WordPress 2.0.5 RC1

WordPress 2.0.5 RC1 (release candidate 1) is out. A number of changes have been made to 2.0.5 RC1 since we saw beta 1. There have been quite a few fixes and enhancements made in 2.0.5 so far, although most of them are pretty minor.

I upgraded this blog to 2.0.5 RC 1 a few hours ago. I haven’t noticed any problems or anything acting strangely, so 2.0.5 RC1 seems pretty stable. Not really a surprise, I was running betas and all sorts of weird releases a year ago or so, and all of them were stable as could be. I’ve come to expect near perfect beta and RC releases from the WordPress team. They do an excellent job.

If you’re interested in running this, you can download the nightly releases by joining the WP Testers mailing list. You can also download 2.0.5 RC 1 via subversion. To grab the latest release candidate with subversion, issue this command:

svn co http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/branches/2.0

After issuing that subversion command you will have the latest copy of WordPress 2.0.5, weather it’s 2.0.5 RC1 or even a newer release.


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7 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.5 RC1

  1. Thank you for upgrading to RC1 and blogging about it!

    You are mistaken regarding “release Candidate 1 is simply 2.0.5 beta 1 with an updated version number”. Many fixes have been added since beta 1.

  2. OK Lloyd, thanks for the info. I had Beta 1 on my box, then did an “svn update” and the only file that changed was wp-includes/version.php. I’m sure there were numerous changes made throughout Beta 1. I’m just saying that as of the most recent beta 1, nothing had changed except the version.php file.

    I must have grabbed beta 1 after all the changes had been made. So, I pretty much grabbed beta 1 soon before it became release candidate 1. 🙂 Anyway, I changed the text in this post to prevent confusion.

  3. svn update is quite different than installing beta 1. If you compare it to the binary we released October 3rd, there are lots of changes thanks particularly to the fantastic efforts and abilities Mark Jaquith with the partial absence of Ryan who has a baby son.


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