What is Open Source Media?

Open Source Media is a blog advertising project whose name has been the subject of debate lately. Basically, seven people who do radio shows 4 times a week also use the name “Open Source Media.” The radio guys make extensive use of bloggers as their “in-house” experts:

A joint production of Open Source Media Inc. and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Open Source is presented by WGBH Radio Boston and distributed by Public Radio International (PRI).

What this means is that we are seven people in a rented office with, incidentally, a rather bold mouse who does not yet have a name. We make a radio show four times a week that uses bloggers as local and topical experts; this show is distributed to public radio stations by Public Radio International, and to truckers and early adopters by XM satellite radio.

Now, the blog ad project formerly called Pajamas Media is using the name “Open Source Media.” The blog ad project has a note on their website stating that the radio guys are going to allow the new OSM use of the opensourcemedia.net domain. Using “Open Source Media” as a company name seems like a stupid idea, it’s too general. It’d be like “FoxNews” changing it’s name to “TheNews.” When I hear “open source media”, I think of news providers who are more local and not so mainstream. But, whatever. To each their own. Oh, and I’ve made quite a few changes to this post. I think my original wording was causing some confusion. No, there was absolutely NO confusion on this end. 🙂

Oh, and I should note, Allah was MIA at the Open Source Media launch party.

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