WordPress Theme: HTML5Press 1.3

HTML5Press 1.3 is available for download.

Version 1.3 includes lots of fixes and the addition of a theme options page. There’s two options currently. The first option enables or disables the “back to top” button. The second option allows you to set what size of image you want the featured post images to link to. Values you can select are Full, Large (default), Medium, and Thumbnail.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas for options you’d like to see. I’m open to pretty much any type of suggestion right now. I’m debating on adding a featured post slider, those seem to be pretty popular right now.

Some other changes include:

  1. No more wordpress version in footer
  2. jQuery is now actually being queued so the “back to top” button works (not sure how I forgot that)
  3. Removal of unnecessary code

You can download HTML5Press 1.3 here or you can grab a copy from Github.