What’s a raise?

Yesterday, I was told I would be getting a $0.50 raise to $9.50/hr. Cool.

I was thinking lastnight while laying in bed, and I was pretty sure I was already making $9.50/hr. But I wasn’t sure. So, I just pulled my most recent pay stub out of my wallet, and not to my suprise, it was $9.50/hr. I checked an old one at home during lunch too, and it was also $9.50/hr.

So, I was making $9.50/hr, got a $0.50 raise, and am still making $9.50/hr. I dunno how that works. I’m gonna go take this up with Pam and Ernie as soon as they get outta their meeting. If I dun come out at $10.00/hr, I’m lookin for a new job.

I saw an interesting job in the paper the other day. There was no employer listed, and the address was a confidential PO box. I’m gonna send my resume there. It was for a general system admin job in Ames.