WordPress 2.0.6 Important Security Update

WordPress 2.0.6 has been released. It includes an important security fix for a vulnerability reported by Stefan Esser, developer of Suhosin, an advanced protection system for PHP installations.

Head over to the WordPress development blog for more details on the release of WordPress 2.0.6. The development blog also says that 2.0.6 is likely going to be the final release in the 2.0.x series before 2.1 is ready for public consumption. WordPress 2.1 has officially entered beta. I’ve actually been using svn versions of WordPress 2.1 for most of my development on Unwakeable. WordPress 2.1 is gonna rock!

A problem with WordPress 2.0.6 and Feedburner has been discovered. Neosmart has two possible workarounds for the problem. If you use the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin for WordPress, you may be OK though. I believe that plugin does the same basic thing that workaround #2 does, but I could be wrong.

Also, Unwakeable 1.2 will be out within a week. I know, I know, you’re asking yourself “damn, how many times is he gonna say that?”, I can assure you this is the last time. 🙂 I had more of a rough time getting back into the swing of things at work than I anticipated. Luckily everything decided to break when I got back instead of breaking while I was on vacation. Actually, I may even drop Unwakeable 1.2 tomorrow, depending on how everything goes tonight.