WordPress 2.0 Final is Here

I just did an update on my local WordPress subversion trunk and noticed the version had been updated to 2.0. No more release candidate, this is the final 2.0 WordPress release. Not many changes between 2.0-Final and RC3. I think there were maybe a total of 15 files that had any changes to them, if that many.

The WordPress.org site is down for the time being, displaying a message:

Switching servers, please check back in about a half hour. Thanks! – Matt

Probably getting ready to announce WordPress 2.0 on the site. Congratulations to the WordPress team on another fine release.

  • You done with blogging?

  • Nope. I was just finishing up being super busy at work for like three months, only to find out that my understanding of “busy”. It’s a good thing though, lots of exciting stuff happening that should make it all worth while.

    I probably won’t be blogging much the next couple months though, depends on the next few days at work I guess. I should know by this weekend exactly how many additional projects I need to worry about.

    But no, I’m not done blogging, Chip. I have been keeping everything up to date software wise here, but nothing more than that. I love WordPress 2, will most likely end up using it in a few of those work related projects. Fun.