WordPress 2.0 Beta 2

WordPress 2.0 Beta 2 is out now. I upgraded yesterday while I was at home. I fucked up my wordpress database a little earlier this morning. Had to revert back to a slightly older database to get WordPress back to functional state.

Some pretty weird shit has been going on around here lately. A new PHP version is out, which seems to totally kill WordPress.

Mint 1.23 is out. I upgraded recently from the previous stable version, 1.14. The upgrade hasn’t exactly gone well. My stats aren’t updating at all. Waiting on a resolution for this still.

There’s supposed to be a new version of this WordPress theme out soon. Hari will be updating the theme to fix the sidebar issue in Internet Explorer. He seems to think he’s got a fix in place already.

I’ll be blogging regularly again this weekend, hopefully tonight once I get all these little issues worked out. There’s been a lot going on that I need to catch up on.