Voyeuristic Airport Security

Saw this on Slashdot and Vulturo.com this morning. It seems airport security screeners in the U.S. are getting some new tech. The new X-Ray equipment will allow them to see through peoples clothes. I can’t imagine this will fly. I mean, they don’t even let doctors do that kinda stuff. That’s why they put that big lead vest on you, so they can’t see your weiner! The sicko airport weirdos wanna see everyone’s. It’s disturbing to me that this is being allowed to happen. I hope the privacy nuts freak out and somehow manage to make this not happen.

Get ready for electronic portals known as backscatters, expected to be tested at a handful of airports this year, that use X-ray imaging technology to allow a screener to scan a body. And yes, the body image is detailed. Let’s not be coy here, ladies and gentlemen:

“Well, you’ll see basically everything,” said Bill Scannell, a privacy advocate and technology consultant. “It shows nipples. It shows the clear outline of genitals.”

You can read the entire thing at C|New news.com. Here’s what was said on Slashdot about it.