US House: No Social Networking Sites at School

Techcrunch has a good post discussing the recent decision made (lastnight) by the US House. House Resolution 5319 (the Deleting Online Predators Act, or DOPA) was passed lastnight with a vote of 410 to 15. If the resolution does indeed become law, schools and public libraries will lose federal internet subsidies if they don’t block social networking sites such as MySpace and Newsvine.

Now, I’m all for keeping MySpace out of schools, it has no place there. But every social networking site shouldn’t be targeted, that’s just insane. That’s like banning all light bulbs because one manufacturer has problems with their light bulbs exploding. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I’m very upset by this decision. Go over to Techcrunch to read more about it. They’ve also got links to many other sites that discuss HR5319 in greater detail.


Well, now what?

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3 thoughts on “US House: No Social Networking Sites at School

  1. I respect your views, however I was surprised and disappointed that the vote was 410-15. Many of those who oppose DOPA do so because they believe that children should be educated and not restricted. I agree that they should be educated, but let us face it, not all parents do their job and the parents who are doing their job are left with schools and libraries that are not doing their job.

    I can not speak on behalf of the US, but I know that surprisingly some Canadian public libraries and schools do not monitor children’s internet access nor do they have filters in place. We were all teens once. I keep hearing the same comments. “Parents do your job.” Well I ask you this, “How many of you rebelled against your parents?”

    No matter how much we take care of our children and educate them, it only takes them making one unhealthy choice to put them at risk. You can educate your child untill you are all blue in the face. The truth is that children don’t often think of the consequences of unhealthy choices. If DOPA will save just one child, don’t you think the bill is worth it?

    I do want to add that while I support the bill, I do think that the legislation should be rewritten so it does not block sites such as Yahoo and Google. I think they need to better determine what sites will be blocked before passing the law.

    These are just my thoughts!

  2. Sign the SAVE YOUR SPACE petition opposing HR5319.
    Although HR5319 is titled the “Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)”, the bill is very misleading. If you take a closer look at DOPA, you’ll find that this legislation actually limits your rights to access and express yourself on the Internet instead of “deleting online predators”. But before this legislation becomes law, there are several more steps including getting approval by the Senate and, ultimately, being signed by President George W. Bush.
    Unfortunately, the public only sees what the media and politicians tell them. They need to hear from the actual users of social networking sites.
    The SAVE YOUR SPACE petition is your chance to be heard and to show the public, the media and the U.S. government the importance and amazing power of social networking sites.
    Help us get 1,000,000 signatures in 1 month.
    Visit for details.

  3. Another one of those Orwellian bill names like the “Patriot Act” that conceals much potential mischief. “Deleting Online Predators Act”–how can you possibly oppose that? Are you in favor of online preditors? Do you want to put our children at risk? The problem, however, is that this bill is not directed at predators, but at technologies. This from the folks who love to say “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” How many of the sponsors of internet technology restrictions would ready to sign up for tight gun controls if we called it “Deleting Armed Robbers Act”


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