values, still with the K2 names. So, if you’re upgrading to Unwakeable 1.2 from an earlier version, you’ll want to click the “Copy Options” button from the Unwakeable Options page. Clicking that button will take the options you had set in previous versions and will update them to work with Unwakeable 1.2. You can also copy your options from K2 to Unwakeable 1.2 with this button. If you’re installing Unwakeable for the first time, this probably doesn’t apply to you.

Now, if you’d rather not copy your old options over, that’s OK. You can just go into the Unwakeable Options page and set the options as you normally would. If this scares you, don’t worry, you can’t really break anything by not copying options over. Really, you can’t break anything even if you do want to copy your previous options over. If you have any questions, just get in touch with me.

I’ve also added support for two more plugins, Landing Sites and Gregarious. Gregarious is a replacement for the Digg This Reloaded plugin, which is now dead. Unwakeable 1.2 still has support for the Digg Integrator plugin also. I suggeset you use Gregarious if you want Digg buttons on your pages. It makes use of the new Digg API where Digg Integrator loads Digg buttons in an iframe, not the ideal way to display Digg buttons these days.

Now, you may be wondering why I built in support for Gregarious. Gregarious has a feature called auto-append that will automatically place a Digg button on your page. However, that feature isn’t enabled by default. And, there’s no option to place the Digg button in the sidebar with the auto-append feature. So, I added some code that will detect if auto-append is enabled. If auto-append is enabled, the Digg button isn’t displayed on the sidebar. However, if auto-append isn’t enabled, the Digg button will be displayed in the sidebar. That way you still have the option of displaying the Digg button in your sidebar, even if you use Gregarious.

Also, I’ve made a small fix to the CSS that should get rid of the few pixels of whitespace that were showing in the header, between the black and gray sections. The black in the header is now flush with the right side of the page. You can see what it looked like previously in this image. And you can see it fixed in this image (or right here on this blog). I’d like to thank Jason for pointing out that whitespace.

Is there anything you guys would like to see in the next version of Unwakeable? Could be anything from support for a plugin to design changes. Anything? Anybody?

Enjoy this new version and let me know if you have any problems getting Unwakeable functioning properly. I will provide almost unlimited support for people having issues with Unwakeable. Although, I won’t always be able to support Unwakeable if you’ve made numerous changes to the CSS or PHP for your site.

And lastly, a big “thank you” to everyone who is using Unwakeable. I never anticipated that this theme would become so popular. At my last rough count, there’s about 300 blogs using Unwakeable, I expected maybe 20. 🙂 Thanks again everyone for your support! It’s now far past my bed time…


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    1. Really nice theme. I would consider to use this in a company site rather than a public blog. Is it possible to add a “about us/me” something field in front page?

  3. im having problems ,i want to change de upper section where you can find “contact ,archives,about ,site status and wordpress ” ,and put some categories ,so when users press the button that says ex:movies ,they can only see the posts that are under this category …like the right sidebar categories feature but in the upper part..is this possible …?? please help me!! and congrats for the theme it´s great.

  4. What a great theme! Several days of searches for the theme I needed, and here it is – thanks a lot!


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