WordPress Comments

Ok, still no luck with the comments. I got the page to load data lastnight, but at that point it wasn’t inserting the comments into the database. I downloaded the latest development release of WordPress lastnight from Subversion and copied the wp-comments-post.php page to my working WordPress directory, but that didn’t fix anything. I then copied the relavent functions.php file from the devel trunk, and then WordPress ceased to function at all.

I’m not even sure if it’s an error on the wp-comments-post.php page or if it’s in one of the functions…I almost think it’s in the function that’s used to insert data for a comment.

  • OK, I fixed it for the time being. The comment spam detection code in the wp_new_comment function was the culprit.

    I commented it out and now the page loads fine after posting a comment. I’ve submitted bug reports as this seems to be happening to more and more people using WP lately.

    I also upgraded to WP 1.5.1-alpha.

  • Pappy

    Good work Tyler!

  • Pappy

    It appears that the posting times are 1 hour earlier than your local time zone.

  • That they are. This should fix them, but I don’t think my utc offset should be -4. But it gives the correct times, so I’ll leave it at that for now…

  • Pappy

    It seems to me that your UTC offset should be -6, and possibly auto-adjusted to -5 when we’re in daylight saving time.

  • Yah, I had it at -6. I guess we are in daylight savings now, so I just changed it to -5. My system clock was off by an hour, which I didn’t even notice. I added a cron job to update with ISU’s time server every day so it’ll always be correct.

    Should be good now.