Veteran Beating Update

Ace of Spades HQ has an update in the story where those three thugs beat the hell out of those war veterans.

Seems that Rob, over at Say Anything, did a little investigation. He remembered hearing about those street fights people would videotape and then sell. Turns out there’s a company that pays for the movies has a Seattle phone number.

And Rob’s readers have noted that there were two other video cameras being used at the scene. A total of 3 video cameras. Seems highly unlikely there’d be three video cameras watching a spur of the moment fight. Perhaps this was this companies new low budget production?

It’s probably nothing but you never know. It is odd that a company that pays for these street fights has a Seattle number. I just hope they find these guys soon.

I suggest you read what Rob has been doing about this. He’s got a ton of updates.


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One thought on “Veteran Beating Update

  1. Sounds like a job for vigilante justice. This entire episode just enrages me almost to the point of psychosis. Don’t worry, I’m breathing normal and my heart rate is steady.


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