Us or Them

Another American hostage (Paul Johnson) got his head whacked, this time in the house of Saud (Saudi Arabia). Before all of this ends, it’s gonna have to be us or them (them being islamic extremists). Either they let go of their extremest views on islam or we kill them. I’ve had the sense for a while now that we’re going to kill all of them, or they’re going to kill all of us. I’d say right now, the odds are in their favor.

On a lighter note, I finally got me a jizzob (job in non-ebonics)! I’ve gotta go in to Moms Meals for my first day on Monday at 8:00 am. I haven’t been up at 8:00 am for a very long time. I guess I have gone to sleep around then, but haven’t actually awoken from sleep that early for a long time.