WordPress 2.0-RC1

WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate 1 is here. I don’t have any official links or anything, I haven’t even seen a mention of it on the mailing list. We’ve had one WordPress 2.0 test release each week for the last three weeks now. I like it. Only way I know of to grab it is via subversion.

I’ve noticed something weird in 2.0 Beta 2 though. It may have been there in Beta 1 also, may still be in RC1, who knows. None of my tags show up on Technorati or anywhere. And I also noticed there’s no data in the “wp_postmeta” table relating to the freshly published post, like there should be. So, after publishing the post, I’m taken back to the “write post” page. Only, the “write post” page doesn’t finish loading for a couple minutes sometimes. Previously, I had just navigated away from the loading page without giving it a second thought. I decided to wait for it to finish tonight. After loading, all the tags I had set for that post were in their proper places in the “wp_postmeta” table.

There were some pretty odd circumstances with that post though. For one, I set the posts date/time to about 3 minutes out from where I currently was. After I published the article, it took about 3 minutes to show up here. That behavior is totally expected though. WordPress is good like that.

Also, there were some values in “wp_postmeta” I had never seen before. I didn’t write em down, if I seem it again soon I’ll make a note. All I know is the “meta_key” value was set to something like “_ping_me” or something similar to that. After the post had published, the unknown “meta_key” value had been deleted and my tags were in their proper place in that table.

Now, I don’t know if this behavior is always there when post-dating a post, but it seemed like the ping services (in “wp_options” table) were actually being pinged while the “write post” page was loading right after I had published.

Who knows, maybe it’s all coincidence. Time will tell. Oh, and before I forget, PHP 5.1.0 broke WordPress and lots of stuff for me, and lots of others as well. Tried upgrading to PHP 5.1.1 today, same broken shit. Pages load blank the first time around, second time they load perfectly. I’m sticking with 5.0.x for a while. Soon to be moving to MySQL 5. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to pay for MySQL 5, I gotta research that a little first. I assume I can because the .tar.bz2 source is where it should be on dev.mysql.com.

OK, time to upgrade to WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate 1 before bed. I gotta say though, I love the new dashboard. It’s got a Web 2.0 feel to it, but nobody knows what Web 2.0 is. So, I’m gonna take a chance and say “I really dig the new half Web 2.0 WordPress.”

UPDATE: OK, all updated to 2.0-RC1 now. You should ignore everything above this update pretty much. The problem I spoke about earlier isn’t related to WordPress, don’t hold me to that though. I did some more testing before upgrading to 2.0-RC1. I think it’s some odd plugin functionality. I’ve been using Jerome’s Keywords for tagging. Every time I edit a post the tags get wiped. I know that’s the general problem. I don’t know if it’s caused by the plugin or if it’s WordPress wiping out all the “custom fields”. Jerome’s Keywords stores its tag data in those “custom fields”, inside the “wp_postmeta” table.

You can get WordPress 2.0-RC1 in the nightly builds directory on the wordpress.org server.