WordPress 2.1 Beta 2

I decided to make the early upgrade to WordPress 2.1. I just pulled down the latest version of beta 2 via subversion. Pretty much everything is working great so far. Out of all the plugins I use, only the Flickr RSS plugin caused problems. It refused to load anything, preventing anything below it to load. So, I promptly disabled it and everything was totally normal. I may dig into it later on tonight.

Also, I’m pleased to say that Unwakeable 1.2 works nicely with WordPress 2.1 beta 2.

I’m not gonna go into details on the changes in WordPress 2.1. Lorelle has already taken the time to put together a nice list of features we’ll see in WordPress 2.1. All thanks to Ryan Boren for blogging up a storm on what will be found in WordPress 2.1.

I’d like to thank all the WordPress developers for all their hard work. As usual, it’s very apparent the WordPress developers have put a great amount of work in WordPress 2.1. I’m really looking forward to the release of 2.1, Beta 2 has been great so far.


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5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.1 Beta 2

  1. I’m glad to see that people are liking this theme. You know, I’ve recently released unsleepable 2.0 which is based on k2 with rolling archives and live search as well. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. Ben, I tried to merge as much of Unsleepable 2.0 into Unwakeable 1.1 as possible. Even though I ended up stripping most of it out eventually…

    Is Unsleepable 2.0 the version that’s currently available to wordpress.com users? I guess I could login myself and check, haven’t tromped around there in quite some time.


  3. No, the one that’s available to wordpress.com users is a modified version of the original unsleepable. It’s arguably more stable too.


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