Wicd.net Now Points to Launchpad

Back in July of 2007 I purchased the domain wicd.net, for Adam Blackburn. I chose to do so because Adam’s Wicd software was the only thing that would reliably work with the wireless card I had in an rather old laptop. Adam still seems to be maintaining the project, too!

Anyway, wicd.net used to host apt repos and documentation, but now all that is taken care of at Laundhpad. Since I didn’t think Adam wanted to continue using the wicd.net domain, I used the domain for a couple things. Sourceforge, and Launchpad, provide most of the resources a project maintainer requires. Using a custom domain for everything just adds time and lots of other headaches that could be avoided. Not to mention the time expense. As a developer, I’d rather focus on developing (implementing features, bug fixes, etc.) instead of server management, I do happen to enjoy server management, too. Up to a point at least, heh.

The first thing I did with wicd.net was copy all of the original page content and mirror it on a WordPress install. I didn’t mirror any files, just documentation stuff. I had bold links pointing to the, at the time, new page at SourceForge (which, has since moved to Launchpad). That was obviously a bad idea though, as the information was dangerously out-dated.

Next I had it pointed to my About page, here at longren.org, but that was also a bad idea because people actually had to read to find the link to the new Wicd site. And that sucks.

So, I just setup some Apache mod_rewrite rules to direct all traffic coming to wicd.net to the current, official, page at Launchpad.