Most people probably already know that the war has started agains Iraq. Coalition forces are also involved in raids in Afghanistan. Fighting what could be seen as two seperate wars probably isn’t a very good idea. Hopefully the activies in Afghanistan will end soon. Iraq should probably be the main focus at the moment.

Saddam probably won’t just “go away” as everybody thinks he will. He’s already fired missles at Kuwait and has begun to set oil fields on fire. I wouldn’t be suprised if he starts attacking the Iraqi people within the next couple of days. It’s won’t be that difficult for him to do a LOT of damage in a short ammount of time.

I guess it all depends on how the first couple of days go. If the coalition bombing campaign goes as planned, Saddam might not get a chance to carry out all of his plans. Saddam shouldn’t be our only worry though. Attacks by other terrorist groups against the US and our alliances will probably come at some point during the war.

Media coverage of the war is pretty good. The news media is already starting to get annoying. Their favorite phrase to use right now is “embedded reporters”. All they talk about are news reporters that are embedded within certian military divisions. Who cares? The news media seem to be very pleased with themselves. After the war, I expect we’ll see reality T.V. shows such as “Survivor: I’m an Iraqi Citizen” and “Which POW Wants To Be Freed?”

What a shame.


Well, now what?

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