VPS Status Page with SolusVM and FlipHost

I found out that FlipHost offers access to server stats through an API developed by SolusVM. It offers all the stuff you’d want to know about your VPS. Disk usage, RAM usage, bandwidth usage, but I don’t think it does any cpu load reporting, unfortunately.

I put together a simple site to quickly tell if all my stuff at FlipHost was online. I could have gone the pinging the VPS IP route, but since there was an API available, I might as well use it. And pinging a host wouldn’t give all these details.

If you have a VPS from FlipHost, you can generate your API key and API hash from your SolusVM Control Panel, in the “api” tab. If you don’t use FlipHost, but your host does use SolusVM, this should work for you too. The API client URL for FlipHost is: https://solus.fliphost.net/api/client. The SolusVM client API suggests the client URL is run on port 5656, but FlipHost has directed port 80 and 443 there instead.

The site is available on Github, so you can easily make your own status page. I’ll be adding more to it, as there’s only really one action being taken currently. As a demo, I’ve put it up at http://status.longren.org/, which is hosted on Heroku. It also looks nice on mobile devices. Have a look at the screenshots in the gallery at the end of this post.

You should be able to deploy this on Heroku just like any other app. Just fork it on Github, make a local clone of your forked repo, edit config.php, setup your Heroku git remote, and push to Heroku. You’ll want to install the Heroku Toolbelt app. The Heroku Dev Center is a great resource if you’re new to Heroku.

For a more detailed explanation on setting this up on Heroku, you’ll want to read How-To: Monitor VPS Status from Heroku.


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8 thoughts on “VPS Status Page with SolusVM and FlipHost

    1. Well, I initially removed it because I was going to make a bunch of improvements and was going to possibly make it a paid product.

      However, I’ve decided not to do that, so I’ll be putting the source back up on GitHub. I’ll drop a comment here when it’s back up.

        1. Cool man, I’d love to see it work for someone else, lol. Let me know if you run into any issues. I haven’t looked at it in a while and I’m not even sure if all the updates got pushed to that repo.

  1. Hey this appearns fine but dont show me a action buttons(boot, reboot, shutdown), its normaly?
    (sorry for my english)


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