WordPress Theme: Unwakeable 1.1

I’ve updated my Unwakeable WordPress theme to version 1.1. I got in touch with Kirk to see if I could use some CSS from his Sawchuk scheme for K2. Much to my pleasure, he was happy to let me borrow from Sawchuk, so that’s what I did.

I took the following CSS classes from Sawchuk and implemented them in Unwakeable: download, code, alert, construction, and other. You can see Kirks test style post here for a taste of what each of these classes does, or you can just take a look below. I had modify some of the classes a little bit. I sometimes post small one-liner pieces of code that didn’t display very well without some changes to Kirk’s CSS. I basically just changed some margins around to make the code icon appear correctly, whether it’s in a one-line or multi-line piece of code.

Just for kicks, you can see all the different classes I’ve included in Unwakeable 1.1 below.
p class=”download”

Download Unwakeable 1.1

p class=”code” or code tags

p class=”alert”

This is the Alert style!

p class=”construction”

This is the Construction style!

p class=”other”

This is the Other style!

There you have it. Those are all the classes I included in Unwakable from Kirk’s Sawchuk scheme for K2. I think it adds some nice visual elements to this theme, something it was really lacking before. I plan on implementing some new features soon, including the ability to customize colors and fonts. I’d also like to stop using the fields K2 uses to store it’s options. That way you can have separate configurations for Unwakeable and K2, that is, if you have both themes installed.

I’ve updated the Unwakeable page also. It now has a changelog and is more clear as to what version is most recent.