WordPress 1.6 – Do Not Use

Be very careful of the most recent unstable version of WordPress. I downloaded the latest and greatest WordPress via Subversion this morning. Subversion is the tool the WP developers have been using for version control. It’s similar to CVS.

After upgrading, my WordPress version jumped to 1.6-ALPHA-do-not-use, which kinda scared me. The admin area didn’t really work at all, it didn’t even recognize me. I think it would have allowed anybody to login as my username wasn’t shown as usual, but I could still see all the admin pages.

It also broke all my plugins. I did notice some cosmetic changes to the admin area. Mainly a new font. Dunno if that’s temporary or a permanent thing from now on. Soon after seeing the version number, I downloaded and reverted back to that without problems.

I hope a somewhat stable version appears in subversion again soon as I really like using the bleeding edge versions, mostly just to test em out. I’m not going to take my chances running software that has “ALPHA-do-not-use” in it’s version name. Now, I’m fully aware of the risks I run when using these unstable releases, so don’t bother telling me.