I’m probably going to be upgrading this system to a Slackware 10.1 install sometime this week. Not going to bother with an “upgrade”, probably just going to do a fresh install.

10.1 includes the vsftpd ftp server, which I like a lot more than the previous ftp server, ProFTPD.

I’m feeling a lot better now. I just have a little bit of a hacky cough left, which is starting to go away.

The webhost switch at work went over pretty well. A couple people were having e-mail issues, but I think they’re mostly all worked out now. I really like our new host, BlueHost. They provided me with SSH access so I can do a lot of things to the server manually. Having SSH access proved to be quite valuable when appending users old mailbox files to their new ones. I don’t think it would have been possible without SSH.

I haven’t heard anything more about Mediacom upgrading their available internet packages. Right now they just have their basic 3000/256 and a lower tier at 1500/128. If their new speed level costs more, I’ll probably shell out the money for it. It’d be awesome if it’s another free upgrade though, if it’s even going to happen.