Unwakeable Status: Version Bump

Just a quick heads up on what’s been going on with Unwakeable lately. On the top of my priority list is livesearch. Livesearch doesn’t work in Internet Explorer when certain plugins are in use, such as Share This from Alex King. This is caused by multiple prototype.js files being loaded.

The next version of Unwakeable will be 2.0. I’ve been saying 1.3 would be the next version but have since decided to make the bump up to 2.x. I chose to do this because I’m dropping support for WordPress 2.0.x and focusing on supporting WordPress 2.1 fully.

Since Unwakeable 2.0 is a couple weeks out still, this will hopefully give everyone enough time to upgrade to WordPress 2.1. There shouldn’t be anything holding you back from upgrading at this point. As of right now, I’m taking out all the old WordPress 2.0.x functions and replacing them with the new functions found in WordPress 2.1. I really don’t want to try to support both versions of WordPress. Doing so could cause pages to load slowly due to all the checking I’d have to do for existing functions. So, as of right now, Unwakeable 2.0 will be WordPress 2.1 only!!

Also slated for Unwakeable 2.0 is additional support for more plugins. Unwakeable 2.0 will have support for the following plugins, in addition to those already supported:

  1. WPVideo
  2. Yet Another Photo Blog (YAPB)
  3. LMB^Box Comment Quicktags

I’ve retooled the various post styles that were introduced in Unwakeable 1.1. I’ve slimmed them down quite a bit and have included icons from Dropline Neu by Silvestre Herrera.

Also, I should have some additional options for Unwakeable. One additional option will be the number of related posts to show on the sidebar, as well as the number of recent posts to show on the sidebar. Also, I’d like to include an option to specify weather or not to use a fixed width , which is pixel based, or variable width, which is percentage based. This will give greater flexibility to bloggers who post large images frequently. I haven’t looked into how feasable this will be to do yet. Provided it’s not too difficult, this feature should be included in Unwakeable 2.0.

I’m still planning support for user defined color schemes in the options panel, although not in time for Unwakeable 2.0. I’m not quite sure how to go about displaying all these options in an efficient manner. It may be easier for me to just allow users to create custom style sheets that apply only to colors. Not really sure as of right now how I should exactly go about this. This how-to from Thomas looks pretty good, although little of it probably relates to WordPress 2.1.

So, there you have it. I’m really looking forward to releasing Unwakeable 2.0, it’s gonna be the best release yet. Again, I’d like to thank everyone who uses Unwakeable. Your kind words and feedback make every bit of time I put into Unwakeable very much worth it. Thank you all for your support. And as always, let me know if there’s any features you’d like to see or if you’d like support for a certain plugin.


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5 thoughts on “Unwakeable Status: Version Bump

  1. Sounds great Tyler.

    Also, the latest version of Share This (or it might have been Gregarious) has an option to include or not the prototype.js, so that it isn’t loaded multiple times.


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