WordPress 2.1 Database Changes

Some notable changes have been made in WordPress 2.1 in they way developers interact with the database. There’s a post over at the WordPress development blog that discusses some variables that have been removed, and the addition of a “future” value for the post_status field for posts that are to be published in the future. Also, the posts table has a field called post_type that distinguishes between posts and pages.

See the WordPress Development Blog for more.

  • Is Spam Karma 2 happy in a WordPress 2.1 install? I know Dr. Dave has had other things to work on, and I don’t want to do the upgrade if doing so will leave me exposed to a million evil bots.

    Thanks for the information.

  • Milan, I haven’t had any prolems with Spam Karma 2 since upgrading to WordPress 2.1. I know others haven’t been able to get Spam Karma 2 to work with WordPress 2.1 at all.

    So, if don’t wanna risk being exposed to spam, wait to upgrade to WordPress 2.1 and continue using Spam Karma 2, or use Akismet and upgrade to WordPress 2.1.

    Good luck.