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I’ve updated my Unwakeable WordPress theme to version 1.1. I got in touch with Kirk to see if I could use some CSS from his Sawchuk scheme for K2. Much to my pleasure, he was happy to let me borrow from Sawchuk, so that’s what I did.

I took the following CSS classes from Sawchuk and implemented them in Unwakeable: download, code, alert, construction, and other. You can see Kirks test style post here for a taste of what each of these classes does, or you can just take a look below. I had modify some of the classes a little bit. I sometimes post small one-liner pieces of code that didn’t display very well without some changes to Kirk’s CSS. I basically just changed some margins around to make the code icon appear correctly, whether it’s in a one-line or multi-line piece of code.

Just for kicks, you can see all the different classes I’ve included in Unwakeable 1.1 below.
p class=”download”

Download Unwakeable 1.1

p class=”code” or code tags

p class=”alert”

This is the Alert style!

p class=”construction”

This is the Construction style!

p class=”other”

This is the Other style!

There you have it. Those are all the classes I included in Unwakable from Kirk’s Sawchuk scheme for K2. I think it adds some nice visual elements to this theme, something it was really lacking before. I plan on implementing some new features soon, including the ability to customize colors and fonts. I’d also like to stop using the fields K2 uses to store it’s options. That way you can have separate configurations for Unwakeable and K2, that is, if you have both themes installed.

I’ve updated the Unwakeable page also. It now has a changelog and is more clear as to what version is most recent.


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14 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.1

  1. I hadn’t even noticed that plugin existed. That’s an awesome plugin! Will play with it some tonight and will probably end up adding it to the support plugins list in Unwakeable.

    Will probably be releasing Unwakeable 1.2 sometime this week.

  2. Yeh its really good. It adds buttons for classes that dont exist in Unwakeable but apart from that its really useful.

    I found that its easier to highlight the content you want and then press the class button.

    Anyway i think it would be a really good feature.

    What will be added in 1.2 then apart from that?

  3. The major new addition/change in 1.2 is Unwakeable gets its own fields in the wp_options table. In version 1.1, Unwakeable uses all the fields K2 uses. So, your settings for K2 would get carried over to Unwakeable and vice-versa. This will allow users to keep separate settings for K2 and Unwakeable.

    I also plan on getting Digg This Reloaded working in 1.2. I still think that plugin is somewhat broken though, it doesn’t do what it’s advertised as doing in some cases.

    Are there any plugins you’d like to see built-in support for Ben?

  4. Hi Tyler,

    I’m currently working on setting up my blog. I’ve used your theme as a base, simply because its one of the better themes I’ve come across.

    Another factor was that the general layout was similar to what I wanted…even though I’ve changed it significantly now. Some of the changes I’ve made are including a little more of the unsleepable theme, and bits from hemingway, and sawchuk.

    I’ve also added the tolbar thing for the sawchuk styles that was mentioned above…but I didn’t find it until I had already gone in and modified the code myself…the plugin is pretty neat, better than my hack.

    Congrats on what you’ve done so far, and I lookforward to seeing what youve added for 1.2.

  5. Tyler,

    I’ve actually had a thought about a useful plugin that you could include in a future release.

    Is Subscribe to Comments 2.0 found here http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/subscribe-to-comments/

    It adds a small tick box under the comments box so that people who have already commented on a particular post will receive notices when a new comment is made.

    I use it on my site and works perfectly and from what i can remember i only had to put one line of code in!

  6. Thanks for the kind words Dean! Let me know if you have any troubles with anything. I’d be glad to offer assistance with anything I can. 🙂

  7. Ben, I will add support for Subscribe to Comments 2.0 before I release Unwakeable 1.2. Looks like a good addition to the supported plugins list.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Oh, also, you will have to make all the modification’s in 1.2 that you’ve made in 1.1. This is one thing I really hate about upgrading themes. Any modifications you made to the previous version need to be made to the new version also. What modifications have you made so far? I may be able to incorporate a few of them into the official Unwakeable release.

  8. Nothing major, just a few buttons and some different graphics etc . .

    I’m sure i can find time to update them when the new version is released.

    Looking forward to the new version


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