We’re Gone

Ashley and I are gonna be going to Almont, Colorado this weekend. We’re leaving Friday the 15th and will be returning Sunday the 23rd. Her family has annual reunions there, I’m going along for the ride this time. Actually, I’ll be the one driving, but you get it. We’re planning on going white water rafting, which I’ve never done but am very excited to try.

I lost my old Teva sandals, which I was pissed about for weeks. I would go through every box in my closet looking for them on a weekly basis. Never found em. I wonder if I left them somewhere. It’s OK now though cuz I bought some more yesterday. They should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. I also got Ashley a pair.

I had been looking for an iPod to take along with us. I couldn’t spend $350 on one though right before our trip. Had I had that idea a month ago I’d have one by now. It’s gonna kill me not having any tunes. Our cabin’s don’t even have television.

I fear I may end up having to rent a car for the trip. Enterprise says I can rent one of theirs for a total of $209. For the entire trip. That seems kinda cheap considering gasoline prices these days.

We aren’t leaving for a couple days yet but I just wanted to give you all a heads up. This blog will be totally inactive while I’m gone unless I’m somehow able to get internet access. I don’t know who else would want to blog here. I’m gonna take lots of pictures while I’m there. I’ll have some goodies to show when I get back.

UPDATE: I take it back, I don’t have Teva’s on the way. RidgeBound, the store I bought from, isn’t open yet. Their site is up just for testing. They just sent me an e-mail saying the refunded my money and they hope to be officially open soon. Sucky cuz it’s a kick ass outdoor store that accepts PayPal.