WordPress 2.0 Beta 1

I updated my local development WordPress branch last night via subversion to find the version had been bumped up to “2.0-beta-1”. So, this site is running beta wordpress code now. I had been running the latest subversion code until 1.5.2 was released. I decided I wasn’t gonna use code from the devel branch until it hit beta. So here we are.

I was waiting on 1.6, but 2.0 works too. I haven’t noticed any issues yet. All my plugins even seem to be working correctly. I really love the new and improved dashboard. And my current theme works as it did before with no problems. I definately noticed beta1, as did a couple other bloggers, and probably a lot more. There’s a discussion about the beta going on at the WordPress support forums. There’s already some pretty large lists of compatible plugins. I’ll write more about this later, along with a few other related items. I’m goin to bed now.