Why No Auto Camera Upload, Flickr?

I’ve been a pro Flickr member for many years (since 2004 actually). Every photo I’ve taken since probably 2002 or so is on Flickr. Flickr released a decent Android app a while back, but it’s lacking one major feature, auto uploading photos.

Dropbox does it, Google+ does it, even the Facebook app does it. Yet Flickr, a fucking photo website, does not have this feature in their Android app. Not only that, but there’s not even a bulk upload option. Only way to upload an image to Flickr through the official Flickr app is to upload photos one by one. And uploading one by one isn’t gonna happen when I snap 20+ photos every day on my LGE Nexus 4.

There’s a fair number of apps in the Google Play Store that do automatic photo uploads, but it’s really painful for me to use a separate app for something that should be included in the official Flickr app. I just can’t fathom why they would not add this feature. I understand this feature not being there right off the bat, but it’s been over a year since the official Flickr app for Android was released.

I’ve used a couple of the third-party Flickr apps that have auto upload functionality. Many of them are clunky and none (that I’ve seen) adhere to the Android style guidelines. I did just install Flicker (sic) Uploader Free, as I have never used it before. However, I have a little bit of an issue with an app that doesn’t even get the name of the service it supports correct. Maybe spelling Flickr as “Flicker” was intentional, I dunno.

Bottom line is there’s no great solution for automatically uploading photos taken on your Android device to Flickr. Here’s to hoping Flickr steps up and adds this functionality at some point, even if it doesn’t come until a year from now.


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