Unwakeable 1.2 Status

Unwakeable 1.2 will be released shortly after January 1, 2007. I haven’t had much time the last two weeks to do much work on it. I could release it now, but I haven’t written the php to convert the old K2 options over to the new Unwakeable-specific options.

Some changes in 1.2 will include displaying post ratings, post views, and Digg Integrator on pages instead of only on posts. I’ve also added some css for displaying a changelog like the one I have on the Unwakeable page. Also, I need to test out Gregarious and get support for that plugin built in, if there’s any need to build support for it at all. Gregarious replaces Digg This Reloaded, it also makes use of the new Digg API.

I’ve been incredibly busy at work the last two weeks, we’ve migrated from Access to Microsoft SQL Server. It’s so much nicer to work with. Also, Ashley and I are going to Wisconsin on Friday to visit my dad and step-mom. I’m really hoping nothing goes wrong at work while I’m away. I can work remotely no problem, but I don’t know if I’ll have internet access for the entire week I’m gone. Luckily we’ve got some pretty good contacts that are willing to help out in my absence. They’re all people who’ve proven very trustworthy over the past year.