Why I hate Windows

Microsoft is going to disable activating windows over the internet. If you have to re-install your copy of Windows XP, you’ll now need to call Microsoft to activate it.

I pray I don’t need to re-install winxp on any pc’s here @ work.

Windows messes with your setup. Today, I changed the size of icons on my desktop. What does Windows do along with that? It rearranged all of my icons on my desktop. Why the fuck does it need to do that? Why can’t it just leave them in their current place?

Gnome would never move my icons around for me. It knows better. I’ll never install Windows on any of my personal pc’s ever again.


Well, now what?

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One thought on “Why I hate Windows

  1. I to hate windows. As soon as I create a new folder and open it I get a window telling me that it was moved and could not open it. So I have to hunt it down and open it. Why when I do the same thing on my apple I can open the file while the opporating system moves it without any troble. I guess the chief of Microsoft likes to sit behind a crashed computer infont of a live audience.


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