Using .aspx With IIS 5.0

I’m posting this here mostly so I can refer back to it later if I ever have the need to. I recently had to setup a Windows server running IIS 5.0 at work. It will be hosting a web application that will be used to verify all orders.

Anyway, I had IIS up and running but couldn’t get it to execute pages with a .aspx extension. It would just offer up the .aspx file for download instead of executing it and displaying in the browser. Turns out this is due to the ASP.NET ISAPI extension not being registered with IIS. To register the extension with IIS, open a command prompt and issue the following commands:

  1. cd C:winntMicrosoft.NetFrameworkv2.0.50727
  2. aspnet_regiis -i

In that example, I registered the ASP.NET 2.0 framework with IIS. If you want to use a different version of .NET, replace v2.0.50727 with whatever version you want to use. The various versions installed will be listed in the C:winntMicrosoft.NetFramework folder.

After running the apsnet_regiis command, my .aspx files loaded right away. I discovered all this at the Channel9 MSDN forums.


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3 thoughts on “Using .aspx With IIS 5.0

  1. Haha we must do similar work!

    I was installing an application on a server at work here about 3 weeks ago, and had the same problem you described.

    Lo and behold, the fix from the vendor was the exact command you posted!

    If only I was as resourceful as you, maybe I could have found it heh!


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