Unwakeable Theme And WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 was released on March 29th. The current version of Unwakeable (version 1.2.1) doesn’t play so well with WordPress 2.5. The only thing that’s really broken is the dashboard, which is a pretty big thing to have broken.

It seems there’s a known issue with K2 themes and the WordPress 2.5 dashboard, as explained in the K2 support forums. There’s supposedly a fix for this issue, but I could not get it to work fully. The fix works fine as long as you have K2 sidebar modules disabled from the theme options page.

Unwakeable 1.2.1 is so far broken and outdated I’m not even going to make an attempt at fixing it for WordPress 2.5. Instead, I’m working on Unwakeable 1.5, which is based off K2 Release Candidate 5. Unwakeable 1.5 is almost finished and should be up for download within a week, if not sooner.